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Needing some advice here.

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I know I really haven't posted on here much (dd keeps me really busy), but I needed some advice. I'm due end of December/Early January so I'm about 33 1/2 weeks I think. This morning I woke up and the baby was WAY lower (it was noticeable to myself and DH) and I just happened to have an appointment with my OB today so I asked her about it. She said that he is lower, not incredibly low but quite low (somewhat ambiguous but that's all she told me) and it wasn't just that he changed the way he was laying, he's still head down. I've also been having a lot more BH lately which I mentioned to her as well. She seemed somewhat concerned and she really doesn't want me to travel for Thanksgiving since the IL's live about 6 hours away.

DH really has his heart set on going since there will be family members there that he hasn't seen since before we were married. He is perfectly willing to stay here if we need to for the health of this baby. We don't necessarily want the baby to be born early and only be near little county hospitals. So... do you mamas think I should be concerned about this? I realize that it's ultimately up to me, but the baby "dropping" this soon... is it something I should really worry about? DD didn't really drop until a few days before she was born and she was induced, so I just don't know what to think. Do you think this even counts as droppping? My OB like I said was just a little unclear as to what she thought about all this although it was evident that she was concerned. She said if I did feel like I needed to go out of town to come get a copy of my records to take with me just in case and that likely the baby wouldn't be born until late Dec. but she just wanted to be careful.

Sorry this is so long, I just get to rambling sometimes!
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Well, IMHO I would stay home. Most likely nothing will happen and you will spend an uneventful holiday at home, but on the off chance that the baby does decide to come it sounds like you would be much better off where you live. As soon as I found out I was pregnant and would be due around the holidays I made it clear to everyone that we would not be traveling to visit anyone for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I told everyone they were more than welcome to come to our place. No one took me up on it, so we are going to only see the local relatives at my in-laws. I just feel safer being near my house, my doctor, and my hospital.

Also, I am a huge believer in mother-instinct, so if your gut says stay home then I think you should listen. Don't worry about what anyone else says, you really do know best!!!

Good luck mama!!
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FWIW my ds dropped early (around 36 weeks) and he was 2 weeks late, so........it doesn't necassarily mean anything.

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My baby just dropped, too, and I'm due Dec. 31st!! I am so enjoying the relief of no heartburn and am at the same time struggling with the pressure that is pushing my pelvis open. I can't believe how low the baby feels.

Interestingly, this exact thing happened with my last pg. The baby dropped low early and stayed there for a long time and was eventually a week "late".

If it were me, I would definitely do the trip, but I am not implying that that means you should do it. I just feel confident that MY baby is not coming early because I've been through this before.

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I"m glad to hear that other peopele have experienced the baby dropping early and the baby not being born early. That makes me feel better. This is just the complete opposite of my experience with dd. But... that being said, I think we're going to stay home. I don't necessarily think anything bad will happen if we go, but I just don't want to risk being that far from a large hospital should my baby decide to be born early. I do feel better hearing your opinions though but I'm going to go with what coloradoalice said and trust my instincts about this and just stay here. Unfortunately though, my family who lives here is going to be gone for Thanksgiving so it looks like it will just be me, DH, and DD but I'm sure we'll find some way to have fun anyway.
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I have found the small holidays can be the best! We did Christmas at our house with just DH, Grandma-in-law, and BIL (and me) a couple years ago. It was fun, because I got to make stuff from scratch with no pressure from anyone. I made a couple of side dishes the day before, and some "fancy" main dish Christmas Eve. We had Christmas the night before, and left really early for the coast to see the elephant seals. We never could have pulled off an adventerous event with over 30 people (the amount for Christmas this year)!

Try to find something fun happening around Thanksgiving, or drive to the mtns, beach or animal reserve or SOMEWHERE. What a great way to give thanks than just with your family!
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Aww, that Christmas sounds like it was a lot of fun. I was almost starting to look forward to enjoying a quiet, relaxing Thanksgiving here with just our little family but now my mom is trying to change the plans for everyone, making my grandparents drive here for Thanksgiving, and so it's not going to be relaxing at all it looks like. And I feel so selfish, but since we decided things last night, I was really kind of starting to be excited about just having some time with the 3 of us together. My sister just chewed me out because she thinks I don't want to have Thanksgiving with her and my parents and grandparents and that's not it, I just could use some time with dh and dd. I don't know. Why do people try and make things so complicated, especially when you're pregnant and have all the hormones going on and are nutty anyway. Grr.... I guess either way would be fine but it just makes me feel so bad to change peoples plans.
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i know what you mean!! We are dedicating our baby on Christmas Day (assuming he's here), and we are having a feast on the church campus, because we have 25 out-of-towners visiting. i thought it would be a good gesture to invite my brothers and their families to the dinner, since (I thought) they would be at the dedication. Well, it turns out neither one of them are going to either thing! My oldest brother (younger than me) thinks I am trying to steal Christmas from him! What???!!! i was just inviting him to lunch after the baby dedication. he has four kids, and I have been to EVERY birth, arranged the baby shower for one of his kids, attended several birthdays, and have babysat COUNTLESS of times, and he won't even attend the dedication of my first child.

Wow. I totally hijacked your thread.

Make sure you aren't in charge of anything you don't want to be. If you need to, take a walk or drive when chores pop up. i hope it works out for you!!
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Originally Posted by ashcox
Why do people try and make things so complicated, especially when you're pregnant and have all the hormones going on and are nutty anyway. Grr....
Because weddings and babies bring out the WORST in behavior. Totally unexplained - but true!

To the OP: It sounds like you've decided but I second the advice to go with your instinct. However, I've never heard that dropping meant birth was imminent so I'm not sure where your OB is coming from.
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I dropped very early with my first son, probably around 34 weeks. He was over a week late!
Second son, dropped around 36 weeks and also came around a week late!
This time baby is SO high(34 weeks). Perhaps she'll come early.
I don't think dropping has any indication on when you'll deliver.
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I wouldnt go, regardless of what prelabor signs you are having.
I will be 34 weeks at Christmas, and I told my mom we couldnt go to her house, because I would be too pregnant. Even if I wasnt in danger of going into labor early, its just too far of a drive. It is NOT comfortable for a very pregnant woman to be in a car for that long!
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Who knows with OBs, but I think it will be better to just stay here. I really didn't know if dropping meant the baby might come early since I could find nothing about it any of my books but so that's why I wanted to ask, so I'm really glad to hear it doesn't necessarily mean anything.

But as to weddings and babies bringing out the worst in people, they do! And it's such a shame. GRRR But what can you do except smile and not let things bother you.

Thanks everyone for responding. Like I said, I'm not on here much, but I really value having this place to go to talk to like-minded women.
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