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Joseph's birth story {edited to add pics}

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Prodormal labor was going on since about 39 weeks with contractions about every half hour through the day, but never doing much of anything or getting any closer for a week and a half. On Wednesday the 16th I woke up at 4 am with contractions about every 5 minutes, but they weren't too strong. By the time dh was getting up for work they had slowed down to every 10-15 minutes and stayed that way until Friday evening. Thankfully they were mild enough that I was able to sleep and rest through Wednesday and Thursday. Late Wednesday I started having a little bloody show which made me think things would be happening sooner, but I still didn't think anything was going to be happening in the next 24 hours. By Thursday evening with nothing more happening everyone was getting sick of just sitting around and waiting, but I wasn't ready to try to force anything just yet. So Friday morning dh went off to work after I reassured him that I would call him if anything changed. By that afternoon I was getting more uncomfortable and contractions were about every 10 minutes, but still not too intense. When he got home that evening when went out shopping to get a couple last minute things and grabbed dinner. Contractions were starting to get more intense and I was really ready to get this done and over with. By the time we were done shopping I could not sit comfortably and had to be up moving through contractions or the pain was more then I could handle. After getting dd to bed dh and I tried some things to get labor moving along more quickly. It worked much quicker then I expected! I thought I would be able to lay down and get a little bit more rest, but I could not lay down at that point. At 12:30 am I had been keeping track of contractions and with an hour of them at 5 minutes apart I called my midwife. We agreed it was time to head the hospital. The ride there was much shorter then any time we had checked to see how long it would take in the past, a very good thing! We got there and checked in by about 1 am to learn I was only about 3 cm. I was very upset at hearing that especially with knowing I was then going to have to sit in bed connected to monitors for at least a half hour and it was going to be super uncomfortable. Thankfully my midwife didn't have them monitor me any longer then they needed to, but they did pick up some decels from Joseph so we knew we would need to have regular monitoring on him through labor. I was able to get up and walk the halls after being monitored, but ended up just wandering around my room instead and spending lots of time sitting on the toilet as it was the most comfortable place LOL After about an hour I was rechecked and was a loose 4 cm so things were certainly moving along. With more monitoring I discovered I was right not only had contractions gone to 2.5 minutes apart, but I was getting many with double peaks. For some reason at that point I decided to try to lay down to rest while being monitored. I was in horrible pain while laying down and began to doubt if I could handle going through labor with no pain medicine. I knew on some level that I was either about to hit transition or in transition then, but all I could think of was the pain. When the nurse came back in we got the monitors rearranged so I could be in an upright position. At that point I was at 6 cm and stayed that way for about 2 hours. After an hour at 6 cm we decided to break my water in hopes of getting things moving. When my water was broken there was a good bit of meconium in the water so I had to stay on the monitors from that point on. I did manage to relax while sitting up in between contractions, but did not progress much at all. I kept feeling that I needed to go to the bathroom and got checked several times to see if I was ready to push, but never actually got to the bathroom. At about 6:30 am my midwife came back in from the other delivery she had been at. We started talking about pit because of the meconium, lack of progress and heart decels. With some help I did finally manage to get a chance to go to the bathroom and had everyone leave me alone for 10-15 minutes to think where I could be comfortable. At the end of that time I stood up and freaked out when I had a lot of blood and clots just fall out of me. All I could think of was my grandma being born on the toilet! The nurses and midwife came running and we got me back to the bed. I was at 9 cm with just a small anterior lip and was told to go ahead and try to push if I felt like it since Joseph was still floating and needed to come down a long way. The nurses got the squat bar I had requested up on the bed and when I got up in a squat there was no way I could stop from pushing. After just one push I was told to wait, but couldn't and was screaming while pushing without trying to. I ended up sitting back so that we could try to ease Joseph out and get him suctioned out before he just came flying out. With sitting back we managed to get him suctioned out before pushing his shoulders out. At that point the back up OB who was also on the floor had come in the room because I was so loud. He tried to push on my stomach to help with the shoulders and I shoved his hands off of me. At 6:55 am Joseph was born and whisked off to the warming table to get checked out and suctioned some more. He surprised everyone who had checked me during pregnancy. We had been expecting he would be at least 9 lbs and longer then Annette's 20.5 inches. He was only 7 lbs 9 ozs and 19.5 inches. He had apgars of 8/9 due to color which was probably because of how quickly he was born. I had gone from 6 cm and Joseph at maybe a 0 station to his being born in about 15 minutes. With him coming so quickly I am rather glad he was smaller then expected. Right after birth everything seemed to be going wonderfully. He nursed for a good hour straight while we both got checked out and cared for. My biggest concern of tearing seemed to have been mainly avoided this time by being able to move and be in the position I needed to be in during pushing. About an hour after birth I thought I was time to get up and go to the bathroom to get cleaned up a little and get the bed cleaned up. I had been starting to feel like I was sitting in a pool and there was some concern about bleeding when I got up and the nurses saw how much blood there was. Then in the bathroom I passed a lot of clots and more blood. I had to call the nurses to help me back to the bed and we knew there was a problem. I got a shot of pit and one of methegrine (sp?). Things slowed down and due to a large number of laboring women that day I got moved to a different room then. Once in the other room I had 3 or 4 more episodes of passing tons of clots and blood. DH and Annette were sent out of the room after the 1st time in the new room. While he was gone I got started on an IV with pitocin and had another shot of methegrine. I was also asked about having a blood transfusion or surgery if needed. Thankfully after having an IV bag with pit along with the shots I finally stopped the massive bleeding and narrowly avoided needing blood. Over the next 24 hours I got 4 bags of IV fluids with pitocin. I was also given methegrine tablets. During that time I was kept almost flat in bed making life with a newborn more difficult, but he took to side lying nursing well. By dinner time Saturday I was able to half way sit up to eat. By Sunday morning the bleeding was well within normal for post partum and I was able to sit and even stand for short periods of time. Both Joseph and I were discharged Monday around noon. My discharger orders were just normal post partum orders with just a little extra emphasis on taking it easy. Joseph has already been to his doctor's office for slight jaundice, but by the time we got in Tuesday to see the NP she didn't see any jaundice at all and his he was already regaining weight. We are both resting and are very thankful that dh is so wonderful and doing as much as he can when he is home.
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welcome joseph...congrats mama!
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thank you for sharing your story welcome to the world baby!! enjoy your baby moon
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Welcome to the world, Joseph
(What's so bad about giving birth on the toilet anyhow???)
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Whoo, Kristina, that sounds crazy! So glad you're both doing well. Welcome Joseph!
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Sounds like you are both recovering nicely. Congratulations and welcome little one.

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Thanks for posting your story I love reading the birth stories! Sounds like you had a lot of blood loss- hope you're regaining your strength and enjoying your new baby boy!
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Thank you for sharing
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We finally have the pictures we took in the hospital online. There are also pictures we took at a nearby park on Thanksgiving afternoon when Joseph was a couple days old. There is a bfip picture in the park ones. I wonder if any of the relatives I sent the link for those pictures to will notice that? LOL http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/skrist...lbum?.dir=709c
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what a cutie and your daughter's hair is so pretty, too! it looks like you had some really nice weather!
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Congrats mama! What a cutie!!

So glad you were able to avoid the transfusion. Those are no fun.

Enjoy your new babe~
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Wow, what an adorable little tiny boy! Congratulations to you & your family s_kristina. Have a divine babymoon.
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