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The stubborn, picky eater.....

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So how do you AP moms deal with the picky eaters?? My ds, at 19 months eats fine, as in his quantities vary, and that doesnt bother me, he is just very picky about what he will eat.... He has a great diet as far as what he will eat except he wont touch meats for the most part...

he eats oatmeal, yogurt, wheat crackers, cheese, bananas, applesauce, pancakes,pumpkin bread, blueberry muffins, mashed potatoes, cereal, and drinks juice watered down (1/3 juice, and the rest water), he will eat a grill cheese sandwich, and he sometimes eats shepards pie, and he likes pizza..... and he will eat any cracker like goldfish or teddy grahams and sometimes he eats mac and cheese from my plate, but if i put it in front of him forget it!!!

I really dont want to get into the habit of fixing him something different, but he never eats what we have for supper... as a one year old he would eat rice, chicken, peas and such, but he decided a few months later he wouldnt touch anything...... so sometimes i just dont even put it in front of him, i give him oatmeal or cereal if we have something like tacos that i know he wont touch....

i dont know what to do.....
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Our little grazer eats a whole lot more during the day than at meals. I dont really sweat it that he doesnt eat much of what we're eating when we're eating it==i figure meals are about more than just food anyways, and he's learning socialization skills even if he's not eating. And i do put things on his plate that he likes (dried apricots for example) that we arent eating, but most of the time if he's not into eating it doesnt really matter what's on his plate.

I think when he's older, and is capable of doing more in the kitchen that meals will become more fun for him. Pple say that if a child is involved in planning and making the meal that they are more apt to eat it too. We havent btdt yet, but I'm hoping that involving him in the preparation of the meal will mean that i'm not always making a separate meal for him.

He's also a little carb eater and could really care less about proteins. We just keep offering and he bf's tons so we know he's not lacking in nutrient intake. I dont know how you feel about nuts and seeds at this age, but ds will eat sunflower seeds and peanuts on occasion.
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oh!!! actually i forgot, he does eat peanuts (he's a real good chewer)!! i actually hadnt thought of sunflower seeds though, thanks for the idea!!
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Dd's 18 mos and sounds like your ds: she eats what she eats. She still has two or three bottles of formula a day to supplement her diet. She doesn't eat any prepared food, like sheppard's pie or pasta or anything we eat!

She doesn't eat any meat, but she loves cheese and soy cheese, so there's two proteins. She'll also eat any cracker, I put cream cheese and peanut butter in between them. She eats cashews and soy nuts, but they are new. Her favourite food is frozen blueberries! She also eats frozen squash, did I mention that none of her food is heated beyond room temp?

She is the only kid I know that won't touch a potato, no matter how it's cooked! She will eat some other stuff and when I make a list I'm reassured.
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thanks for replying..
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