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Robert Harrison (Bobby) is here!!! (updated with the whole story)

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Robert Harrison
Nov. 22, 2005
2:06 pm
6 lbs 5 ozs
19 1/2 long
about 3 1/2 hour labor

(I'm going to type some of his birth story so I can remember the details. I'll keep updating the post until I get it all down.)

I can't believe it!! He came a week early. My water broke at 3:30am Tuesday morning. Didn't have many contractions and the ones I had were not strong or long. Didn't feel like my other labors at all. Mike and I thought we might be in for an all day labor and the baby would come around dinner or later. Felt like we were in for a long day . . .

We got up and I called my doula. I wasn't ready for my water to break. It never happened like that before. With the girls, my water broke during pushing or crowning. I finished packing the hospital bag. I wandered around for a while just thinking I was going to meet my baby in the next 24 hours or so. What a feeling!! Then I remembered my birth bead neckless. I went as quickly as I could to my room and proudly put it on. (I wore it the entire time, didn't take it off until I went to sleep that night)

I called my OB around 7 and he said let him know when we were headed to the hosoital. My contractions really lightened up around breakfast and dh said I didn't look like I was in labor. I was getting worried that it was stopping and I might have to go get things strarted at the hospital. I wasn't looking forward to pitocin . . .

So I was wandering around the house getting stuff done. I wasn't really ready because Bobby was due in a week. Both my girls were late, so I assumed Bobby would be too. I had called my Mom early in the morning and she was able to get out here around 9:30 am. My SIL came over to see if she could help with the girls. Let's put it this way, we were all bored . . .

Mike was getting antsie because labor had stalled. I called my doula and let her know what I was feeling. I told her that I had eaten and was drinking lots of water, but labor was slowing down. She was headed for Arkansas later that day. Judy told me she wouldn't leave for vacation until the baby came. I felt bad I was holding her up. She told me to go lay down on my left side and call her back after a while.

Her advice worked. I laid down round 10:50 or so. Imediatly my contractions started and got longer and stronger. They were coming anywhere from 5 to 8 mins apart and 45 sec long. A much improved labor pattern! I called Judy back around 11:30 and asked her to come over. She said she would be there in 45 min. My SIL had gone home to take care of her dog and we called her to come back over. She was going to stay with the girls while the rest of us went to the hospital.

SIL arrived at 12:30 and Judy arraived 12:40. My contractions were probably 2 to 3 mins apart by this time. They were quite long too. Never really timed them tho. I felt like I had to go wee. I tried but to no avail. I think it was Bobby moving down . . . I heard Judy come in the house and she was looking for me. I was on my hands and knees in the bathroon because I had a contrax on the toliet. It felt bad sitting. I felt achy pain in my hips. Judy asked if wanted to be checked and I agreed. Had a couple of contractions while see was trying to examine me. I was a good 5 maybe 6. Had a big contraction while laying there and Judy helped me through it with "breathing through my bottom" and acupressure on my feet. What a difference that made. I realized I was tightening up everything insted of relaxing. Judy said that would help dialate me more. She was right.

I got up and walked around a bit. Had quite a few contrax in the kicthen. Everyone kept watching me knowing I would let them know when I was ready. My Mom was nervous about not getting the hospital in time. It was about 1:00 pm and I said I was ready to go. A sigh of releif could be heard through-out the room. We called my doc's office to give him the heads up. Mike told them I was 5 cm dialted and the baby had a heart rate of 132. Judy said that was a good boy heartbeat.

The thought of riding to the hospital was not a good one. We purchased a new SUV about a month ago and was not sure how I was going to fit. Had a couple of contrax in the garage before I could even climb into the car. I kneeled on the back seat while sitting on a pillow. I draped my arms over the seat. I was lucky, my contrax slowed a bit and gave me some relief during the ride. My Mom and dh were just talking away about stuff. It was knida nice, they weren't paying total attention to me so I could just relax and go to my own place. I was listening and zoning out.

We get to hospital around 1:15. Mom and I walked to the elevator while two other folks walked up. They kinda turned white. One gentleman was a priest. My Mom said he was the right person to ride in the elevator with. I don't think he thought that was funny. I just leaned in the corner and had contrax.

We hit the loby and a nice woman got us a wheelchair. The woman looked shocked when Mom put stuff in the seat and I grapped the handles. My Mom said to the woman "this is how she does it." The woman just looked at my Mom like she was being mean to me. We laughed about it later. I used my "walker" to get to the elevator. The door opens and out walks one of my oldest daughter's freinds mom. I said "Hi Linda" and she asked what I was doing there. I replied "I'm in labor" You should have seen her face!

