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any homeschoolers in s. tex with answers for me???

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I live with my 2 kiddos (5 1/2 and 18 mos) in a small south texas town. The school district here (where I went to school and graduated '91) is deplorable!! Last school year, it was almost shut down because the district was broke and couldn't make payroll. Somehow they pulled some strings and stayed afloat, but barely. The school is full of uncertified teachers and the buildings are falling apart. So a few months into this school year I moved my kindergardner to a neighboring school district. Things are a little better organized there, but I still feel my son is capable of more. For instance, an awful lot of emphasis is put on writing; my son's writing is still very shaky. But I've noticed the kids that write well barely know their sounds and numbers and other things my son is very good at. I think I could manage homeschooling financially, but my husband isn't too keen on it. He thinks our kids (who are very physical and athletically inclined, and very social) would be shortchanged in the socialization department. I argue that they can still be involved in after school sports and activities (little dribblers, little league, dance and music lessons, etc), but I feel that most of the socialization that occurs in schools is negative. I still remember being bullied in grammer school and junior high, and it really affected my attitude toward school. I live near Corpus Christi; is there anyone out here who is hs-ing and still has their kids in after school organizations? Does little league and the like require pub. school enrollment for participation? How does your family feel (grandparents, aunts and uncles)? Does everyone think your nuts for hs-ing?? I'm on the fence, so to speak, but in sports-crazed mainstream South Texas I feel I'm being dissuaded at every turn! (Wow, long-winded post. I hope someone takes the time to read it!!)
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I'm not in Texas, but some of your questions are universal. Kids can be involved in organizations such as Little League and Scouts without being enrolled in school. They have nothing to so with the school system.

In some places homeschooled kids can be on school sports teams, but in some places this isn't allowed. That doesn't really matter for you at this point, as most school teams don't start until middle school.

I hate the word "socialization" for a lot of reasons. It has nothing to do with having friends and enjoying spending time with other people.

The options for making friends and having people to hang out with vary widely depending on where you live. For a while we lived out in the country and this was a big issue for us. We are now in a mid size city and it not difficult at all. I think my kids have more time to really play with friends because they aren't in school. It's not like kids spend 6 hours a day chatting -- most of the time they are sitting in desk and are not allowed to speak. Recesses are a joke -- you can't even get a game going in 15 mintues.

My inlaws think we are nuts but we don't care. My parents are supportive now, though they weren't at first. It is nice that they are supportive, but I am more concerned with doing what I think is best for my kids than trying to make everybody else happy. If my extended family had their way, my kids would have had solids at 8 weeks, been weaned by age 1, never slept in our bed, and been spanked everytime they were "bad." Frankly, homeschooling is just one more thing on a rather long list of parenting options that are different from what my family and my DH's family have choosen. I guess over the years I've developed immunity to their disapproval
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Yes, Linda already said it, but NO kids do not need to be enrolled in public school to be in after school programs. In some areas there even activities specifically for homeschoolers which sometimes take place during the day. I have seen homeschool scout troups, 4 H, gymnastics, martial arts, drama, music, art, dance, and so much more. PLus everything that is open to a public schoolerd child will alos be open to your child.
Why limit their socialization to same age peers and only during recesses? They can spend the whole day with friends of all ages when you homeschool!
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do a google search for your area

with homeschool and homeschool support groups
then if you find one that matches your needs they will usually let you visit an event or two
that is usually a good way to see what is available in your area
We had a mom that was going to hs but her dh was not so sure so we did an extra playgroup on a weekend and several long time hs dads talked to him
They answered his questions and helped ease his fears
Good Luck
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Star Jewel

Hi Star Jewel! I grew up in Corpus, so I know what you mean about the school districts. We moved up to NW Houston 5 years ago and my daughter will be in Kinder next school year. We live in a so called "great" district, but I am still skeptical.

You do not have to be in public school to join the little league or any of the soccer teams, so don't believe anyone who says differently. There are homeschool groups in that area. You can either email me at unschoolingmom@aol.com or do a google search for "homeschooler corpus christi texas".

As for the naysayers in your family, either invite them to educate themselves on the benefits of homeschooling, or just ignore them. So many people have a hard time with anything that goes against the mainstream.

Take care and good luck.
Brandy in Cypress
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Thanks to all who responded to my post. I really appreciate it. I will e-mail Brandy in the next day or so to find out more about hs-ers in s.tex. And Linda in AZ, I have been through much of what you have been through with breast feeding, spanking, and the like. It's true, we really do know what's best for our children and to heck with everyone else, right?? I will keep you posted on what we decide to do, and once again, thanks!!!
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