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Why did you chose UC?

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I am new here and although I am sure there was probably a thread like this at some point!...I am wondering why you all chose UC?

RIght now, after having my first DD in the hospital, second at home with a midwife, and working on #3...we are looking into UC.
OUR reasoning is that we loved our midwife, but really did not feel that the fees were what it was worth. I understand that you are paying for their expertise, but I have done so much research already becuase I have always wanted to be a midwife.

So.....for a husband who is scared poopless about it and thinks he will flip out and it will turn bad! I would like to get more insight on why people chose it!

He doesn't want to pay an arm and a leg if we can do it ourselves. I don't blame him cuz we don't have much money to spare.
Did anyone have a hubby like mine who thought he couldn't do it but came through?

Thanks so much! I am off to look up those wonderful sites!
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I chose a UC for my third baby. My second was a homebirth with a midwife. (she was a pretty hands off lay midwife, btw) That birth we just great but by the time I was pregnant again I had done a lot of reading and thinking about UC. During my second pregnancy I often looked back and thought about my first child's birth (induced, hospital, etc) which, at the time it happened, seemed just fine and lovely. Looking back, though, I could see how bad it really was. That's what led me to demand a homebirth. I did the same thing during my third pregnancy. I looked back at my second child's birth and saw all the flaws and came to the conculsion that a UC would be perfect. For me personally it is mostly the fact that i am a very introverted and private person. I couldn't even have a contraction with my midwife in the room unitl I was completely in transition. So I guess that was my main reason, but the clincher was when I called the midwife I'd used for my second birth to make an appointment and she was openly judgmental at my being pregnant *again*.
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I really wanted to have my first baby unassissted, but my partner was too wary of it, so it seemed easy to just let the MW come into the scene. It was my first baby, so I didn't know what it would be like. Well, I was not impressed with the outcome (the MW doing many of the things that I discussed with her that I didn't want done, and doing some unneccessary things as well).... so I knew my next baby would be born with me taking the power into my own hands. It just couldn't be any other way. I really believe in a womans ability to birth. We are born with the mechanism, we just have to trust nature to do it's thing, and be patient if the baby isn't there when it's "supposed to". There is wisdom in nature.

P.S. Also, the $$ factor had absolutely nothing to do with my decision to have my baby unassissted, because luckily, I live in a province in canada where MWs are covered by medical, as doctors are as well. I just prefer being empowered, and as I used to say when I was 3 ...."I can do it myself"
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Well I'm new here too, and this is also my first pregnancy but my husband is also fairly scared about the process. However, the more birth stories, and information I get for him the easier it gets. He's reassured me that he'll do whatever I need him to when the time comes, but I think it'll take actually going through the birth, and holding a healthy baby for him to trust the process. After all, he's a man .. what's he know about being pregnant or giving birth?

Anyway, I pushed for this UC because
1)I don't trust the hospitals around our area
2) Don't like the idea of another thousand dollar medical bill hanging over our heads
and 3) I keep thinking that the number of babies I get to have is not known. I may only get one chance .. I don't feel comfortable going into this pregnancy thinking "Well, if the hospitals make me uncomfortable, I'll do it differently next time" because there might not be a next time. I'd like to think I did all I could to keep this baby safe and healthy both emotionally and physically, and that I really followed my heart on this one.
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[SIZE=4][COLOR=SeaGreen]I chose unassisted because I couldn't find a midwife. I live in Alabama and they aren't exactly listed in the yellow pages, kwim? I just knew after my first was born in a horrendous situation in a hospital that I wouldn't go through that again. My husband was scared nutless but put his full faith in my confidence. My good friend came to help me through the labor. My husband let me know ahead of time that while he supported my decision, he would not be able to help with anything that dealt with problems or me bleeding. He almost passed out when the baby was born, and we did have complications so we had to transport. The doctor told me I had a retained placenta but after many discussions with midwives (after the fact I found them) I found out it wasn't that. I think for myself I would do it with a midwife if the chance came again. Only if I felt good vibes from her though. I wouldn't want one of those nurse midwives. Had a midwife been there I prob would not have had to transport.
Good luck.
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Originally Posted by funkygranolamama
I wouldn't want one of those nurse midwives. Theresa
OT: I'm just wondering, is that a common sentiment amongst homebirthing people? Ds was born 100% naturally at the hospital aug. '04 and we are positive the next birth will be at home. I'm hoping UC which is why I'm here reading stuff.

