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v. pervy hobbit fanciers!

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About time! Here I thought I was the only one with the twisted hobbit sense of humour!
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Originally posted by frodo
Legolas!!!! he's so pretty! i don't know whether i'd want to ravage his body or play with his hair!
Tee hee! That's the Legolas Charm!
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Im not voting again, just restating that I am sticking with Aragorn because Legolas's hair is way prettier than mine!
But I have been tempted to switch to Gimli - I have heard some very favourable things about him

And I think Frodo is sexy...
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Orlando Bloom is 25 I am sure that is far past the ge of consent for those worrying about cradle robbing..
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yummm not cradle robbing! Orlando bloom is older than i am...Not into blonde, but The real boy? I sure wouldnt kick him out of my bed!!! He's yummy! And LOVE Kiwi acents

But Aragorn Would definatly be my first chioce....

*whine* Can't I have both??
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Yes. You can. I will arrange it. I have connections.
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who voted for sam? you know he's the asthmatic kid from Goonies, right? i keep expecting him to whip out an inhaler...

i haven't seen the second movie yet. no sitter.
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Samwise is played by Sean Astin, son of Patty Duke and John Astin (Gomez Addams)! So he was in Goonies as a child? I missed out on the Goonies craze. May have to rent it.

latinmom voted for him. New member. latinmom, come back and talk hobbits!
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Whoops, I just posted as Megabite! Identity theft! Sorry Megabite!
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I'm not really a new member-I've been lurking for 3 years! Thanks for the welcome, though. Just don't have time to post much.I didn't realize that's who Sean Astin was! I really hope they do more with the hobbits in the next movie-the rumor is that the "scouring of the Shire" ending may be scrapped! I want to see Sam get Rosie!
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Stuart Townsend? Gah! Thank you onering lobbyers! At most he was a better Lestat than Tom-but that movie sucked hard.
Dang, I need to get our dvd back from the neighbour.
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OMG, I finally got a chance to pry the nursling off me and go see the movie this afternoon.

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Legolas! Yow!

After a little research (where on earth did I get an idea like that?) I have decided to vote for Legolas. At first, I couldn't decide, I have an debilitating weakness for dark haired men with blue eyes (yes, dh has both), and I got all short of breath everytime Legolas was on screen. However, after looking at pics of both men IRL, I was a little disappointed with Aragorn (Viggo). But Orlando baby, woo-wee! Gimme summa that!
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Now wait a minute! We are not talking about Orlando V Viggo! This is about Aragorn and Legolas. Lets keep our topic clear!

Now, I finally saw Two Towers last night.

Aragorn please!

Would I, could I, in the rain?
I would! I could upon the plain!

Can I, should I, in a keep?
I can, I shall down in Helms Deep!

Those who like Legolas may find me stranger,
I like him! I like him, Aragorn the Ranger!
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Aragorn, Aragorn, Aragorn
The man whose picture is in my underwear drawer !

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for those fantasizing about legolas, over on the dungeons & dragons thread, we are discussing how long one would have to breastfeed a half-elf baby, since elves mature so much slower than humans. (ok i confess i started that bit of utter silliness.) someone figured out that by D&D rules, you'd need to nurse 4.4 to 15.4 years. D&D elves live about 700 years, with half-elves living to about 180. tolkien's elves, however, live much much longer, for thousands of years, and probably spend centuries in childhood. so, a middle earth half-elf baby may need to nurse for a century or longer! talk about extended breastfeeding! i voted for legolas, but, bearing that in mind, sexy pointy ears and pretty hair notwithstanding, aragorn is starting to look much more attractive. sorry elfie-boy, no glove, no love!
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And bear in mind... if Legolas were to choose one of you lovely ladies it would cost him his immortality, so you better be all that and a bag of lembas!
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I refuse to be limited in my choices hahahaha so I choose BOTH!

call me a slut, but they are so different, and are sure to meet different needs, lololol
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