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Webster technique during pregnancy?

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Have any of you used this during a pregnancy?

I have heard of it for turning a breech at the end, but not for use throughout the pregnancy for positioning the baby.

My midwives recommended a chiropracter and she's sees women about the same frequency as the midwives do throughout pregnancy. So we're talking 10-12 visits at either $25, $45, or $60. Yikes!

If its worth it I'd be willing to find a way. But I'd sure hate to throw my money away.

I'm also glucose intolerant (before pregnancy) and she says she can help me with supplements for carbohydrate metabolism (more $$). I would do anything to stay off insulin, but again, it comes down to how do I know the $ will be worth it?

Any thoughts out there?
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Well you never really know if what you pay for will be worth it--so to speak. I see this as you have nothing to lose & everything to gain. Women who are adjusted during pregnancy tend to have fewer complications & easier deliveries. I was adjusted throughout my entire pregnancy AND during labor. If your baby is in an optimal position early on there's going to be less liklihood that they'll turn into a less optimal position later on. Your midwives must also feel this is going to be highly beneficial to you & I'd think if you trust them to be at your baby's birth you'd trust their opinion on seeing a chiropractor. I recommend that ever pregnany woman see a chiropractor.
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I would have to agree! I have been adjusted throughout my entire pregnancy, and have about 1/10th the complaints that i hear my prego sisters here talking about. I actually had the webster tech done on my two weeks ago, and it was great. The baby is in a fine position, but i was just starting to notice some tightness in my ligaments and low back. The tech. really helps release the stress on your low back and in your abdomen. It also will allow more room for your baby to move around, thus the success with turning breech babies. I'm also a chiropractor, so, if you have any other questions-i'd be happy to tell you what i know...as a woman. Good luck!
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I went to the Chiro with pg #1 and thought it was great...but my insurance paid 100%. Also, had the Webster Tech. done....and still had a C for frank breech baby. It didn't help. Not only did I try the Webster Tech...I also tried every exercise I could find on the internet. So, really...nothing worked.

This pg I'm not going to the Chiro because I can't afford it. It's $25 everytime I go. I honestly don't see a difference so far. But, I'm only 20 weeks. So maybe I'd notice further along?

Also, when I first started going to the Chiro last pg...I was extra extra sore. Like the first week I was in so much pain from the adjustments...even though she was very gentle, my muscles and nerves weren't used to be manipulated and it was really rough. There were a couple of times also that I almost passed out walking out to my car afterwards. Chiropractic care influences your whole body including circulation, neurological impulses, kenesthetics, etc. So, just be prepared. I wasn't! I mean, I'd probably still be going if we could afford it...but for the most part I believe if I exercise and use posture appropriately, it should be an every now and then thing to have an adjustment and not something that I "need" on a regular basis. If that makes sense. But, if the place you are going doesn't help you build up the muscles and give you the education to stay in alignment...it's kind of a waste of money IMO.

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I didn't have the Webster done- no need- but I can tell you that with my second pregnancy I had adjustments throughout. I felt better, had less aches, slept better and had a much smoother and MUCH shorter labor (3-5 hrs compared to the 12-16 for the 1st) Now, would I say it was the adjustments that made all the difference? no. However, I had a wonderful Chiropracter who counseled me in overall nutrition, exercises and stretches, herbal rmemedies, and the like. My point is, if you have a good, really good chiropracter, committed to treating you holistically, they very well may be worth every penny you spend! Good luck and enjoy your birth! It is just such an awesome miracle!
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I actually have never heard of the Webster techinique, but just wanted to jump in about the Chiro. With #1 I saw a chiro. twice a week, but only for about a month. During that time I felt so much better (like I could actually walk with the sciatic nerve pain at a minimum!). That's all my insurance would cover, and I didn't have money to pay for it. This pg I'm seeing a chiro. twice a week, and that may increase as I get bigger, my weight increases, and my ligaments get increasingly lax. We are only able to afford it because dh is working for this doctor part time... we got super lucky! I know how hard it is when you don't have they money, but I GUARENTEE if you can squeeze it, it will be well worth it.
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I see a chiro on the same schedule as my midwife (we've got good insurance for that) and it has helped with so many complaints. Since my baby is posterior, she does Webster's on me. Frankly, I'm not sure what it is, though... any info?
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i never considered a chiro in pregnancy's as i have a rod in my back (spinal fusion due to severe scoliosis), but last preg my baby turned breech at 36 weeks. I was seeing an OB for concurrent care and i didn't want the pressure of an early scheduled c-section so i went to a chiro (plus i'm very short and i was worried about running out of room for the baby to turn). I found an excellent Chiro who was able to do the webster and it turned my baby. The bottom three veterbrae were left unfussed and that was actually getting twisted.
Whether my baby would have turned on her own (she was very active inutero) or not, it was great to go to that Chiro the last month. I just felt like i had some much needed space open up after each adjustment.
I just saw that Chiro yesterday for that breeched baby who is 20 mo now. My in-laws thought they detected curvature in her spine so the Chiro got us in right away. Turns out she just had a misaligned vertebrae (and one leg was shorter than the other) and an adjustment was done. They are so gentle my dd was relaxed during the whole process.
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