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Am I the laziest pregnant woman ever?

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I can't motivate myself to do anything! I swore I was going to get so much done after I finished work. And now I'm done and all I want to do is sit around and read.........

I have so much to do to get ready for the baby (never mind the holidays) and I can barely stay on top of the daily houshold tasks....... I feel guilty that dh is doing so much, I swear he can clean the entire house in like two hours. It take sme that long to do a load of laundry. It's gotten so bad I've started setting a half hour timer for myself and I force myslef to keep working until it goes off. A half hour! But it feels like an eternity......

Tell me I'm not alone? I never really nested with ds so I'm afraid this baby is going to be born into total chaos!

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You're definiately not alone!! I can barely get myself out of bed in the mornings, muster the energy to deal with dd all day, and then stay awake until 8pm!! I can feel the end of pregnancy drawing near, and it seems all my body wants to do is sleep in preparation! My dh is also doing so much work, I feel like such a slacker! He comes home to a child that is desperate for some physical activity, a house that is usually a disaster, and a dinner that needs to be made! I just keep reminding myself that this will pass in just a few weeks, and then I will start to regain my energy. Of course, then the sleep deprevation of having a newborn will begin!! Oh well, in a few years I will hopefully be able to get the house in shape and feel somewhat rested again!
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Oh no, I'm lazy too! Drag self out of bed -- effort. Mkae food -- rather not eat,too much effort. Housework -- what's that? OH yeah, that stuff I'm *supposed* to do.

Today my DH took our toddler outside for a little while. Then he took him up to see his Grandma. I had oh, almost two hours to myself. Two hours that I optimistically thought I'd spend cleaning. It took me probably 30 minutes to put ONE load of clothes in the washer. I put away some clothes, folded some towels. Took an eternity. I swear it took me five minutes to walk up the stairs. LAZY. Can't. Motivate. Self. I'm like the Great Undermotivated Mama (heh, maybe that'll be my senior title!) You are not alone (ah great, now that song is in myhead....)

Namaste, Tara
mama to Doodle (7), Butterfly (2), and Rythm (due at home 1/06)
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NO! I am the laziest pregnant woman alive! I get SO bad the end of pregnancy. last baby I was doing practically nothing by the end. My hubby did all the cleaning all the cooking. I just could not get motivated to do anything.

I feel it starting now, so I am trying real hard to keep up on things and not get like that again.
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Well, the IL's have dd's for the day, and I'm still sitting in the same spot I was sitting in at 10am. I did one load of laundry and made a quick trip to the grocery store. That's it. And you know what? I think I could really use a nap!
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This threadis cracking me up for some reason. All hail the lazy pregnant women! Where's my foot rub!?

Namaste, Tara
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WoW - Sounds like all hail the dh's !!!
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Tara - MAN, does a foot rub sound nice!
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OMG you mean I'm NOT the only one who has been sitting in this chair all day?? I did get one load of laundry done, and the dishwasher loaded (not run), and I'm pretty much beat! The baby still needs a bath, and thank heavens that I just gave that chore over to dh because I just don't have the energy for it!

I still have SO MUCH to do too! I wish I had more energy. Why oh why didn't I get it done last trimester!
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You know, I was just going to start a post like this last night when I looked around the desk and found I'd brought up 5 glasses full of water during the 5 hrs I was working at the computer. We only have a water source downstairs and everytime I went down to do something, I forgot my glass to refill it so I'd get a new one and bring it up instead of returning upstairs to grab the empty one. It's become a weird quirkdom of mine.

I have been pretty good about cleaning lately, trying to get house ready for an appraisal to re-finance it.

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OH YES!! Lazy pregnant women are the BEST!!! Perhaps I will send this link to my DH so he knows that I'm not the only one! haha
In order for me to do anything I need extra motivation.. like our baby shower gifts sat in the family room for 2 weeks, I fully intended to do the baby's laundry and put her items away for that whole time - I finally got it all put away but only because my mom came over and helped!! haha YAY FOR MY MOMMA!! I just can't do anything on my own.. I'm waiting for the glory of nesting... I need to do so much!
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My DH made the mistake of complaining to a bunch of postmenopausal mams about my lack of movement. he got an earful!!!! I don't know why he thought it would be really funny to bring up. You have got to know your audience!

DH has really been helping out alot. he does the dishes, and i try to get laundry done.
The baby's room is almost done, though! I have been using the changing table as a wrapping paper station, to get Christmas stuff done. I have begun nesting again, and I am trying to take advantage of it!
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I felt like that a couple weeks ago. I just couldn't do anything. Even the simple daily things like putting the dishes away was too much for me. But, then I got over it, and I've started.... nesting, I guess. I still don't feel particularly motivated to do anything, but I made this nice list, and I've been crossing stuff off it every day, so things are getting done, which makes me happy.
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I am semi-nesting but just making more of a mess then before.
I go through closets and boxes and then have no where to put everything...my guest room/comuter room as well as my storage room looks like a bomb went off...it could be so orgainzied if only I knew what to do.

We moved In June yes June and I have boxes still sitting here waiting for something called shelfs to be bought and installed and bookcases(DF decided he did not like mine so tossed them before the move and has yet to buy me new ones...not like we have the extra cash anyway sigh)

It doesn't help that we are hoping and praying that the downstairs neighbors move and we can take over their place. So DF is delaying yet again hanging pictures etc just in case :
The landlord told them last week that we are not moving out of the building and he said they were very unhappy about it(they have issues with our 20 month old) but didn't mention if they would move instead like they mentioned in the past..oh well maybe I should unpack the baby stuff and hope that the arrivial of a new baby screaming at all hours spurs them on. I want that place so bad I can taste it.
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