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Which yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy?

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Hi all yoga mamas:
I am 2 month pregnant. I've been doing yoga or other type of exercise before my pregnancy.
My yoga teacher told me that down facing dog and cobra poses were fine during pregnancy as long as it was confortable. For her, the only poses that cause problem are all the twists of the abdominal area and the shoulder and head stands.
I stopped doing yoga for the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy (I only walked) but now I can't imagine not doing any yoga.... The pregnancy yoga classes are good for the advice on labour and birth, but it is very basic stretching, not really yoga.
What do you think?
Is yoga safe as long as I do it gently?
Thank you for your answers!
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Congratulations on your pregnancy!! That's awesome!!!

I disagree with your teacher. I don't think cobra is a good idea. For one thing, it'll start to get uncomfortable. For another, it puts too much pressure on your abdominal area, and just isn't a good idea. Backbends in general aren't advised for pregnancy, and that's pretty standard thinking.

As far as shoulderstand, if you have practiced yoga for many years and are in good physical condition, Geeta Iyengar's book says it's okay for short periods. I say avoid it if you have any question or concern about it.

Also avoid: double leg lifts, boat, deep twists, camel, cobra, upward-dog, bow, bridge, and plow.

In the final weeks of pregnancy, you may want to avoid the warriors and triangle. The baby at that time is large and heavy, and wide-legged stances can put too much pressure on the pelvic area.

I would recommend getting a pregnancy DVD. Shiva Rea has a great one. You're right, it's not going to be "power" yoga, but it'll really help prepare you for labor and show some great modifications for as you get larger.
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I wanted to add that I did yoga during all three of my pregnancies, and it really helped with all kinds of pregnancy issues. Yoga rocks!!

As far as downward-dog, I think it's okay to do as long as it's comfortable for you, you've done it before and know you're doing it right, and you are in good condition. I would make sure I didn't hold it for more than 3-5 breaths, then rest in an open-legged child's pose.
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According to dh's cousin, downward facing dog is a great way to get the baby off of your pelvic bone if it decides to play "linoleum".
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