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Can't keep prenatel vitamin down!

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Well I've been experiencing mild nausea over the last two weeks. Even had 3 days of throwing up in the morning.

I thought it was just the morning sickness making me sick, but I have discovered that my prenatel vitamin is upsetting my stomache and is the cause of it.

Anybody else sensitive to their prenatel vitamins? (It's a once a day multi)

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I can't take prenatal vitamins either they make me sick to my stomach. For me it's all the iron in the vitamin, so I take a basic mulitvitamin with two extra folic acid and that seems to be okay. If you end up needing the extra iron you can take something called Slow FE (it's in the vitamin section of drugstores) - it's a time release iron tablet that's much more gentle on your stomach.

Congrats on your pregnancy!
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Have you thought about trying a different kind of prenatals? Usually the one that you take twice a day are absorbed better and cause less nausea. Also there are some that are gel caps that may help. Are you taking the prenatals with meals? If they are taken with an empty stomach they can upset your stomach even without morning sickness. Hope that helps, Brett
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I take my prenatels with my breakfast. It's the weirdest thing, 10 minutes after taking it I start sneezing and then I get sick instantly and can hardly make it to the toilet.

I was thinking it was the iron as well. I'll switch to another prenatel that you take 3 times a day, as it will be smaller doses.

It's funny, with my first pregnancy I had no problems with this whatsoever. I guess every pregnancy is different!

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I couldn't handle prenatals at all for most of my first pg. This time around I am not even going to try. I have been nauseous since the start and am not taking any chances (last time I had such terrible m/s). I am extra vigilant about my diet and try to eat a healthy variety of foods (minus the animal products ). If you can't stomach the prenatals right now it'll be okay. Just start taking them in the 2nd trimester when your more likely to keep them down. Hope you feel better soon!
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I had the same thing, but I switched to just folic acid for the first trimester, and that helped.
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I decided my prenatals were contributing to nausea so stopped taking them, started Floradix organic iron supplement - much better - but need to add folic acid and calcium
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Hi there! I am so sorry that you are feeling bad!

I couldn't take prenatals, either (I am juicing greens and stuff daily instead). Those vitamins are just awful for nausea, aren't they?

My friend who has only been mildly nauseated has had better success taking those vitas at night before she goes to bed. As a plus, B vitamins are better absorbed when consumed right before sleep, I am told.

Good luck!

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This is my third pregnancy and I could not keep down the vitamins with either of my first two. This pregnancy my doctor wrote me a prescription for a new vitamin and it's been great. Citracal Prenatal Rx. I rave about this things. They have some kind of coating that doesn't taste bad and they have never, ever upset my stomach, not even in the beginning. They contain B6 to help with nauseau. Worth a shot if you can get the prescription!

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Would a chewable prenatal or other multiple vitamin maybe be easier to handle? I think I've heard of chewable prenatals, but they might be prescription. Otherwise, maybe you could try either an adult's or children's chewable from the natural food store--just check to make sure it contains enough of what you need, and not too much vitamin a from retinyl palmimate.
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I have had a terrible time with prenatals this time around too. With my first pregnancy they didn't bother me, but this time I can't even manage to swallow them. My Dr. told me to take extra folic acid and he gave me a prenatal powder that I stir into my OJ in the morning. It doesn't really have a taste, it just makes the OJ kind of fizzy. Might be worth a try for you...
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my midwife told me to stop taking them because they were making my already bad nausea even worse. So I stopped. Not sure if it helped, but probably some. Anyway, she suggested just being more aware of what I'm eating. She suggested fortified cereals or Odwalla juices that have lots of vitamins. She also reassured me that the first trimester isn't really a big deal as long as you were healthy before you got pregnant (Sear's pregnancy book agrees). Baby doesn't need much at this point so do what you need to do to keep SOME food down and get ready for a really healthy second trimester!
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I had good luck switching brands, (one with a gentle more natural iron) and taking them at night.
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Vitamin C

Thanks for all your info.

Well I stopped taking the prenatels altogether. BUT I do still experience nausea, but not enough to throw up.

The interesting thing I've discoverd is, if I take vitamin C in the morning b/f breakfast, I don't have nausea.

I didn't take it at lunch and I had nausea all afternoon.

I took Vit. C with my dinner tonight and I haven't felt sick all night.

I decided to try the vitamin C b/c my sister-in-law had morning sickness with her pregnancy. She took vitamin C and it took it away.

So I thought, what the heck, I'm willing to try anything.

I'll do it again tomorrow and hope it sticks!

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I had the same problem, but it eased up when I stopped taking them in the mornings and started taking the prenatals with a snack right before bed. Maybe this would work for you. Good luck!
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I agree with ZM and Jean's friend - try taking your prenatal with a snack (killer on an empty stomach) just before bed. I had friends in high school who got sick from their birth control pills if they took them anytime except right before bed. If you are asleep, I guess you don't notice the rumbly tummy... I always take my prenatals with applesauce before bed.
Not sure but are Odwalla juices pastuerized? In my state, a couple of years ago, people were hospitalized (can't remember if there were any deaths - we have more food related serious illnesses here) from drinking Odwalla juice. I believe back then some varieties of Odwalla were past. and some weren't. Since that happened, I won't drink juice (or let the kids have) that is not pastuerized. Others may have different opinions. I like the OJ idea (and some have mentioned the benefits of vitamin C to keep morning sickness away) so maybe past. OJ is a good choice?
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What worked for me was taking them right before bed. I figured I slept thru the nausea! Seriously, it really made a difference for me and my Doula told me that it was better to take them before bed since you urinate less frequently at night so more of the vitamins are absorbed. Who know if its true or not but I figured it made more sense then me throwing them up every day!
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Today is the second day of taking Vitamin C with my meals and no morning sickness!!!!

I am so relieved.

I will try the prenatel thing before bed tonight, I just hope I don't get indigestion from laying down after taking it.

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I was also sick with my first pregnancy from a combination of m/s and my prenatal. This time I am taking a prenatal that is iron-free. (GNC makes one.) It is a twice a day tablet and seems, so far, to be easier on my stomach. I feel your pain!
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