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Can you reccomend a double stroller?

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I can't really get to a store to try one out and I need to register for one at target. Does anyone have one they love?

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I have the graco double stroller- front and back, can hold the infant carrier seats on both seats, folds easily and not too heavy.

Something similar to this: http://www.gracobaby.com/catalog/pro...U&CategoryID=2
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Thanks shellybean for telling me about yours.

Would you buy it again? Would you look around at other first?
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I'd buy it again in a minute. The ONLY thing I don't like about it is the fact it doesn't have cup holders, but I think the new models have them. I looked around for a LONG time before purchasing this one.
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We havent gotton ours yet but thats the one we are getting too.
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and keep your eyes out for a used double jogger for when they get bigger!
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Mountain Buggy Urban double

Mountain Buggy Urban Double. I love this stroller. In fact I never looked at any of the others. It's great in the woods, on the beach, on bumpy sidewalks, in snow. If you live in the city and walk everywhere it's great, but if you live in the burbs and visit the malls frequently it's probably not a good choice.

Good Luck!
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Honestly (and you probably won't like my answer), I had 3 at one point. I threw out my back when my girls were 3 months old, so I couldn't sling them anymore. We had the Graco DuoGlider, a double jogging stroller (low end in the spectrum of double jogging strollers, but I love it & have had no problems) and a side-by-side that I got used at my MOMs club resale.

We still use our double jogging stroller quite a bit and I anticipate that we will for at least another year. The problem with the double jogging stroller is it can't fit through a lot of doors in public. My favorite stroller, by far, is the DuoGlider. It's really narrow and can get through really tight aisles in stores (like Trader Joe's). And it holds two infant car seats, which was really useful when my girls were babies. It has a huge basket underneath, so it holds a lot. When I used to go grocery shopping alone with the girls I often didn't have to get a cart because I could put all my groceries in the bottom. And it's well made.

The side-by-side stroller was good, but it was well used and the wheels were bad, so it was hard to operate. And it was a little too wide to get through tight aisles in stores when they get in the grabbing stage.
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Mamadawg - I completely understand why folks end up with three strollers!

For some strange reason - I never had one that fit my infant car seats - I really wonder now how the hell I managed that?! I remember going into ds' preschool carrying an infant car seat in each hand. oh well, it worked for me!

I had a maclaren side by side and I loved it - it was super narrow and could fit almost anywhere - probably not the aisles at TJs though!

I used it a ton but seemed to use the jogger more when they got bigger.
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For the infant phase I LOVED my double snap-n-go. Much less bulky than a graco tandem (which I pushed a friend's w/ just her toddler in it & could barely stear that thing!) & since my girls always fell asleep in their carseats it was great to be able to pop them into the snap-n-go and keep them asleep. We also did lots of stroller walks that first summer & since they were in their carseats, they fell right to sleep & I could see them & adjust the carseat sunshades to keep the sun off of them.

When they outgrew the infant carseats we got a Peg Perego Aria (side-by-side). We chose it based on it being lightweight, narrow enough to go through doors & folds up relatively small. We never used it much. Even though it's narrower than a wheelchair, I found it really hard to go shopping w/, it wouldn't fit back into the clothes racks & I wasn't about to leave the girls out in the aisle. I definately couldn't maneuver it back into the clothes racks if I was carrying/slinging one or both girls, which tended to be the norm. I was alot more likely to use a single stroller & sling one.

Last spring (about the time the girls turned 2) someone on the APMultiples yahoo group recommended this stroller https://shop.babyworld.co.uk/Display...aspx?which=642 and while it was pricey when you factor in shipping from the UK (since you have some time, you could watch ebay, I did see a couple but wasn't willing to wait), it was SO worth it. only one seat reclines, so wouldn't work in the newborn phase, but I think it would be a good stroller to follow the double snap-n-go. The legroom in the back seat is very narrow & the basket is small, but it's small enough to go anywhere a single stroller will go, so I don't stress about taking it even if the girls end up walking or being carried, because it's small & easy to maneuver. Since the basket is small I tend to just hang stuff off the handles, but that works fine.

