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ROFL! SO many tiny little things completely change what the dipe is....
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Originally Posted by boscopup
And the difference between an AI2 and a contour/cover system is that the soaker (contour) is snapped in.
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Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know what's going on around here. :

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Originally Posted by LeosMama

So, that being said, I think the only way that you can do an AIO with sewn in absorbancy and hidden PUL and T&T is if the absorbant layer (I'm going to say 'hemp' now, it's shorter to write) is only a soaker pad, rather than being the entire shape of the diaper. Did that make sense? I usually make my hemp the same shape as the outer. But you can't do a hidden layer and T&T like that as the hemp will touch the outer flannel. But if you make the hemp only the size of a soaker pad and stitch it onto an inner fleece layer, it won't touch the outer flannel after T&T.


I'm just starting to sew diaps, I actually only have a few fitteds under my belt, with just my most recent coming out 'right'. I have some pul and things on their way to me and I so wanted to do this, but everyone is telling me I can't, and I just knew there had to be a way!
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Well, I guess I must love you, too, after a statement like that!

At the moment, I've given up on doing T&T hidden PUL AIO's just b/c I'm a bit sick and tired of T&T altogether.
But please let me know how yours turn out. I love seeing pics of other homemade dipes!
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