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Flu vaccinations? Lots of questions!!

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Does anyone know much about flu vaccinations? For my job, I work with kiddos in very close proximity (I get coughed and sneezed on daily). It is recommended for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters to get a flu vaccination. At least that is what I have read. I can get one free through work, but that vaccination contains thimerosal (the woman I talked with said that it is the same vaccine they give their OB patients).

I have found a wealth of information on-line and am more confused than ever. Last year no one in my family got the flu vaccination, and we caught the real flu (the one they vaccinate for). It was awful!!!! We had three weeks of can't get off the couch, sleep all day sickness in our house.

Does anyone know why the "small" (that is what I have been told and what I have read in places) amount of thimerosal is dangerous or is it a cumulative effect over a longer course? What are your opinions about getting or not getting the flu vaccination? I know that many of you are not in favor of any vaccinations. Why is that? I have read all that I can read and am interested in what people have to say and how you have made your decisions. I know that there is some concern about the link between mercury/vaccinations and autism (I work with several autistic kiddos and have heard what many people have theorized).

Thanks for any input!
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I'm not getting it because 1) I don't trust it (sorry, but they can't know *before* the flu season which strain of flu is going to attack everyone, last year a lot of people got sick, including those who got the shot). Also, thimerosol isn't the only concern. How do you feel about injecting yourself with formaldehyde while your baby is growing and developing in your womb? Along with a whole long list of other chemicals. I'm not being hateful to you (I hope that you don't get that from my post!!), but I really hate how pharm companies tout something safe that obviously isn't. If you want to find out a lot about the vax, you should visit the vax forum. Those ladies have done so much research, and can really present you with some wonderful information, along with links, etc. Also, they are better at explaining than I am
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There is a lot of good information in the vax forum. I would not vax for the flu. However, I don't work in a situation where I get constant exposure. There are a lot of +'s and -'s.
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Find out what risks you would be taking if you got the shot. (There are some.)

Find out the likelihood of the shot working. (Ie, doing what it is intended to do.)

Find out the likelihood of you actually contracting the flu.

Find out what would happen to your baby if you did get the flu. (FWIW, I got a cold in the beginning of the 2nd trimester, and I looked up some info on fevers, and the effects of a cold or the flu, and I think the risk to the baby is minimal, if any. It's the first trimester when you have to be more vigilant. However, I wasn't specifically looking for info on the flu, but on colds, so do your own research.)

Then make your decision.
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I like your answer. This is exactly the way I've approached each vaccination for my children, by weighing possible risks and benefits and by accepting nothing that has Thimerisol.

To the OP, interestingly, I just read my latest self healing by Andrew Weil, whom I really like, as I was sitting down to the computer. I was shocked that he actually recommends the flu vaccine and particularly for pg women. And I was dismayed that he doesn't say why.

I have never received a flu vaccine and don't plan on it. I have had the flu and it was terrible, like you said, but I have only had it once and I taught public school for years.

I think you should take Persephone's advice and use it to structure your research. By the way, one resource I have found helpful is Aviva Jill Romm's book about vaccinations (though I do not remember what, if anything, it says about the flu vaccine.)

Good luck with your decision.

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