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I purge a couple times a year. I did my closet earlier, I was looking for something.lol I did dh's clothes. My oldest needed hangers so I told dh to give me 10shirts that he doesn't wear or are old and ratty. I tossed the ratty ones and kept the better ones(3,lol).

Dh had a week off in Oct, it was gorgeous out still so I had a 2 page list of things do to. We purged the sheds, the cold storeage room and I tried to throw out at least 2 things from every room in the house.

There is 1 room I really need to do but fortunatly/unfortunatly I can't get to it.lol We had a border who moved out in August, we're storing his stuff. Dh got sick of his stuff taking up a room so dh took the old border's stuff and moved it into dh's tv room. Dh got rid of his furniture in his tv room and lent them to a friend who was moving into his own place. That made up a small amount of room. However that was 2weeks ago and we had another border come in Sept. He brought all his stuff(washer/dryer/table/beds/pretty much a house but no walls). His stuff is mostly in 1 room which used to be the toy room(that was never played in) until he moved in. When they took the old border's stuff and moved it into dh's room they moved the toys into the 3rd room in the basement where the other half of the new borders stuff was. That moved more of his stuff out, but still not enough that I can get into that room to purge the toys.

I have so many toys in that basement, I had set aside the baby toys to give to my sister or friends of ours who are having babies. My sisters a snob and doesn't want them because they're not new enough. I can't get to them for the friends, but their babies were just born Oct 27 and 28th so I have time. If I can't give them to them(they live 5hours away) I'm selling them. I don't care if I have to haul it all outside to sort it.

I am guessing we have 3-4 more months with this border and he'll buy a house.

My 4yo told me tonight that they need a toybox, I reminded her she does have one, it's just in the basement and we can't get to it.
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Well the floor is down, no more carpet YAY almost all of our paperwork mess is upstairs so the bedroom looks awful, we have got rid of one small chest (freecycle), the new sofa has not yet arrived and we have more or less reorganised what goes on which shelf


now I don't want to put anything else back in the room.

Look at all the clear floorspace!

I can't bear to go through all the other stuff and find places for it. Its mostly papers from my work and research stuff along with 'interesting' newspapers and magazines etc (I teach ESL and basic skills) I just want to close my eyes and set fire to the lot of it.

Maybe I'll tackle it after Christmas. Dh is worn out with thinking about moving stuff now.
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Originally Posted by kamilla626
I'm drowning in clutter....I want to give up trying to get rid of my clutter in a planful and organized way and just load up the car with everything I don't want so I can just drop it off at one place and never look at it again!

Anyone else want to do this?

I am purging my house, too. I plan to tackle one room at a time and really get them under control.

I found a very inspiring book at the library last week, and it has been super helpful already. It's called "It's Here, Somewhere!" by Alice Fulton and Pauline Hatch. (If your library doesn't have it, maybe ask for it on inter-library loan; it's THAT good!!)

Anyway, I am on board for a "home-purge support group".
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Originally Posted by mdmomathm
...at least since coming to these boards more lately i don't feel so alone and like I am the only one.
So even if we are all struggling with similar issues - i feel supported here. so thanks to all of you and your outgoing clutter................

I feel exactly the same way. It really helps to know that there are other people with similar struggles, and sharing each other's successes helps keep me motivated!!
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I have had much success with our local Freecycle site and I love knowing that other folks in our community are enjoying things we no longer needed. I have freecycled clothes, shoes, purses, books, toys, and even furniture; all picked up for me too.

