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What exercise are you doing?

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Hi All :

I'm Fanny, pregnant with my first baby, due in June.

I try to walk one hour every couple of days and I do gentle yoga. I would like to keep my muscles working to have strength for the birth!

What do you guys do?

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I would love to do some exercise, but all I really do is chase after my other kids! I guess it is working because I have only gained four pounds so far...usually I have gained at least ten by now!

I have a pregnancy workout tape somewhere...I should dig it out and try to do it once in a while. It is too cold to walk here this week, I am a big baby about the cold.

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Barely have had enough energy to get out of bed til now; maybe I'll start Elmocizing with my girls!!
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I'm walking and at my next appointment I'm going to ask about prenatal yoga because recent studies show that yoga helps prevent preterm labor more than walking. It is difficult for me becuase before I was running and doing weights but the doc said to stop the heavy-duty lower body workouts and I just can't seem to get motivated to go to the gym to do bicep curls.

But then I've got different issues than you gals. Baby A is sitting really close to my cervix with the other 2 on top of him so gravity will be pushing everyone downwards. I knew one of them would be a trouble maker.
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I was a marathon runner before, and I feel like such a lazy ass, but I have had such bad m/s that just walking is enough. I walk to my son's school every day to pick him up and drop him off, sometimes DH and I walk to the neighborhood grocery.

Other than that, I bought a yoga pass, so I hope to start doing prenatal yoga again soon. I'd been skipping class because of the m/s.

Can't wait to feel like "me" again!!!
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Ha - exercise, what's that?

I've felt so sick I couldn't do a darn thing, but it seems to be lessening a bit so I went to a gym to see about signing up soon when I am past the m/s. I did exercise in my last pg, and I swam a lot in my 2nd & 3rd trimesters, so I am looking forward to getting moving again.
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I haven't done anything at all. I have had really nasty morning sickness and was actually losing quite a bit of weight. Now I am just barely starting to feel better and my weight has stabilized, so I figure within the next few weeks I can start doing something. I will probably walk. It is the easiest exercise for me to do with 2 kids and no gym membership.
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I haven't done anything either due to m/s. I plan to start walking soon (in the bitter cold Seattle rain!) and I also just got the Zen Mama video from the Library, will have to give it a try soon My 1st pregnancy I didn't exercise at all, but was on my feet 40 hrs a week at work. Now I just sit around.
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Before the m/s set in, I was riding my bike a ton, and trying to do the Tupler Maternity Workout on the other days. Right now, walking quickly to go puke is about all I get to do As soon as I'm confident my m/s is letting up, I plan to get back on the bike and back to the Tupler workout - I really liked doing her Mummy Tummy workout after my dd, to help close up my diastasis.
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I was going to start doing some yoga here in town but unfortunately there is a time conflict with my son's cub scout meeting.
I saw a book at the store I work at that looks pretty decent for pregnancy yoga...

I have been doing light aerobics at aquacise about twice a week and ofcoarse doing some walking
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Chasing toddlers, does that count? LOL I try to take daily walks if the weather is nice, but other than that no real exercising yet. I guess I should pull out my Fit Mama tape soon.
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