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BC patch warning

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don;'t know if this is the right forum or not, but here is a warnign about the bc patch. i still haven't used mine...lol. i was to scared, now i have reason to be.

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Oh my god! I was on the patch before I got pregnant! In fact, I missed my start week that month and didn't get to pick up my prescription. So, I was off my BC, and got Preg that month. I'll be getting on something else, then, for sure after this baby.

Thanks for sharing!!
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Nice. I was on that too, until June. I liked it because it didn't make me sick, but the pill did.

In all fairness, I was told that it contained more horomones than the pill, as it had to get through different thicknesses of skin; so if I had really thin skin then it would give me much more of the hormone. I could have deduced that I would have a higher risk for blood clots, etc, while on it from that.

Icky. I knew the whole time I was on these things (the pill and patch) that they were not ideal, but avoided doing the research because I knew I wouldn't like what I found. Never going on them again, though. NFP/TTC for me from here on out!

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I was on the patch when DD was 9 months old, she was still nursing but they told me it would be 'just fine' because she was getting some solids. The stupid thing made my milk supply go way down, and I didn't even realize that was the cause
She nursed till 19 months....I guess I should be glad to still be alive :

Never again will I use hormonal bc.
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can't access the link anymore. i tried doing a search on CNN but nothing...
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