I'm not patient enough to sit though a garage sale and haggling prices with people; I'd rather give stuff to appreciate neighbors, etc.
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Oh I am need of a house purge as I am so lazy and unorganized and overwhelmed!
I have dreams about renting one of those construction dumpsters (no matter what the cost) and just tossing the items in - no bags, no seperating, all just gets dumped forever).....ah but the poor enviornmentalist in me wakes me up before the dumpster is hauled away!
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Please pray for me girls. I feel very ashamed by my own home. It was owned by my dh's grandma. The home never seen clutter, well that is until we moved in. We have never been able to keep a house clean. I don't know why either. We aren't exactly messy people, but the house is always trashed. We can't even have company over. We also made a reputation for ourselves in the extended family. They don't even drop in any more because they know it could be an embarrasing situation. I need some strength to dig my way out of our mountains of STUFF.
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hey i got rid of an exersaucer today! just one small drop in the bucket, but a big old hunk of plastic out of our house and out of the dumpster. gave it to a friend with twins...
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I could probably stand do this, but I never know what to get rid of... I really feel like I should try to sell or trade things, because we desperately need money and some larger furniture items (like shelves!), and I hold on to things for ages because I've got younger kids... I've lent things to people, but I always need them back for the next baby. I'm also holding on to things which my brother gave me when he went through my nieces' things (my sister would never, ever, EVER give any of her daughters' clothing items away willingly, even though she's unlikely to have another child and if she *does* have another, all of the clothing will be seriously out of style) and which BeanBean and/or BooBah will be able to wear in a few years, but can't wear now... not all of it is nice enough for me to even consider sending it to someone who might need it, I see a lot of future playclothes, but I have an even harder time parting with the nice stuff.

So how do you let go?! Or should this post be a new thread entirely?
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I am a major pack-rat. I have tons and TONS of clutter that I absolutely do not need and I have no idea why I have most of it. (Especially after reading through this thread. )

Luckily, my dh is totally opposite. He sees no need to hold onto things that don't need to be held onto. If it weren't for him, our house would be in a worse state than it is now! And because of this thread, I am SO ready to purge our garage! Too bad it's only 10 degrees outside!

Our garage is the worst part of our house. We moved in in August and most of our stuff we left in the garage and just haven't gone through yet. I'd really like to park our car in the garage instead of having to dust snow off every morning.

Our master suite is also a disarray. There's two parts to our bedroom and one of the 'parts' is a room we don't use. It was my craft room until we moved my craft stuff up to the third floor. Then that 'part' of our bedroom was empty and became our catchall for everything! It's almost disgusting to look in there. I would post a pic just to show you how disgusting it is, but I'm too ashamed.

I'm going to keep up with this thread and hopefully post an update soon! Wish me luck!
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I too still need to declutter our house. And we just moved from Ohio to Florida and purged a whole one car garage worth of crap we were not using. We don't miss the stuff at ALL! It feels great to give stuff away to people who want it--like a self cleansing type of wonderfulll feeling of relief not to have to worry about how to store and take care of all the stuff we no longer needed. I am still trying to get rid of even more stuff though (I just joined a freecyle group in our area). I used to ebay stuff but it is just not worth the trouble most of the time. I am very careful now about what we buy too (like do we really NEED this thing or not?). Pack rats out there, it feels great to get rid of stuff! I used to save everything but am slowly learning to let it all just GO! When we were packing to move down here, a friend was helping me pack up some magazines and asked me if I really needed them (of course I wanted to keep them and couldn't bring myself to get rid of them) so she wrote on the the box, "magazines I should have thrown out but didn't!" I laughed so hard when we were getting our stuff out of storage and into our new home when I saw that! (I still have the magazines but I think I am mentally ready to put them on freeclyle LOL! )
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My house is a disaster area! We also do not have visitors, if we can help it. One day when I was not home, thankfully, Dh's old roommie & his wife stopped in....OH man was I embarassed when I heard that. We live in a teeny trailer about 750 sqaure feet and we are overwhelmed with stuff. Our bedroom is the worst. I need to get rid of a ton of clothes, I have been dropping a bunch of stuff in a bin for clothes down the road, but that was a while ago. I have given away some big stuff on freecycle lately, that helped too, but it is sooo bad that I don't even know where to start, DH is never home he works so much and coaches hockey, I just need to start and keep going. I am happy to know we are not alone here though! You guys have motivated me to start somewhere, thanks
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