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Would you send your 1 yr old on vacation for a WEEK with your parents w/o you?

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Yes this is a question I actually saw on another board. Please tell me i'm not the only one who would say HECK NO!

edited to add the amount of time
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I dont think theres anything wrong with it at all, as long as your parents would take great care of your little one.

But that said, there is NO WAY I could do it, personally.
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I couldn't do it.
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It depends on how long... but if I trusted my parents to take good care and felt confident that my babe would be happy, then sure.
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Nope, I wouldn't. Don't care how 'well they'd take care of him/her', I simply wouldn't. It doesn't sit right with me period.

Hell, I didn't like my MIL taking my DSS on vacation alone when he was 8 years old for 10 days...
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no! i didn't even like leaving her with a very close friend for 6 hours when i went back to school, she was 1 year old. i just can't imagine not being with her for a week. even now, she is 3 and it is hard to be away from her for 14 hours when i work 2 nights a week.
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No....Angelo nurses too much to go!
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i voted yes but my kids were in the backround kind of annoying me so i think that influenced my vote!

i would be more comfortable at two years old. my girls take turns staying over night at my folks house and they love it and i love it. i think its really great for them.......but a week would be weird. but my 5 year old could go on a vacation with my folks anytime for a week or so and i wouldnt have to think twice.
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My DS is 4 and I would strongly contemplate now. At 1 I think My DS was too needy for ME I BF and so no...But maybe when older.Good luck with your decision
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No way!

DH has a work "boondoggle" trip to Mexico for 8 days in January. It's one of those trips that's for spouses too and I'm expected to attend. I told DH NO WAY would I even consider going without DD. I made him ask his company if we could bring DD and they said yes! They are even paying for her flight. We are so happy. Sorry to hi jack the thread, I am just so excited that we don't have to struggle over this decison and we get an all expense paid, family vacation!
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No way! SHe still nurses! She would spend all night screaming when she woke up and I wasn't there to nurse or rock her - she even cries if it's her daddy, although she settles in quickly.

Not to mention I get worn out taking care of her - my parents would need a second vacation afterword. It would be a total shock to their system to be incharge of Robin 24/7

I might let them keep her one night if there were some special circumstances, or if I were hospitalized for some reason. But NO WAY a full week.
But I would love it if they were close enough to keep her some evenings so DH and I could have a date night. ANd my mom has stayed with us when I've been sick, which has been a true lifesaver. My parents love her dearly and I trust them with most things - they LOVE the chance to spend time with her. But this would not be in her best interest, and would make my parents crazy.
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Absolutely not. No way. Never.

My babes still got 75-85% of their nutrition from breastfeeding at one year, and were definitely not sleeping through the night.

DD is almost 4 now and I *might* consider letting her go with Gramma and Grandpa for a little trip, but no younger than that.
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No way, no how.

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Nope, not a chance.

I know my parents would take great care of him, that's not the issue. He is not ready to be away from me overnight, much less for a week! Besides, my mom isn't lactating.

OTOH, my step-sis just did this, vacation for a week with the grandparents switching off watching the kids. To each their own, ya know.
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Not in this lifetime.
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My one yo DD is too young to go away from her family for a week. She nurses too much and she is still a baby.

She wouldnt understand why there is no mommy, daddy and sisters. IMO way to confusing and terrifing for such a young child who cant understand.

It make me almost to think about it
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I wouldn't be comfortable with that before age 4 or 5- MAYBE age 3 if the child had already weaned.

Of course, it's a moot point since my parents live downstairs from me.
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My SIL did this at six weeks. Had been nursing. Didn't leave enough pumped milk, didn't care. My kids are two and four and I'd have a hard time leaving them with my mom (who lives with us) for more than 18 hours. Had to with dd (18mos)when ds was born (planned homebirth, midwife didn't believe I was in labor, she left and I delivered at the hospital a couple of hours later), but it was at dd's own home, and under extreme duress on my part. And for one night. A WEEK? I really wonder what goes through some people's heads when they consider their level of responsibility in raising the children they birthed. I think some people pump em out because it's the cool thing to do...without considering the level of personal input it should/will involve. When my kids are seven or eight, I'll think about it seriously! Not that I don't trust my mom as a caregiver...they're simply attachment parented, and none of us would benefit from being apart that long.
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I would absolutely positively not do this. I do know lots of people IRL who would and have, when their child was even younger too.
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I couldn't do it. Heck, I usually miss her too much after being apart for a couple of hours, and she's 2 years old.
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