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Itchy crotch..

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Has anyone else experienced this during this pregnancy? For the past 3 days my vagina has been SUPER itchy. I try really hard not to itch, but its not easy. There is no discharge or anything like that, so it doesn't seem like a yeast infection. I haven't done anything different or worn anything different. What could it be? Sorry for the TMI...
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This happened to me when I was pregnant. It turned out I had a random case of vaginitis. Homeopathics didn't work for me that time and I needed to get a prescription cream to clear it up, but it'd be worth trying less hardcore fixits first -- you could go commando for a few days and see if that helps, as sometimes as you gain weight you sweat a bit more and moisture irritates the skin. Plain (unsweetened!) organic yogurt topically applied can really help sooth things down there and might clear it up. There are some homeopathic remedies specifically formulated for vaginitis if that's what this is -- I found mine at Wild Oats; Whole Foods has them too. And, as always, it's worth getting things checked out by your care provider in case they can offer a clear diagnosis rather than a guess and you can skip the "let's see if this works" phase.

Good luck!
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WitchyMama, I swear you and I are having the same pregnancy!

I had itchy crotch a week or so ago, and I found taking an oatmeal bath, with a muslin bag of oatmeal between my legs really helped. Add dry milk if you have it for extra goodness. Someone mentioned to me that it could be from TP, which in my case, it what I think it was... irritation from TP. Even though I don't use scents or colors with mine. Hope it stops soon, it's miserable!
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You know, now that I think about it... I got this last pregnancy too! And I believe the cause WAS the TP I was using. This time though, the TP hasn't changed. (the soft Charmin crap is horrible for me) I get plain ole 1 ply stiff TP just so I don't get the flaky things. I normally go commando anyway
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I haven't had any itchiness, but I've started using hemmed pieces of flannel in place of TP for #1. I was going through so much TP with my frequent peeing that I had to do it! I don't know if it would help with irritation though.
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