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Sposies and diaper covers?

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I am not a CD-er, but I'm wondering if my 21 month old ds could benefit from some CD products. He is a very heavy wetter. We use sposies, and I need to change him 2-3 times during the night, and even then he leaks (the diaper doesn't seem to be able to absorb the amount he pees). I was looking at wool and fleece diaper covers and wondering if they work over sposies (plus they're so cute!). And what about bed-wetting pants? Might they work over a sposie? I'm so clueless! Thanks.
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A cloth diaper cover would probably help, but a cover is only as good as the absorbant diaper underneath! So you may need to add a doubler of some sort. I know they make sposie doublers - a friend of mine has seen them in Publix, and they supposedly look kind of like mama pads, but without the waterproof backing. Also, when I used sposies, I tended to need to size up for nighttime (like put him in a size 4 when he was really a size 3). I actually switched to cloth partly because he was leaking in sposies at night on occasion. So now I use a regular size Chinese prefold and a preemie size Chinese prefold, topped with a side-snapping wool cover. Leaks are gone! My DS isn't able to soak 3 sposies at night though. He was just soaking one and leaking a bit out of that. For your DS, if you wanted to try a cloth diaper solution, you'd probably have to go with hemp.

I definitely recommend wool as a cover though, regardless of what's underneath. It will help absorb some of the moisture, while preventing the moisture from getting all over everything else outside the cover. Yes, it's handwash only, but I'm the queen of lazy, and I find washing wool very easy to do. It just takes a few minutes to wash and lanolize, and I only do it about once every 2-3 weeks. I use the same cover every night, and a little bit during the day. The handwashing is what kept me from trying wool sooner, but now I'm glad I finally tried it!
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A wool cover or longies (wool pants) would probably work. Just make sure they're lanolized well.
When ds was young and we were trying to make the transition to cloth, we put him in a (badly) pinned prefold and used the sposie as a cover. Then I got some snappis and more covers, but still, that combo worked pretty well for a while, so that may be an option worth looking at as well.
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when my son was soaking through the night I bought him an aristocrat and used that over disposables. Worked great.
After awhile I bough him a couple of fuzzi bunz with 2 joey bunz for each and used the crat with those.
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I used 'sposies on an extended trip when my daughter was two months old, and I found that they leaked poo really badly (still in that runny newborn poo stage) so I started using my Prorap and Bummis cloth covers over top of the sposies, to contain the mess if the diaper couldn't. It worked okay. But a cover, like the PP said, is only as good as the diaper inside it, when it comes to pee leaks. I think wool is probably your best bet.
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We put a Litewrap PUL cover over Mark's night-time disposable. Sometimes, my husband sneaks a fleece topped terry doubler in there as well. The inside of the cover is always wet in the morning. It does keep his clothes dry. But if he's going completely through several dipes a night anyway, you do need a cover that will do more than just keep the dampness out. Wool or fleece!
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Thanks for the answers and suggestions!

boscopup, you made me laugh because I thought I was the queen of lazy, and was leaning away from wool for that reason! But I'll give it a try.
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I don't think it would be a good idea to put any wool or PUL covers over a sposie because you're just holding in even more heat. I'd be afraid your baby might wake up to a really bad rash. IMO Sposies are hot anyway, and your babies little bum needs to breath

I think you could really benefit from using some cloth diapers at night time Cloth is more absorbant and you would only need a few.
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