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My first son was also 8 lb 14 oz, and my second son was 10 lb 9 oz. The second birth was a total breeze compared to the first - even with a head that was 15 inches. I had an unmedicated hospital birth and less than 10 minutes of pushing. You are going to have no problem - wait and see
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I've had 8lbs,5 oz; 8;bs 15 oz; and 9 lbs, 4 oz; all vaginal & no meds, no tears at all with #2 & #3, the biggest was also the shortest labor, easiest pushing.

As others have said, fat is squishy. And the length doesn't really matter either. It's all about the head size - which doesn't really change that much if the baby gains another pound or two -- and the position the baby's in.

You can do it!
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DS1 was 9lbs 1oz (two hours of pushing on my back), DS2 was 7lbs 6oz and DS3 was 8lbs 14oz (born in 35 minutes from first contraction to birth). No need for stitches in any of my births.
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friend last month - second baby, 4th degree tear (episiotomy extension : ) w/ #1

#2 11 pounds, two stiches! And she was flat on her back, drugged to the gills, w/shoulder dystocia!
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first of all, a note of reassurance...this is your second baby! everything's been lubed up so to speak...
as far as big babies, ds was 9lbs 13 oz and it took a little over 2 hours to push him out. i won't say it was easy but i did it!! (and with only a first degree tear i might add )

i think you'll be just fine! don't worry!
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Position, position, position. My#1 was 8 lbs 10 oz, stranded beetle position w/ epidural that masked the ctx but didn't help with perinial pain, 2 hrs of pushing and finally I begged for an episotomy.

#2, 9 lbs 9 oz, about seven mins of pushing maybe 6 pushes, no tearing. I was kneeling on one knee beside the birthing tub.

I would say that if you are going to birth at home or in a birth center, don't even worry about it. If you are going to the hospital you need to make sure that your OB can deal with alternative birthing positions and that you have a doula there to help support you.
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my DD was 9lbs 8oz, I didn't find it difficult-I knew I could do it b/c I was 9lbs 10 oz and so was my mom and we were all vaginal births!

My dr. thought I couldnt' do it and told me I had a 50/50 chance of a vaginal birth-boy did I show him! LOL

You can do it! Don't worry!
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My first was 10 pounds 6 ounces and I birthed him vaginally. If you are worried, cut back (or totally out) refined carbs.

Sorry so short, but you can do it mama!
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Thank you, thank you , thank you all you mamas who birthed large babies, your stories are such a huge help to me right now. I have been diagnosed GD, had a huge baby last time (10lb, 12oz). The doctors are all worried about me having a big baby, talking about inducing etc...... I want a vaginal birth so bad! Your stories are inspiring!!!
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Originally Posted by Momalea
I'd love to hear some happy antedotes from those who have vaginally birthed a 9+ pound baby. I started labor with my dd on her due date (but she was born 2 days later-that's another story) and she was 8 lb 14 oz. I am currently (32 weeks) pregnant with my ds and all along I've been thinking he'll probably be 9-10 pounds. I was feeling fairly flippant about that then all of a sudden it occurred to me-10 pounds!?!?! That's a lot of baby to push out!