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we own several. extended tested many.

Our favorite "street stroller" is the Maclaren Twin Traveller
never had a problem at all. sturdy and has the thrid set of wheels for stability in middle.

Our favorite "jogger/trail trekker" is the Bob Duallie.

Our umbrella is the chicco, but it will fall apart eventually, and faster if given up to the hands of twin toddlers.

Ebay is a great place to get them, or the basement of REI.

PS - the peg aria is a piece of crap, beware of plasticky frames.
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Stroller recommendations

Do NOT get the Graco Duoglider. THere are probably a dozen reasons why it's not a good choice. First of course is that the front seat doesn't recline. Babies and even Toddlers don't sleep well when they are semi-sittinng with their heads flopping forwards. You can't access the basket underneath with the rear seat reclined. It's hard to fold - you need two hands. It doesn't stand up on it's own when folded and it takes up much more space folded than other similar front back models. One of the advantages is that it is cheap.

For infants my first choice is NOT the double snap and go. It's awkward heavy and bulky. A much better option is the Double Decker Stroller. Look on Doubledeckerstroller.com The advantage is that this high tech stroller allows your car seats to snap into place so that both babies can "see" the world. With the car seats popped off, the frame folds in half easily and takes up almost no room and weighs only 17 pounds. It is narrow enough that you can fit down almost any store aisle. The single wheel in the front means that you can easily manuever. The wheels are large so it's easy to wheel over curbs, through grass, gravel etc. This is not the case with the snap and go. You can find great deals on these on craigslist and ebay. This stroller can be used as a jogger long past when you are using the car seats in the car.

I do not care for the Maclaren Twin Traveler for a couple of reasons. The seats do not recline one handed. You MUST use both hands. If you have a sleeping baby in your arms it's impossible to recline the seat. You can't access the basket underneath with the seats reclined. The stroller is heavy and once folded will not stand on it's own and takes up quite a bit of space.

For a general stroller I love the Inglesina Biposto. (Again look on craigslist or ebay). The seats can face forwards, backwards, face each other or face away from each other (handy when they are older and claim "she's breathing my air!"). It's narrow and fits easily through doorways. The babies can stretch out and sleep easily and the seats are wide enough that they aren't going to feel cramped by the time they are 12 months old. The seats are rated 45# per seat so it's something you can keep using. I like that the babies are seated higher off the ground.

I also have a Kohlcraft little limo front back stroller which looks a lot like the graco duoglider but is one hand fold (while standing you don't have to bend over) and stands when folded. It also will go on the conveyor belt through the X-Ray machine at the airport rather than having to be hand checked (which means that someone wearing gloves they just used to feel people's feet and dirty underwear is going to feel the insides of your stroller where your baby puts her face.

We have a Graco duo-RIDER which is the side by side stroller. In many respects this is easier to use because it folds flatter. It is wider and you will have problems in some narrow store aisles.

Some considerations for your situation include:
The size of your car trunk - if you have a minivan this is no problem but I can tell you that some car trunks will not fit some of these strollers. In some cases it will fit but fill the entire trunk leaving no room for anything else.
Do you have to take the stroller up and down stairs? If you are in a second floor apartment and have to carry the stroller up and down stairs, weight is going to be a huge consideration.
Your height - if you are taller, many of the strollers will kill your back in no time. I think they make them for short people.
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We have 2 double strollers. I like them both for different reasons.

The Graco Duo Glider is nice when they are infants, because you can snap in the infant carseats. However, it is big, heavy, bulky, and takes up the majority of a normal trunk in a car. Also, when they graduate from the infant seats, to convertible seats, then they just sit in the stroller. My Duo glider only has a 3 point harness in both seats, which I hate. Sam was a leaner and grabber, and I always had to watch carefully, I was worried he would wiggle out somehow. He never did, and now he's older and it's not so much of an issue.

We also have the Chicco Tuscany Side by Side. It has the 5 point harness, so it's safer, IMO. It's not near as heavy, and folds up much more compactly than the Duo glider. However, it is wide, and can be a real pain to get thru some doors and aisles when shopping.

