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Placenta dropped at 20 wks-cross post I'm pregnant

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I had my first u/s today and they told me my placenta has dropped and is blocking my opening. She said that it's not that uncommon and that most times it will move back on its own. They scheduled another u/s in 4 wks to see if it has moved. If not she said I could experience complications like bleeding and would have to be closely monitored. Has anyone experienced this before? Any info? I am trying not to be freaked but it's hard. I knew something was a little off. Because I have a hard time bending over and if I sit too long especially forward it feels like I fall asleep above my pubic bone and it is very uncomfortable. I was thinking that the baby was just low and causing the problems.

On top of that the baby was sleeping in a breech position knees tucked under chin feet tucked under butt and she was unable to tell us the sex. We were so bummed. I was crying at my apt today as it was very emotional. I think I am feeling stressed because I am not exactly a young woman anymore. I will be 38 when this baby is born. Please send some loving vibes to me and my baby. Thanks, Tina~
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I believe it is called a placent abrevia. I'm sure the smart ladies here can either tell you correctly or agree lol.
Your doc is right, it is very common. I had it at 20wks w/both my babies. Your body is a marvelous thing mama! It can and prob will correct itself, mine both did.
I'm sorry you didnt get to learn the sex of your baby when you so wanted to! I wanted to know both of mine too. I'm just like that, I'm not the least bit disappointed when I know things ahead of time that should be suprises. lol. Have you posted in the expecting forum yet? I bet there are mamas there who can give you some insight and advice too.
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Yes I did. I posted in both forums because I wanted a quicker response. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed when I posted earlier. My mind was racing and couldn't even remember what my dr called it. I did some research and a mama reponded with a great explanation. So I guess I have to wait for my next u/s and think good thoughts! Thanks, Tina~
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I personally did not have this with my pregnancy but my girl friend did and it is very scary. Make sure that they monitor you even if they say it has moved. They told my girlfriend hers had moved up and when she went into labor they didn't do anything different than they normally would. However they placenta hadn't actually moved up and she started to bleed out because it pulled off the uterin wall. She ended up having a emergency c-section and having blood transfusions and it has effected her other pregnancies as well.

I will think good thought for you and hope that it does in fact move back up for you!
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It's called placenta previa. The others' advice is good - get the follow-up u/s, most of the time it does move up as the uterus grows. Definitely avoid sex or any other "items" in your vagina until you know the placenta's moved up, as these can lead to bleeding.

Best wishes. Sorry you didn't get to find out the sex. Maybe at the followup ultrasound.
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That happened with my first pregnancy, and I spent a lot of time worrying about it. It did move on it's own, and everything was fine.
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Yup, in most cases it does move back up, but if it doesn't move up than a section is the only way to safely deliver the baby. Just keep on eye on it, and like a pp mentioned if they say it has moved up I would try and have a third u/s later in pregnancy to be completly sure it moved up.
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