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Would you send your 1 yr old on vacation for a WEEK with your parents w/o you? - Page 7

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I didn't read all the other responses but, I wouldn't let either of my kids go with my mom, dhs mom or dad, heck...anybody, for a whole week without me.

Come to think of it, they have never been away from me for a night, let alone a whole week!

I guess it's okay if someone feels comfortable doing that, I just couldn't. I know my mom would take great care of them, I just couldn't.
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Originally Posted by heathenmom
DD is 14 months and has never been away from me overnight. She stays with my parents during the day while I'm at work, but NONE of us (me, dd, OR my parents) are ready for anything longer than that.

*side note*
I was in a training class with a new mom that had just returned from maternity leave ... her daughter was MAYBE 2 months old? I asked her how she was doing and she said, "GREAT! I have lots and lots of help. As a matter of fact, she's been at my grandmother's (at least a 90 minute drive) for the last 2 weeks." : There's no way I could keep the look of shock off of my face. At the time, dd was maybe 6-9 months. I responded, "It's too hard to leave dd with dh to come to work every day. I couldn't stand to be away from her overnight!" She said, "Oh, I call a couple of times a day and I go visit on weekends." She then implied that she hadn't really *wanted* to do it, but her grandmother had insisted upon taking her. HELLO ... WHO THE H*LL IS THE MOTHER HERE?

Sorry to get sidetracked ... I just don't get why some people have kids.

2 weeks? That is so sad ... Far to young and far to long! She is missing out on all that prime bonding time!
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At one year, my ds was still nursing every 3-4 hours. Leaving him like that would have been disasterous to both of us. Even if he WASN'T still nursing, I wouldn't have done it.
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No, one year is too young IMO. Plus, I co-slept/night nursed for a good long while with DS. He still sleeps with me part of the night.

DS is 2 years 9 months now...the only time he's slept at grandma's was when our new baby was born in Oct.
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Originally Posted by joandsarah77
I wish. I never made enough milk. And yes that was with pumping, fenugreek (herbal) and Motilium (medication to boost milk) So he's bottle fed. I'm probably not as crunchy as some around here as my kids are not clingy, man there so social that they would go off with a one eyed green hairy thing. Thank God there are none around here . Plus they pretty much sleep anywere, and we don't co-sleep. Ok you can all shoot me now.
I won't shoot you lol! None of my 3 kids were/are clingy. And they were AP'd to the max. From birth, any of them would go anywhere for anyone. And not even look around for me. I had a breast reduction after my second kid, I so know how it is to struggle with supply.

No way could I leave my one year old with someone for a week. I get crazy enough leaving my 4 month old with DH a few hours. A friend at work just left her 4 month old (and 4 yrar old) with her parents for over a week so she and her DH could go on a cruise.
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For me personally, at that age I would say no. But I'd agree with those who have said it would really depend on the circumstance. If, say, we lived with or very near my parents, and DS was used to having them around all the time and was attached to them, then I might be able to see it. In that case, I think it would be much harder on me than on him. And of course, if it was the only way he could see his grandparents, get to know them, I'd consider it.

By age 4, I don't think I'd worry about it at all (except that it would be really hard for me to be gone from him). My parents let me fly to Hawaii with my grandparents at age 5 to visit my cousins there for 2 weeks, and it is still one of my fondest memories. I certainly wasn't scarred by the experience.
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