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In Need of a Used Breastpump (same as in support)

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Hi all! I posted on the intro board about my situation but I will give you all a brief of what I am about to go through.

I am 100 % dedicated to my children, their health, and our relationship. I have been a SAHM for the past 8 1/2 months and had worked on and off before we have DC #2
I successfully nursed DD for 10 months until she self-weaned. I was lucky enough then to have had a dedicated husband and father to our child back then as I was able to SAH for the entire time.
Well, this time around I am not so fortunate. DH has taken a turn for the worst. His attitude is in the dumps and he is of no help and no support what-so-ever.
He had promised me over and over during the summer months when he was working that he would help me to buy a dual electric pump but he never did.
I found one for $175 at a local drug store. A Purely Yours too! I don't think it comes with the travel bag, but I am sure I can do without it for that price. All I will need is a good insulated bag to store the milk and a book bag or tote bag...which I already have.
I will be returning to work full time in a week or less. I plan to purchase it after I take car of top priority bills such as the car payment and insurance so that I don't lose that.

I am willing to bring along my hand pump to work with me as I do let-down pretty quickly with it, but just the fact...it will be time consuming and it will be a pain.
I will not have the time to pump out enough to keep my supply up to par, just enough to relieve the engorgement. I do not in any sort of way want to lose my milk as there is nothing in this world that I enjoy more than nursing my baby and giving him the best.

So to get right to the point of all of this...

Does anyone out there have a good pump- any brand, but reliable, used, new, whatever that they could loan me or sell to me for a reasonably low cost. I am sure that I can ask a family member to loan me the money to cover the cost, if need be.

If anyone can loan one to me, I promise that I will return the pump as soon as I purchase my own. I am willing to do this through email... jessicanole@hotmail.com
and I can give you my mailing address.

I thank anyone who can help me so kindly. It would really mean a great deal to me and my little nursling to be able to continue what we have been so dedicated to.
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Another idea: have you checked into WIC?(women with infants and children.) Offices vary, some support breastfeeding more than others, but they may be able to help you find a low cost or free pump if you qualify (and with two parents and no income, you ought to qualify!)
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Thanks for the info. I did ask a couple of months ago if they could help, but they said that they were in the process of starting a program, just for moms in situations like me.

I will check back in with them tomorrow to see if they have made any changes or if they know of someone who can loan or give me one.

Right now, I really can't afford to rent a pump. I called the only place in my area and they want a deposit...I think it was $60, $50 a month, plus the tubing which costs $16. Figure it all up...$126 just to get possession of it. for $60 more I can own my own.

I read that if you steralize the pump and replace the tubing it should be fine to use. If the pump is dishwasher safe, it could be steralized in the dishwasher. Am I right on this?
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You really need a good, double. electric pump to maintain your supply. I would suggest the Purely Yours, or the Medela Pump in Style, but I know that doesn't help you at all.

As far as purchasing or renting or borrowing a used pump, that may be difficult. You can clean almost all of the breastpump, but that's never a guarantee. I would only use a used pump if the previous owner was someone I knew. Do you have any local friends who have nursed/pumped? If you do get a used pump, generally you can purchase brand new pieces (tubes, horns, valves, etc) at very little cost. You might try ebay. Just put in breastpump, but I have no idea at the quality, cost, etc.

Is is possible for you to pay for part of the pump, and then have your family to loan you the rest of the money?

Also, have you tried 'private' LCs? Sometimes those not really affiliated with a hospital can be more 'flexible' in their rental policies.

And bear in mind that even though the $120 sounds like a lot, that's probably about equal to the cost of a month of formula.

Sorry I can't be of more help! Good luck!
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Try the health department in your area. A friend of mine rents a really good double electric pump (not sure of the brand) for only $4 a month! It's worth a call.

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Did you find a pump?

Did you find a electric pump to borrow or at low cost?
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A more than kind woman from breastfeeding.com is supposed to be sending me one that has barely been used. I will let you know when it arrives. I just hope all goes well with shipping.
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