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Steroid nasal spray for children (I want to scream!!!)

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I just got back from the pharmacy with the prescribed nasal spray. This is supposed to help thier inflamed nasal passages, and consequently help thier asthma symptoms. So 40 $ later (if you only knew how much we needed that 40$ right now , you may be able to understand some of my frustration) we come home with two miniscule bottles of spray. Past all of the regular nasy lists of side effects it says CAUTION : IF YOU HAVE NOT HAD CONTACT WITH MEASLES OR CHICKEN POX AVOID CONTACT WITH ANYONE WHO HAS ANY OF THESE DISEASES (!!!!!) So we called the pharmasist back to inquire about this.... this medication makes your nose tissue less inflamed , but in the process affects your bodies ability to fight infection ... and the case of chicken pox (or who knows what else) would be significantly WORSE.
The pharmasist recommends that we vaccinate against those two ilnesses... which we don't. And if your body is impaired to fight off those ilnesses whos to say what would happen if they were exposed to somthing else completely new.
The kids asthma is mostly virus triggered . Why on earth would I give them somthing that would impare the bodys natural ability to fight that?
This medical system makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Meanwhile I have two very sick little ones. I feel so helpless and vulnerable. I have no idea what to do.... but All I want to do is scream and throw it out the freakin window.
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Now that I have calmed down a little...
For anyone that has used these for thier children with allergy and asthma symptoms... what was or is your experience? Has it helped significantly?
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I am sorry about that label. I've never read the label. It is Flonase? It has made a huge difference in my life. One of my friend's ds's also uses it because he has severe allergies. I have not noticed it affecting my ability to fight infection. In fact one of the advantages of this med is when I get a cold, I feel like I'm fighting something but I don't get nearly as congested as I would without this med.

I hope it makes a difference for your dc. I know it's really $$$.
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Any steroid reduces the body's ability to fight infection. I had to (chose to) take a course of steroids in Feb of this year to fight a horrible whole body rash I had. It said on the label that my body was less able to fight infection for a whole YEAR. Yep, a year. Unbelievable.

On the med itself- my kids don't have asthma/allergies (yet) but I do. I've used rx nasal spray off and on. When I used it, it did help but I don't know that it was crucial. It's been a while since I've used it as my asthma has been pretty under control with advair and albuterol.
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we haven't used it for dd but friends have been prescribed it for their ds whose adenoids are enlarged as a hopeful prevention to surgery. i know that steroids do reduce the body's infection fighting abilities, but the steroids in a spray like flonase (also guessing) are pretty mild. dh was on a pretty huge asthma regimen for a while, & flonase was a part of it. advair has helped me many a time. now dh's asthma is controlled with a combination of antihistimine and singulair. i think that singulair has recently been developed for kids but i'm not 100% sure.

mama, you've really been struggling with your little guys' health!
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You could try a saline solution. Those bottles make it easier to give it to the kids. I personally just fill a small container with warm water and salt and stick my nose in and give a big snort. Once I stop sputtering, my nose feels much better.
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Village Mama we are riding in the same boat. I just got the same prescibtion form an ENT last week My poor DD has been suffering for months and she is so congested. I also bought something called www.Sinusrinse.com It has made a big difference for her the amount of stuff that has been coming out of her nose is amazing.

We visited the Ent and my dd has ZERO ear pressure and her hearing is greatly affected. I have been using the nasal spray but I am really freaked over it but it has been helping her. So what are we suppose to do? I have been running a humidifier and saline nasal stuff and NOTHING was helping also my DD eustachian tubes are completley closed we think from the adnoids being so swollen. However I do worry about the measles thing because we are UNvaxed UGGGHHH.

I really just dont know what to do either or if giving her the spray is the right thing to do. But if your little ones arent to little take a look at the link I sent you my dd who is 4 uses it


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I still havent used it....
Thank you for the link. You have a brave 4 year old to go for that! My little guy is 2 (and the older is 4 as well). Thier nasal passages arent just a little irritated... or snotty really. They are inflamed or swollen quite a bit, reducing the amount of air through. The ped thinks that it will help thier breathing if I use it. I am still completely torn. I am trying to find a natural alternative in the meantime. We visit the allergy specialists in a week or two... we will see what he/ she has to say.
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After trying all natural apporaches (we are talking months of trying!) I got the nasonex for DS. I read this warning too but figured..go for it. After 2 days of the usage he was better. I only used it as necessary. They have a natural alternative that you spray too but it is 4 doses a day-one was hard enough.

I truly believe the risk is very, very small. And I avoid most meds... But soemtiems, ya gotta weigh the risks!
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I understand My 2 dds nasal passages are extremely swollen. She cant sleep she is snoring waking up crying mommy I cant breath. My eldest dd you can even see up her nose it is so swollen So I completely understnad what you are going through. I have tried several nasal sprays from the health food store and nothing is working I just dont know.

good luck at allergiest we have been there to with my 13 yr old it wasnt a fun trip either.

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I beleive that you need to do a risk/benefit analysis here. The risks of taking the medicine are that it could weaken the immune system. The benefits of taking the medicine are that your children will breathe easier, get more oxygen into their systems, and probably sleep better. How much will the extra oxygen and sleep help their immune systems vs how much the drug could weaken it? The benefits just might outweigh the risks in this case, especially if you use the medication sparingly.
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Thanks for the replies... I agree that this is an issue of wieghing the risks. Both of the boys are already on a twice a day regimen of inhaled steroids for thier asthma. They end up in the hospital every single time they get a cold or virus of any sort. This is why I am nervous of giving them somthing that makes those sensitive tissues (whose job is to filter germs)less effective at doing thier job. It just doesnt make sense from a holistic point of view.
The boys have never complained about thier noses by the way... This was just a recommendation by the ped.
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Bebesho2_ How are you using the medication more sparingly?
Ours comes in a tiny bottle and the dose is metered. The youngest who is only 2 takes a spray once a day (the indications on the box are recommending it for ages 6-12, 2 sprays 2 times a day) and my 4 year old 1 spray twice a day.
Do you use it only when you see they are stuffy?or once every other day?
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The Dr told me it has to be used Daily in order for it to work and it could take up to 2 weeks. I am torn with using it especially with it weakening the immune system. My children have a fairly good diet its not perfect but at this time of the year we dont need a weak immune system but have a hard time decided the risk and benefiet margin.

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Bebesho2_ How are you using the medication more sparingly?
I was told daily use would be necessary but I learned he was fine after 2 days-1 does each day. When he began snoring again months later)...I did it for 2 or so days. I was and am not comfortable with the long term use and this seemed to work perfect for him.
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