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How can I rent a tub for waterbirth at home? - Page 3

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Thanks Mamamel!

I ordered one! Thanks MamaMel! Wow, I hope 3rd times a charm! This is wearin' me out! hehe
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Yippie!!!! I just got my shipping confirmation e-mail..I think that's probably a good sign!

Is anyone else doing anything to prepair their tubs? I am planning on inflating mine and then letting it air out in the yard for a while. I can't stand that overly strong smell of new plastic..yuck, I can't even imagine it during labor... What do you think would be good to use to clean it after it sits outside for a couple of weeks? hmm...I guess I will have to think about that...

Well, I'm just glad to have finally found one .
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That's great news, I'm glad you guys found something!!

We blew ours up and did a "wet" run, just to make sure we knew how long it took to inflate, how long it took to fill, and how long the water stayed warm. It aired out really quickly and I felt better knowing how the whole scene would play out. We didn't do anything to clean it out - I didn't want any soaps or any residue left behind, so basically it was just rinsed out with the water.

Emptying it was good practice too, because dh knew that was going to be his job (yuck, btw - not to gross you out too much but since he didn't get to that until the next day it was quite an unpleasant job for him. He had named it Lake FrankenStank by the time it was done)

Anyway, we left it inflated - I highly recommend this if you have room - and it took about an hour to fill... hmm, no it couldn't have been that long... maybe 40 minutes? We used a hose from the kitchen sink. It stayed warm for the entire hour that we left it set up, and I got in to soak for a bit - it was wonderful. You will love yours!

Happy waterbirthing, all of you!!!!!

(oh, p.s., If you leave it to air out outside, I would be careful that it isn't in any kind of damp location where it could pick up any mold)
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I got my Aquarium pool today!!! Woohoo!!! I'm SO excited! It came really quickly. I just ordered it...YESTERDAY afternoon!?! I had to look back & double check. That just doesn't seem possible, does it!?! Of course, they're in CA somewhere & so am I. Pretty wild, huh?

Thanks for all the help. Now that's one less thing to worry about. Of course, my boys want to set it up & try it out. I told them we have to keep it clean for the baby.

One of the midwives in the area that I talked to said to buy a new hose so it would be as clean as possible. I hadn't thought of that. Also, I wouldn't leave it outside where a bird could poop in it or a stray cat could get in it or who knows what. I'm going to air mine out in the garage. I can't decide whether to rise it with just hot water or maybe use some of my organic dish soap that has grapefruit seed extract in it to help kill germs.

I Love My Boy, how did he empty it? That remains a mystery to me...
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I Love My Boy

I tried to get the homeschooling supply link to open & it told me I wasn't authorized to open that page. I'm just about to order some homeschooling stuff for my 5 y.o. & thought I'd check it out. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Hi, please email me about the homeschooling stuff and I will answer you right away. I don't think I'm allowed to discuss my business in the threads...??? I did that once and my post was erased. Our webhost server went down so our site has been down for three days now. grrrr... email me and I'll tell you what we carry.

Awesome that you got your pool already! Dh emptied ours using a drill-powered syphon. We got it at the hardware store and it worked pretty well. It has a little motor in the center and then two threaded pipe parts sticking out on each side. You hook up the garden hose to one end of the syphon with the other end of the hose in the water, and then to the other end of the syphon you put another length of hose long enough to reach to your sink or bathtub where you will empty the water. Then, you use a regular drill and stick it into the provided hole in the syphon's motor section. Turn the drill on and it spins the motor, and presto, starts to syphon all the water out of the pool into the tub or sink.

Thing is, it was pretty loud and slow. Dh got almost all of it out that way, and then carried the pool to the bathroom to drain and rinse it out. We live in a tiny downtown loft so we didn't have a yard to haul it out into.

We bought a new garden hose and some other short bit of plumbing hose. You might want to bring a bit of your kitchen sink faucet (or whatever faucet you are using to fill the pool up with) with you when you buy the hoses. We had to purchase an additional attachment threading thingy to make it fit.

Talk to you later!

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I was speaking to a midwife who uses an old waterbed heater. I don't know how that would work, but it seems worth a go. Sounds better than adding hot water continuously.
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I ordered my kiddie pool for labor.Found it cheap for 24.46(that
includes the shipping).I had planned on giving that to dd later whether I use
it or not,but it looks rather small so after reading the reviews on the 90x22
at eopinions I got the big one for $44.26(shipping is a killer at 14.85).
The one midwife supply center sells them for 40 and 60 for the big
one(shipping not included) so I figure I did ok.Walmart/toy stores don't have
them out yet,so I don't know if I would have saved that way or not.
here: Intex inflatable swimming pools, family and kids inflatable swim pools

Nimet UC 2-9-99
edd 5-7
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