So, any reassuring stories from those of you who have been there, done that?
I had a 9lb 12 oz boy with no complications other than getting him over my pubic bone I have a tilted uterus so we lifted the baby in my belly during contractions and popped him right out
NO stitches cause I didnt have a tear at all.
Popping a baby that size out was a huge relief it was so nice to feel a warm wet slippery baby laying on my tummy.
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DD - 9 lbs. 4 oz. A small tear and a few stitches. I attribute the tear to my position (on my back).
DS - 9 lbs. 0 oz. The teensiest tear ever (no stitches, too small.) But that was really only beacuse he came so fast - only 20 minutes of pushing and at the end he came out head to bellybutton in one push. He was born in the caul and so he was pretty slippery. He was posterior. Born at home.
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Ds was 9 lbs.6 oz. I had a tiny tear.
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I had my 9lb. 1 oz baby boy last week in a totally natural, unmedicated waterbirth. It was a very fast, easy labor with a short and intense but still entirely manageable and almost pleasant pushing stage. I did tear, but that was totally my fault -- I didn't want to slow down pushing at the very end even though I knew I should and my body was telling me to. If I'd been a little more sensible, I'm sure he would have come over an intact perineum.
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Hmm, my first was 6lbs 8oz, and I had about 20 stitches. My second, 7lbs 15oz, again needed stitches but only about 8. My last was 9lbs 5oz and I only had 2 tiny tears in the front, NO stitches! All 3 were completely natural births. I think the main reason that I didnt tear with the biggest one is because she took soooo much longer to get into position and push out allowing my body to stretch slowly more and more instead of being torn by to fast of a delivery.

You can do it. For me the hardest part was the end of transition, getting her to turn the right way to fit through my pelvis the rest of the way. I wont go into the rest of the story as you only need the encouragement right now! Congrats on the new one and wishing you a beautiful birth!
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My 3rd as you can see in my sig was 9lbs 12 oz and she was my fastest and least painful birth.

My friend just birth an 11lb 5 oz vaginally with no drugs.

I too believe positions are the key.
My 1st was posterier with hand on face and it took 2 hours to push out. She was 8lbs 3 oz
This last my body did the pushing and it was so easy. She just slid out. I had to slow it down so I wouldn't tear.
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i have had 3 babies over nine pounds...two at 9.5, and one at 9.8 the 9.8 lb was born in water and was my easiest birth...he was also my 5th baby, so that might've had something to do with it one of my 9.5 was posterior but delivered fine and without tears. my 8.13 dd was my hardest (second baby) because she was transverse and my midwife pulled her head into position...i went from 4cm to pushing in about 30 seconds and it was the most excruciating pain i have ever felt...but also natural and without tears.
i think a good midwife and a mama's own positive attitude go a long way when it comes to birthing. i also think atmosphere has heaps to do with how a birth goes...mine were homebirths because i would not have been comfortable at a hospital...plus 4 of my babies would have ended up 'emergency' c-sections due to size and/or position or duration of labor (my surrobaby was a 72 hour labor). it all has to do with your comfort level, and each woman has to decide that for herself.

so for the OP, i hope you have been reassured by all these wonderful birth tales! you can do it.
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My first was 9 lbs. I was on my back and drugged and it took forever, and ended up with a first degree tear. My second was 9 lb 8oz I was able to find my own position, on my side, and she shot out all at once once she crowned. I feel because of the speed I ended up with another 1st degree tear. My third was 10 lb 7oz and I was on my hands and knees and had a tiny tear that needed no stitches. I was suprised at the effort I needed to give to birth her body, not painful, just suprised as my other two came effortlessly once the head delivered. My second and third were med free and I was able to find my own positions and push of my own accord, no counting 10 choruses.

If you are able to keep your sugars in control there should be no more problems than without GD. Just push for fredoom to move as you need to in labor and find your own positions for delivery. That will help the baby find the best position for delivery. See spinningbabies.com
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Wow! Thanks for all of the replies! It's been great to read all the success stories and encouragement. I think my new mantra is "fat is squishy".
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Originally Posted by Momalea
Wow! Thanks for all of the replies! It's been great to read all the success stories and encouragement. I think my new mantra is "fat is squishy".
Put it in your sig so you see it every time you post here!
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ds1: 9#5oz, 20 minutes of pushing (4 1/2 hours total labor), nasty epis.

ds2: 11# 1oz, with nuchal hand (that he pushed out ahead of his face as he crowned), 25 min., or so (birth center, so no clock like the first) of pushing (6 hour total) one tiny tear, no stitches. I had him in water, and my mw helped me move and reathe to ease him out.

THe funniest part: they both had 14 1/2" heads! :LOL
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