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Another vote for the Mountain Buggy Urban Double. It is our seventh double stroller, and is far superior to all that came before! The other strollers:

2002 maclaren opus duo
2003 maclaren twin traveller
kelty double jogging stroller
inglesina pram-type stroller (with seats that flip around)
graco duo glider
instep swivel double jogger

The MBUD is the easiest to use in stores because it's really not that wide, and is so easy to push with one hand that I can easily hold the door open for myself and push the stroller out at the same time. It spins on a dime. My boys love it too. I wish I'd just gotten this stroller from the start. We sold all of the others and got this one instead, just a few months ago.

Check out this website: www.baby-gaga.com for really great, detailed stroller reviews.


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I didn't like the Maclaren side by side for the same reasons that were mentioned about, plus I couldn't push it with one hand, which I was always doing since one baby was usually in a sling. I ended up getting the Inglesina Twin Jet, which is also a side by side umbrella type with fully reclining seats that can be reclined with one hand. I think that they've changed the model name now though, mine is 7 years old so you'd have to check it out and see if it still has the same features. I didn't want the big Inglesina with the removable seats as I wanted something that I could fold easily. It looks like Peg Perego has improved their side by side quite a bit from when mine were babies so you could check that one out. I also adored my Graco side by side that I got for 10 bucks at a garage sale and I used it until it fell apart.

I'd heard from most twin moms that side by side strollers are best for accomadating the twins as they get bigger.
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we have 2 double strollers, one is the Graco Duoglider and while it's nice in stores and places you need to get in and out of, small places etc... I wouldnt want this stroller again (it was given to me as a shower gift and we cant afford to get a new stroller) it's hard to fold sometimes, bulky, heavy and takes up a lot of room in the back of my van which is a pain when shopping and going on trips.
Our 2nd stroller is a joggin stroller and I love it, but it's practical for shopping and stuff like that, I mainly use it for walking my kids to school and just taking the boys out on outtings around the neighborhood.
Not sure what stroller I'd recommend as I've not gotten out there and looked at any double strollers lately, but I did want to give my review on the ones that I own.
Good luck in your quest to find the "right" double stroller for your family and needs
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Oops had a typo in my above post...I meant to say "the joggin stroller isnt practical for shopping etc..." sorry
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Originally Posted by HB2
Mountain Buggy Urban Double. I love this stroller. In fact I never looked at any of the others. It's great in the woods, on the beach, on bumpy sidewalks, in snow. If you live in the city and walk everywhere it's great, but if you live in the burbs and visit the malls frequently it's probably not a good choice.

Good Luck!
Ditto! Except we sort of live in a suburban environment and I haul it in and out of our car daily with no problems. It folds flat and fits in the back of my Focus wagon.

Mountain Buggy comes out with new models each year and I was able to get a 2004 at the beginning of 2005 for a steal. If you can wait at all, maybe try that route because they're pricey. We never used "baby buckets" so didn't waste money on any stroller/carseat travel combo. We have a Zooper Swing which is a single umbrella stroller and the MBUD.

I can't see your original post on this screen, but if you have a toddler the MBUD has a buddy/buggy (?) board that fits on the rear axle and gives an older child a place to stand and ride along.

Good luck, a great double stroller is quite an investment!
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I'm not a twin mom but I have kids 13 mos apart... Recently I have really really been liking the Combi Twin Savvy... It looks sturdier than the Peg Perego Aria and just like an all around nice stroller. I have the Graco Duoglider and while convenient w/ a carseat it just has lots of all around problems that bug the heck out of me. I wish I could shell out $300 for the Combi Twin Savvy right now but maybe for my next little one..
This is all I have spent my free online time looking at lately and I love the look of the Combi... It will hold 1 carrier but that isn't much of a help w/ twins..
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Twin stroller review site

Hi to all. This is my first post here. LaRee led me to it! Thought this site with its reviews of multiple-seat strollersmight be of interest for those trying to figure out which twin stroller(s) to purchase: //strollers.baby-gaga.com/double-and-triple-strollers.php

Karen G
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