We get upstairs and checked in. Let's put it this way, no triage for me! They escorted me right to a L/D room. I got changed into my gown. I sat on the ball and had a few contrax. The nurse needed to get a trace on the baby so I moved to the other side of the bed. (never had a chance to take off the belt, had it on after birth) Had about 4 or 5 contrax and the nurse asked to check me. I couldn't think of moving just yet and let them all know. Judy told me to have a couple more contrax and then get into bed. The last one I cried "I have to push!" My Mom franticlly pushed the nurses button! BTW, my doc hasn't shown up yet . . .

I climb into bed and the nurse checked me. I was 9 with no lip. The nurse said go right ahead and push. I wanted to squat so they got the bar for me. Unfortunatly, I couldn't get comfy in a true squat. The contrax were too fast and intense to try too hard. I felt a lot of pain and discomfort in my hips. So I had one knee down on the bed and the other leg in a squat. I really had the urge to push. I don't know how long I pushed or how many contrax I had. (not too many . . .) Mike was at my head talking thru each contrax and giving me such support. He kept telling me I was awsome and such a wonderful mom.

I could feel Bobby coming down. Twice I felt him really come down and pause, then creep back up. UGH! I said "he slipping back!" He crowned and what PAIN!!! (update on the doc, he gets there about 10 to 15 min before birth. He later said his office didn't give him the message ) Judy was giving me acupressure on my backside. It helped some. Quite a few times I cried out in pain. It just hurt so bad when he was decending. Mike talked me thru it. At one point I about climbed out of my skin, I yelled "quit poking me down there!!" My doc said it wasn't him, it was the baby. That was a wierd feeling.

Finally his head was out. I could feel his shoulders still in me. Bobby's cord was wrapped around his neck kinda tight. Doc had to cut the cord then. He couldn't slip it over Bobby's head. Evryone was telling me to push his shoulders out. I couldn't and I don't know why. It was very hard and painful to do. I went deep within myself and ushed with all my might and Bobby came out. What a wonderful feeling. I was facing the end of the bed and everyone was behind me. It was great that my doc moved Bobby right under me so I could see him. No one took him to "clean" him up. I reached down to him and rubbed one him. He was a bit blue, but started to cry and fuss right away. I just kept saying he was here and rubbing on him. I looked between his legs and announced "it's a boy". I was so happy he was here. I sat back and gathered Bobby into my arms and snuggled with him. He fussed and squiggled around. He pinked up and was rooting around. Put him to my breast and he just messed. What a little boy!

Doc said time to deliver the placenta. He looked down and the placenta was right at the end of the birth cannal. Bobby brought it with him, just like my first child. He just pulled it out. Very healthy. He checked my perinium. Only a few skid marks, no need for any sticthes . . .Thank goodness!

What a wonderful day! Bobby was awake for about two hours rooting, messing and fussing. He nursed for a while, but after his bath just fell into a deep restfull sleep. He figured out that nursing was a wonderful thing about 12 hours later. He is now nursing like champ. (like for 45 min)

We returned home on Thnaksgiving Day to a housefull of people. We had 18 guests including our family. It was wonderful. My friends and family brought all the food. I had rented the tables and chairs and other things thinking Bobby would be late. What a great holiday surprise.

I think I have most of Bobby's story down. I will probably add more details as I think of them.

I hope everyone has or had a wonderful birth experience!! Hugs and love to everyone!!!

Here is link for the hosoital photos http://www.GrowingFamily.com/webnurs...LID=4G9W1X0X7C

hope it works!
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congrats!!! welcome earthside little one!
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Congrats! Looking forward to reading the rest of your birth story!
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Yay, yay, yay!! Congratulations!! Welcome Bobby! : I look forward to hearing the rest of the story.
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Welcome baby! Congrats mama!
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Oh, don't keep us hanging! Looking forward to reading the happy ending

Welcome, Bobby!
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Congrats!! Happy Birthday Bobby!
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It's been a busy few days, so many babies! Congratulations!
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Congrats!!!! How exciting!
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just updated the story. enjoy!
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Hey, congrats . We picked out the same outfit for pictures, lol:

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I've been saving this- just got to read it! LOL about the people on the elevator! Too funny.

Bobby is so cute
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