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Got a diaper supply order

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I now have white, neon orange, and purple PUL, plus lots of elastic. And I got the Very Baby fitted pattern while I was at it. Now question... What do you all trace your pattern onto? Isn't tracing paper kind of expensive (unless I had gotten in on the tracing paper co-op that ended last night, which I obviously didn't )? Or I think I read a while back that some people use wax paper. Does anyone do that or have another good method to recommend?
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I just taped regular paper together and traced the patterns on to that. I wouldn't bother with tracing paper.
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I have a roll of craft paper/newspaper print that my kids use for stuff. I just used it and then used clear contact paper to laminate it to save it from my rotary cutters a little longer.

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I use a flexible web called "Pattern Ease" (I think?) that I got at Joanns. It's kind of like fusible interfacing without the sticky stuff. Anyways, works awesome, doesn't tear, you can write on it with a pen, it's translucent enough that you can see your fabric beneath it for good alignment on patterns, if you fold it the wrinkles will relax out or iron out (on low), plus it was only 99 cents a yard!
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I use one of the wide rolls of freezer paper. It's inexpensive, readily available, and it holds up very well.
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I use cartridge paper from an art supply store. A large pad is under $5 and I get 100 sheets I think. It lasts me a long time at any rate It's about the same weight as printer paper.

When I really like a pattern and I know I'm going to use it a lot, I use bristol board so that it's easy to trace around onto my pattern. (I'm old fashioned... I like my scissors better than my rotary cutter. I can't keep my rotary cutter straight so get much better results when I use the scissors)
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I had a ripped bed ruffle. I separated the fabric from the white stuff that goes under the mattress and used it to cut out sewing pattern pieces where there are several sizes in one. I used a permanent marker to write the size, pattern number, piece number and darts/dots/sewing stuff on it; it also helps me know which is the right side. It's durable to pin and cut but if you pull hard enough, it tears so keep it away from the kids.

You could probably find a cheap bed ruffle at a second-hand store and try it.
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I use oak tag. I love how thick it is and is so easy to trace onto fabric because of the thickness
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I just use construction paper taped together to as big as I need it!

I like it because it's stiff - I hate using tracing paper or pattern paper, it's so flimsy that it's hard to keep really aligned - when just breathing on it makes it move, it gets a little frustrating!
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I use a special pattern fabric - but I cannot remember the name. It sounds like the PatternEase that Emmabella described. It was about $5 a roll, but I cannot remember how many yards. I see it at several local specialty fabric stores for the same price. I **LOVE** it and would definitely recommend that you get something of this type for you diaper patterns. The reason I love it so much is that it grips to my fabric and I don't need any pins. I am an old-fashioned cutter with scissors. I just hold my hand down and cut around the piece. It also lasts longer than standard tissue paper which you have to pin and then tears. I make several copies of my diapers patterns so I can lay them down the way I like. I usually make all my testers from standard tissue which I buy in bulk for gift wrapping. I have an older "pattern fabric" that I do not like quite as well - it is stiffer and has red dots in one inch squares all over it. It might be good for testing clothing patterns, but it does not stick to the fabric as well.
You can get a LOT of diaper patterns and children's clothing patterns from one roll.
A thin-medium interfacing might also work. I like the bedskirt idea, too.
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Wow, so many great ideas! Thanks you guys! Now to choose.
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Plain 'ol tissue paper for wrapping (40 for $1 at the dollar store!) works well, too. Or, if the pieces you are using are small enough, you can scan them & print them out!
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I've used so many different things to trace patterns on. I like using the pattern fabric like our3boys and emmabella were talking about. If you can't find it interfacing works just as well and it is kind of rough so it "sticks" to flannel and other soft fabrics to make pinning easier. I prefer to trace my patters though, so I mostly use poster board...I can get it at the Dollar Store here for 25 cents a sheet. I can write my instructions on the pattern and use a hole punch to mark elastic. Thick wrapping paper for sending packages is a good option too, and it's thin enough that the patterns can be folded and put away.
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I use muslin, and I really like it! The patterns last forever and it comes big enough that I don't have to do any taping or anything. Plus it's kind of nice that it sort of clings to the fabric i'm cutting. I use a sharpie for the markings. It's *just* see-thru enough to do pattern tracing.

I always wait till Joann has a big sale on muslin - it goes 70% every so often, then i snag some up!
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