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Can you reccomend a double stroller? - Page 2

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I can recommend that you DON'T get the JEEP! It's so hard to push that I cannot even use it!

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we used the snap n go for 6 months! it was very easy and helped me get out of the house when it was all still so overwhelming. then my husband started researching strollers. i wanted the duallie or the mountain buggy, but he convinced me that the safari tt (turn technology?) jogging stroller was good--the swivelling front wheel makes a huge difference from the stationary front wheel (which you would want if you were a runner). what a difference over the snapngo. it's great over the uneven terrain of my city sidewalks. so we went with the $200 stroller and decided we'd buy another for the car/journeys to town on the train. someone ended up giving us a maclaren, and it's fine. doesn't seem the most comfortable thing, but they're never in it for more than an hour. so we put the extra money in their 529s, like the ohsoresponsible parents we want to be.

speaking of...twins trying to climb on top of laundry baskets.....

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I have the Mac Twin Traveller and am fairly happy with it. I would buy it again although it's not perfect. I'm in the market now for an MBUD or Valco Twin. We live in the country and it's hard to push the Mac around on uneven terrain. The Valcon Twin will let you add a toddler seat as well.

I do wish I'd had one of those that will take two carseats in the beginning. I hated transferring 2 sleeping babies from carseats to stroller.
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I have the Valco twin with a toddler seat and love it. Worth every penny I put out for it.
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Originally Posted by HB2
Mountain Buggy Urban Double. I love this stroller. In fact I never looked at any of the others. It's great in the woods, on the beach, on bumpy sidewalks, in snow. If you live in the city and walk everywhere it's great, but if you live in the burbs and visit the malls frequently it's probably not a good choice.

Good Luck!
I use mine in the burbs! The only downside is that it's a little harder to shop with, but then, in my mall, ANY stroller is hard to shop with!!!!
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Double Snap n Go while small babies.

Schwinn jogging stroller when bigger. Everyone on my "other" twins board loves this one. Similar to MBUD but much cheaper Look at:


Be sure to get one with a swivel front wheel for everyday (non-jogging) use. This one locks as either fixed or swivel front wheel
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I've had quite a few doubles, but it depends on your vehicle, where you live, and what you want to use it for.

I've had (not in any particular order):

Peg Perego Duette
Peg Perego Aria Twin
Valco Twin w/toddler seat
Inlgesina BiPosto
Maclaren Twin
Chicco Twin (SBS)
Marco Sky
Safety First Tandem Transit (just like the Marco Sky but avail in U.S. on eBay - the Compass Tandem is another option that's like the Marco Sky but I never had one)
Peg Perego Tender

and various singles.

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I currently own 9 strollers! I've got 3 kids under 3 though!

I am loving my double snap n go!

I also have a Peg Perego triplette. But I got mine used and I can't fold it down so it won't fit in my car, so its for outside only, that thing is a BEAR!

I also have a duoglider that I like.

I also have 2 double joggers- but DH and I both run, so once the twins are old enough they will be in it all the time!LOL.

I have a few single strollers too- so someone will push my daughter in one of them while I push the double snap n go!

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