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Single Parent cant take co-sleeping anymore

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I co-slept with ds until he was 12 months old,at 13 months I put him in his crib, where he slept from 9pm-8am, no problem. Then, we moved 40 days ago, and now he wakes up at 1am and I have to bring him to bed with me. He nurses all night, and wakes me up every 30-40 minutes to do so.

I support the whole house, work until midnight and have to leave by 8 am. I dont have child care, so he spends the entire day with me in the office as well. Quite frankly, I'm beat and dont know what to do.

Any suggestions or comments on why he went back to his co-sleeping habits when he did so well on his own for 5 months? And how can I get him back over to his own crib?

It's not that I'm being selfish, but besides the fact that I need to be awake at work, sleeping on his own will help him when he has to go to NYC to visit with his Papi, I wont be there to co-sleep, so really, I am trying to keep him prepared for these trips.

Help...I'm soooo sleepy and guilty! But I really, really need a break here.
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At 13 months old even though it has been

40 days since you moved it is still a major major change for him.
This is likely why he has gone back to his former habits.
I am sure the other ladies will have tips for getting him back to his crib.
I just know it takes some time and patience to set a new routine after what is a such a change for a little guy.
I think it is great he gets to go to the office with you too.
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He's actually, 18 months old, he has been sleeping in his crib since he was 13 months old. Yes it is great that he comes to the office, but still, 24 hours per day are wearing on me. That's why I was so relieved when he started sleeping on his own. It let me get some hours of shut eye before starting the work day. I really, really need some sleep time. And if anyone has any suggestions that would be great.
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it will likely just take some time for the

adjustment period to your new place
even though you know it has been 40 days its hard for him.
Have you tried putting a shirt of yours or a nursing pillow if you have one in the crib with him? The smell of you and your milk might be enough to help him with the comfort seeking...
I did this with one of my ds when I was taking night classes.
And maybe you could try a lovey of some type?
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Mama, you are doing great , you shouln't feel guilty because you need sleep as well. Is the crib in the same room? If not, can you nurse him/ reassure him and put him back. Have strength, he will not be like this always. As far as getting him ready for NYC, let papi know what is happening and I pray he is as devoted as you. Peace and Blessings.
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Thank you all for your advice. He still gets up at night, and I bring him to bed...but thanks to you, I was brought back to earth. I'll sleep a little less, and he'll get a little more love.

Thanks again.

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