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Whoohooo! Congrats Lindsaylou!

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And just think? All those aches and pains and things were because there were DOUBLE the babies in there!! Congratulations!
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TWINS!!! I saw the post and had to peek. Congrats Lindsay lou!!!

Where is this posted? I need a link!
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Thanks Mamas!
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Wow !!!

Congratulations !!

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Heh. Last week something she said made me think we had a lot in common. Maybe I oughtta go get another ultrasound
Congratulations Lindsay! Double the LOVE!!!

Namaste, Tara
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Wow! Congratulations....I am so excited for you and your family. And you must be so proud to be growing such big, healthy baby girls! That is absolutely wonderful.

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Congrats!!! What a fun bunch of planning you have now!!
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Hooray! That is so exciting. It's going to be double the fun. If you and Tara both end up having surprise twins it will be incredible. Are you still planning on a section and do you know the date yet if so? BTW, I noticed we live really near each other! Cool!
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Wow thats a shocker this late in the game.
Big congratulations to your whole family...ohh twice the names to pick out now how fun.
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Thanks everyone! It has been very shocking news. The shock has not completely worn off yet either. We didn't sleep much last night and are in this perpetual blissful/scared haze. I'm sure its having a protective effect on our phsyche's

Tara - one of your belly pics gave me twin vibes. You never know!! It happens that you get this far along with little signs. If you start measuring really big between 26-30 weeks (How far along are you?), consider the idea sersiously

Here is what I wrote on another board about how we are feeling just now:

This is what is so funny.

- I didn't feel any *definate* movement until after 17 weeks. Both placentas are on the front of my uterus.

- I didn't get an early bfp. It was like the day of or day after AF was due

- Morning sickness was very similar to how it was with my first two.

- I measured perfect for my date until 30 weeks.

- I wasn't in maternity clothes until later than with my first 2. My 26 week belly pic I'm wearing regular pants! Way down low, but still, they worked great.

Its like Baby B just showed up out of nowhere at 30 weeks . Since then I've had a very strong suspicion of twins. I did my darndest to ignore that feeling until my u/s. It all seems so obvious now with how the past 3.5 weeks have gone. I had dreams of measuring 48cms. 3 weeks ago my MW and I had a nice laugh at that dream. Now, I probably AM measuring 48cms.

Not being able to pin down names or be certain of what sex I'm having was very strange. I finally settled on my guess being A girl, but I didn't feel confident in that. Duh, it was 2 girls!

Dh and I are doing much better today. We only slept about 5.5 hours last night. We were up until about 2am talking about the days events over and over and pondering a second girls name. Then we woke up around 7 talking about the same things again. Its so much to process and such a short time to do it in. We feel so blessed though. Having twins is such a unique and special experience. We feel lucky to be able to have this experience.

His uncle who has twins simply said "Enjoy the ride". That's really how I see this. We bargained for one baby, but its totally out of our hands. We were given a second and the rest will be what it is!
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Oh goodness, congratulations!!! Twins are definately a wild ride, but it sure is a fun one!
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Wow! Congratulations!
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