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baby FINALLY came out

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sorry this will be short, i have a nursing baby in one hand
she was born nov 14th at 5:31pm weighing 8lbs 11oz 21" long. She is perfectly healthy despite being so overdue. i'll be back later to write more and post some pics.
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I replied on the November board as I have been checking there obsessively for your update

Please come on over and join us LWAB on the October thread!
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Congratulations Mama! 10 month babies rock (at thier own time!)
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awesome! congratulations! can't wait to hear the birth story!
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Congrats, again. (I saw your birth story over on the unassisted page and responded there, too!)
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awesome! i bet your poor body is soooo relieved, lol.
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One month overdue but right on time!!!! I'm sure she's just perfect!

Congrats!! We've been watching for ya!!
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I went and checked out your story and saw your pics....she looks perfect! Beautiful! Sorry you didn't have the birth you envisioned but good job for holding your ground and avoiding the c-section. You will get your UC next time around mama. Again, what a beautiful little girl you have.
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so glad to hear!! I've been thinking of you and your baby! congrats!!
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