I'm going back to college starting in January to (eventually) get my nurses liscense. I want my CNM because I love everything babies, and want to do my part to normalize labor. Besides, lay midwifery is illegal in this state. I would like to offer homebirth service with a very hands off approach. For example, I don't believe in routine checking of dilation. What exactly does that accomplish? Besides giving the caretaker something to do

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I had my UC, cuz we had already had a homebirth and there were no midwives around. It was great. I started back to school years later to be a CNM, but most CNMs in VA are not allowed to do homebirths, they are required to work in a hospital. So halfway thru nursing school, I switched to computers, got my BS and am working on a CPM designation. Makes more sense to me. In Virginia CNMs are generally just doctor's assistants in a way, because the statutes are written in a way that ties thier hands...it really is awful. But thank God for the midwives who are willing to buck the system. I know a few...but there are too few of them!
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I am going to have UC for my next birth because I know I can do it! (my first birth was an accidental UC)
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i didnt' really choose it

it was just what i did, if that makes sense.
i didn't have any fear about the process, no 'what ifs' in my mind.
i simply lived, wrote, slept, peed, ate at home, and birth went right along with those things.
i don't know if this helps you, but it's just one more perspective on a wide range of reasons why people go this route.
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I know I'm super late reading this thread, but I saw it last week and then forgot to come back to it.

I chose UC because i knew I coudln't have people "managing" my health while pregnant and expect to have the happy beautiful birth I wanted. While pregnant for my second I was urged to find a HB mw but mentally I wasn't "there" yet, although starting to realize there was something terribly wrong with the medical management of birth, and everything wrong with it explained why my first son's birth went terribly wrong. Did that make sense?

So there I was, pregnant and questioning the Dr's I had formerally pretty much revered, and they reacted by yanking my birth center (in the hosp) plans out from under my feet. Feeling trapped, (sobbing in the waiting room actually) I made the mistake of telling them I would have the baby at home UC) instead, there was no way I could walk back into the delivery room and not viscereally react to the environment and I knew it would affect me. That ddn't go over well! They brought out the shackles of fear, conned me into one last 'appointment', drew some blood and then declared me a disaster waiting to happen and I was sentenced to induction.

It was a cervadil induction at 39wks and fortunately a quick 5 hours later I pushed my ds right out, and he was just fine. I cuddled him and turned to my mom and said "Ha I could have done that at home!"

When ds2 was a baby I spent a long long time devouring everything birth related that I could. By the time I was pregnant with ds3 (found out on my birthday!) there was no doubt in my mind, we were going to UP/UC and I was thrilled to be able to get another chance. Ds3 was a solo UC and the single most blissful moment of my life. Dd was a lovely, peaceful UC - dh got to catch her too!
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Originally Posted by mattemma04
Originally Posted by funkygranolamama
I wouldn't want one of those nurse midwives. Theresa

OT: I'm just wondering, is that a common sentiment amongst homebirthing people?>>>>

I an definately anti-med-wife.I really don't see them to be any better than an OB.Ofcourse there are mw's and OB's that want to provide a *natural* approach to pregnancy/birthing,but THEY are required to follow the hospital protocols.And then on top of that you might get pressure from co-workers who think you are putting your patients at risk by not doing things the way they do it. It is a very difficult situation,but hopefully you can over come it.

I read that one state(MICH?) provides homebirth services with doctors/nurse.Look into their program(they have a web page) and see if you can't get something like that started in your area.Lol,if that were here I think my dh would want that
I only met one med-wife and a few OB's during my first pregnancy,and they all talked AT me .I really felt like I was treated like just another cow on the assembly line.And some wouldn't even take a look at me ,because I had no insurance.We had plenty of cash to pay everything,but they wanted that medical insurance. I wised up fast during that pregnancy. Best wishes in your work!

Wow, you met one nurse-midwife and you are anti-nurse-midwife. I think that statement is almost as bad as all of the people telling me not to have a homebirth. Making a judgement on one experience or one person is quite close minded.
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I chose UC because it just fit right into the way I do things. I am a pretty independent person, stubborn to rely on others...especially doctors. Can't stand people telling me what to do. Although I still had societal views about what a "normal" birth was like (aka: natural=no drugs). It took much reading and writing for me to confirm the decision to UC. I knew in my heart that it was how I wanted to birth, and DP just kinda went along with it (took some gradual encouragement and quoting of UC birth stories at first). After the birth, it was just the way things should have been, felt so "normal". I think he got a very different perspective of birth after that. Oh, and since this was my first pregnancy, I was a bit wary at first, but stuck to my gut (and flailed off all opposing remarks from "concerned" family members and friends). Wouldn't have done it any other way. I know for the next birth I will arrange for two weeks household assistance from someone...because I wasn't prepared for how my body would feel postpartum. Just stick to your instincts mama!!
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