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The nicest thing happened to me...

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I'm a 4-H leader for a group of kids that don't have horses. I founded the group three years ago and spend a good 12-20 hours a month working with kids or giving lessons. These kids are MY kids and I love them all to death. I'm really lucky to have wonderful families that support these kids and the group's parents are just so appreciative towards me.

I came to our monthly meeting last night really bummed because I just haven't had time to plan our Christmas party. I had a parent last month that volunteered to do it, but she flaked out and hasn't returned my calls for a month, so I was going to have to plan it myself.

When I got to the meeting, one of the parents pulled me aside and told me that she and several other were going to plan the party for the group and they were going to step out of the room while I was working with the kids during our meeting.

After the meeting, parents came in and said "Okay, we're going to throw you a shower for our Christmas party, get us a list of what you need and get ready to be spoiled".

I was so touched, I almost cried. I didn't have anyone planning a shower for me, which I was okay with, but it's been a really long hard couple of months. My husband was laid off two months ago, our car transmission went out, I was working 60 hr weeks to keep our mortgage paid, and we can't get our house refinanced. We planned to pay for everything ourselves except for the crib and the stuff my mom is making (diapers, slings, blankets) but this whole situation has made it an issue of buying groceries over buying stuff for baby who isn't here yet. DH has been hired on a very good temp job, but we haven't had enough paychecks to help.

So! I have a shower coming up on December 11th. I'm excited because it's my 4-H kids that are going to be there and they will be involved. I LOVE them!

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That is wonderful! Their generosity is a true testament to how much they appreciate you!
Having a baby shower with kids is so much fun! I had a couple of showers when I was pregnant with my DS, and my favorite one was thrown by my kindergarten class. The kids were so excited to surprise me and give me their presents.
I hope you have a great time!
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How loved you must feel! My pg hormones about made me cry when I read your post. We too have had a very hard year so I know how much an unexpected act of kindness can mean. Enjoy your shower!
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That's so sweet!! I'm glad to know that you love teaching them so much, and I can see that they love you too!!
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That's wonderful!!! Ihope you have a grand time!!!

Namaste, Tara
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Thats wonderful! I'm so glad you'll get to have a shower! I can understand the finances being difficult... (trust me) I hope that you'll get things that you can really use and need to help you out!
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Another finacially challenged person here
. I love hearing stories like this. Little things that perk up your life in a big way. Reading your post made me miss the children I used to coach in competitive swimming. I don't attend church, but the relationship I had with the children and their families was such a wonderful sense of community-I imagined that would be what church would be like for some people, if that makes any sense.

I know you will have a wonderful shower. You really sound like you deserve it. .
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That is so awesome! Soak up all the love and attention that day and enjoy all your baby gifts!

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