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Is it possible for a mother to develop post-partum allergies?

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My daughter is 27 mos and we've suspected food intolerances/sensitivities from early on (still trying to unsolve this mystery) and my question is somewhat connected to that. I developed eczema and stomach probs several mos PP. I have *never* had eczema or skin rashes and there is no history of allergies in my family. However, my husband has suffered from hay fever since childhood. I'm wondering if it's possible for my daughter to get some of my husband's hyperimmunity in utero and for it to cross the placenta and sensitize me. Any thoughts on this one?

Also, regarding skin allergy testing-- Are there any risks w/taking the tests? Can exposing yourself or your child to these allergens (via the skin test) make a person more hypersensitive to that allergen?

Thank you for any information you can offer.
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I wouldn't do the skin testing at all. Its bad, invasive and unnecesary. My son had alllergies very bad, and now is almost 4 and has outgrown them. He had hives (severvely) and we eliminated wheat, soy, dairy (all) and nuts (all). We ate only whole grains splet, quinoa, brown rice, millet etc. We also started eating meat. Fish and chicken (free range) and the diet change allowed his body to grow to tolerate these foods now.
For you I would recommend evening primrose oil (EPO can be found at most natural food stores) It may be a change of hormones. I got hives when I was pregnant and took EPO and they cleared up. I now take it for PMS and menstral cramping.
For the both of you it may be a yeast problem(?) Try to alter your diet to do a yeast cleanse for a couple weeks and see if that helps. No sugar, yeast, alcohol, or juice. Limit fruit to 2 pieces a day and increase your protien intake. This should help. I would also recomend country comfort goldenseal and myrh salve for dry itchy eczema. Hope that helps!
Good luck!

peace mamabc

btw not always the case but
stomach is usually dairy (lactose) intolerance
skin usually wheat
runny nose usually soy or dairy
nuts and night shades usually throat swollen
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How did you know your son was allergic to wheat, soy, etc.? I've tried elimination diets several times since DD was born and couldn't really see a connection. I wish there was an accurate blood test---or, better yet, a urine test, that would diagnose our issues.

I would gladly eliminate whatever is necessary, but I don't want to needlessly eliminate foods if I don't have to. I have a very high metabolism and was "starving" when I went on elimination diets...I was losing weight (which for me isn't a good thing) and so I'm afraid of metabolizing fat and sending toxins into my breastmilk.

The other symptom I've had for some time since her birth is a runny nose, so perhaps I should try eliminating dairy again and just see how it affects my sinuses.

Do you think it's ok to take EPO while nursing? I wouldn't be a bit surprised if I'm having hormonal issues. I'm 41, and although my cycles are very regular, my FSH level was high while ttc and we got *really* lucky to conceive our DD!

Thanks so much for the info!
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naturalmama- it's entirely possible to develope later-in-life allergies and not at all surprising that you should do so post-pregnancy. Your body does an immune-system flip when pregnant so as not to reject the embryo and may take a while to settle back to normal. If your'e 41 now and nursing I'm betting your hormones are totally whacked. Also, you may have a totally unsuspected sensitivity to something your entire life that may blossom into a full-on intolerence when your body is stressed in other ways (pregnancy, birth and nursing for example...)

It sounds like an elimination diet is too much for you - I'd go with what you talked about and eliminate one suspect food at a time, starting with dairy and then moving onto wheat. Drink lots and lots of fluids. make sure your kidneys are processing things for you and not your skin.

Just off the top of my head, I'd try the Women's Moon cycle tea that Yogi Teas makes and see if that helps the hormonal thing (hm- maybe check with a qualified herbalist first- I"m not sure if the herbs in that are appropriate for someone nursing a babe...)

Good luck- it's hard enough just dealing with the NORMAL changes that come along with motherhood!
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I had taken my son to a ND. I stopped when it started costing to much and not working out. Anyway she did VOLE testing. Its non invasive and my little one had fallen aspleep. Anyway it came out that he was sensitive to all those thing and also dyes and preservatives. We all kind of kept to his diet so he didn't feel bad. We were not starving. You really do have to do research and read labels. There are several subistutes and now even though we don't have hives we still like them. We all drink and use rice milk for dairy, and splet for wheat. There is splet pasta, bread (or makes some) buy the flour bulk and use for muffins, cookies etc. Don't limit yourself tooo much. What you need to keep in mind is that there is a whole array of food out there I you need to do is find it. Remeber to that your body takes 4 days to completely digest food. Some maybe try a rotation diet? I did with my ds and it worked wonders. Believe it was not easy. I had at the time a severely allergic 2 1/2 year old and an 11 mos old that I was nursing and a sort of supportive dh (he kind of thought I had gone crazy) : But I healed my son's allergies and if it wasn't for my research and determinination we may still have swollen lips,penis and hives the size of pancakes along with tantums ike you would not believe
One more thought look up Eat Right for your TYPE. We are all type A blood and the allergie he had sort of coincided with the blood type. It is interesting. Ithink there is a web site.
Good Luck and please don't starve yourself!
Peace, mamabc

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