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A Healthier Choice for a Healthier You!

Cloth menstrual pads and liners save you money, reduce waste, decrease cramping, the amount of flow and how long you bleed for.

Why use "like cloth" when you can use real cloth?

Mother and Maiden Pads

Mother and Maiden Pads are an All-In-One design and come in 8", 10", 12" or custom lengths. There is a soaker made out of Hemp. I use Hemp for its absorbancy plus anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. They have wings on them which can fasten with Snaps or Aplix. You can choose between Fleece backs or a PUL like back and 5 different top fabrics. Wingless now available

Ashera Liners

Ashera Liners are meant as a pantyliner. They come in Thin and Ultra Thin. Ashera Liners are designed the same at the Mother and Maiden Pads except the soaker is fewer layers and there is only Hemp fleece on the back - no PUL. Both styles of Ashera Liners come with wings or without, the wings also fasten with Snaps or Aplix.