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How your older children ask to nurse?

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I stopped offering after they were 5.. Mine are just diplomatic. Would you mind snuggling in my room..If I say not right now. They are fine..but will say do you think later on? Most times it is just as easy to just go and let them connect with me..5 minutes and there done and back at play..
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My 4yo asks for "moo."

My 9yo likes to snuggle in bed too- but what we call "snuggles" is really snuggles, not a code-word for nursing!
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My dd who is 3.4 years calls nursing "cuddles". Up until about age two she would ask for some of mama's milk. At this time I started feeling a bit embarassed in public and so I taught her to call it cuddles. Almost everyone we know understands what this means as she describes to everyone what cuddles is and often feeds her dolls and animals cuddles. When she asks for milk she is talking about the kind that comes from a cow. I wish I didn't have to make her use a different word but I already get nasty looks from strangers from nursing her little brother who is only 10 months. At least I can count on my children growing up to be breastfeeding advocates. My dd already tells everyone she knows, including at preschool, how cuddles from mama are the healthiest, tastiest, best food for babies and children etc. If someone doesn't figure out what cuddles is she will explain to them that it is the milk that comes from Mama.
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my boys (4yo and 5 1/2 yo) ask for "ninners". usually it's followed by a please, but not always. they have used "nurse" from time to time, mostly the oldest. and they know it's breastmilk which is also "warm" milk compared to the "cold" milk in the fridge. "Ninners" is a term we picked up from MIL (actually her word is "ninny").
The day my oldest got off the school bus last year and yelled "i want ninner's mom" across the yard made me a little glad we had the code word. only because it made my neighbors smile. i'm not sure if my neighbor understood what that really meant, but some of my neighbor's know.

And like now, my 4yo gave me a nice kiss and hug and then a pat on my breast. nothing like being buttered up!
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Mine is not shy or discreet about it. He just asks straight up “mama, can I nurse your boobs please?”
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i love hearing all the nursing words!!!

my 4y10m son says......."nummynummynummy!!!"
or sometimes just "nummy!".
or sometimes "num. num. num."

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My 3 yr old calls it drinking "num nums" sadly she has been saying lately" i dont want to drink num nums anymore im a big kid" Sometimes i wish they would stay this little forever
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ds says "i want milk!" which i love since it is so discreet, especially when we're out...
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depends on how close she is to me -- if she's near me physically, she starts grabbing at my shirt saying "nah nah!"

if she's not close, she moves closer and says "nah nah"

we've just started really working on the fact that it's mommy's body and I get to decide who touches it, when -- that's how I explain why sometimes it's not okay to just come up and start lifting up my shirt

(if we're home alone, though, that's perfectly fine for me/us)

it's sooooo different when we're out and about... and it's been changing so much in the past few months.

NO signs of slowing down in the number of times she asks to nurse. This is usually a wonderful thing, at this particular moment, it's a tiring thing. ;-)

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DD is only 2-1/2 right now but she's very verbal.

She'll yell out at home or in public, "Mommy, I want milkies" or "I want to do milkies" and often tells me where to do it.

"I want milkies on the couch, on the white chair, in bed, etc."
"I want milkies on the bench." (at the auto shop)
"I want milkies...... NOW!" (if I try to delay too long)

She also tells me which milkie she wants at any given time. And she pats the one she wants. Yesterday after she nursed a quite a while on my left side, she told me "I don't like this milkie. I want your other milkie!" My left breast felt very rejected.

And, she's really into which animals nurse right now so she's always talking about nursing and nipples. "Dogs have milkies for their puppies" etc. and "Grandma has nipples!" (She could've at least said hi to Grandma first..... That's my girl! LOL)

Tonight she was funny too. She said "Mommy Thunder has milkies for baby thunders" during a storm.
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My dd calls it nummies. She has different ways of asking but her silliest way is " Can I have some bid 'ol nummies please" *Big old nummies* Or just recently she started telling me she needed nipples. "Mama, where's those bid 'ol nipples? I love those nipples!" I have no idea why she started that. Her other thing to do is come at me rubbing her tummy and saying in this long sing songy voice.... I need Moooottttthhhherrrss Milk! Such a goofball. I can't help but crack up everytime.
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My almost 4 year old has gotten very formal lately: Mom, I would like to nurse please!!
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My little dd is only 2 1/2, but she is also very verbal. She usually asks "I want nursie." The other day, when I was trying to get her to wait until I was done eating supper, my dh was trying to distract her for me so he said "Come here and I'll nurse you." She looked at him with her mouth hanging open and said "No, daddy - only Mommy has the BIG nursies." (Which cracked us both up since at even my most engorged postpartum state I barely fill out a 34B nursing bra, and I'm considerably smaller again now.) So lately, when she asks when her daddy is around she is more specific "I want my mommy to nurse me!"
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Originally Posted by KarenEMT
My almost 4 year old has gotten very formal lately: Mom, I would like to nurse please!!
My 4.5 yo DD does this, too - she alternates between very formal and polite, and just coming up and sweetly questioning me, "teti?" (our word for bf in Spanish). I'm actually trying to get her and her 12 mo brother to use "tum tum" (pronounced "toom") instead of teti, since it's a little more discreet - comes from a nursing song I made up.
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My 3yr.3mo. dd says "I want nursies"

sometimes if she's feeling playful she'll hang her head next to my breast and just drop her mouth open while dead-eying me.

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"I have milkies, please?"
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"Wanna have boooooobie!"
Or, if little sister is nursing . . .
"Wanna have boooobie togevver!"
(Should've taught her a "code" word. . . )
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She asks for "mach-ma". People think it's German, because I am from Germany, but no, it's dd's own creation.
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he asks for "milks" or "mommy milks" to differentiate it from "sippy milk".
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Hmm, "teti" actually sounds like a terrific codeword for non-Spanish speaking mamas and kids.
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