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I'M Bored!!!

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Leah has decided that if one of us can't play with her, she is bored and won't play by herself....stage? Any suggestions? Sometimes, I do need to finish going to the bathroom or finish that last dish...When should I start expecting her to play by herself for a few minutes - not talking an hour here, just 15 minutes????

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Well.....I think it is all in the child!
My ds#1 will be 4 in about 3 weeks and he still won't play by himself!
On the other hand, by other ds is almost 17 months and he plays alone all the time!

I think it goes with their personalities! And you can't change that!:
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been there..

Saige (she'll be 3 soon) does this too.She'll get a bunch of new toys and just sit there untill I play with her.What I realized is if i start a game with her(like having a tea party with her dolls,building blocks,ect.) and then say"I'll be right back" She plays by herself(waiting for me).But she actually plays quite awhile that way.Willow who is 7 months plays by herself already 10 times more then Saige ever did!!
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