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Just for reference - because it makes me laugh, and I have a dirty mind:

balled = slang for sex
bawled = crying hard

Just my own personal thing - I always have to reread a sentence to make sure it wasn't what I thought.

Sorry everyone is having a rough time. Sounds like it is going around.

I am pretty okay overall. Massively uncomfortable...and have a great faboo thing with my sinuses draining...:

Have my u/s tomorrow...half excited, half worried. I hate that.
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How did your ultrasound go, Adina?

Went to my appointment yesterday. Apparently, I've gained 7 pounds in the last month. Too much indulging at Thanksgiving, I guess. I'll have to keep a closer eye on my diet.

DH is really getting on my nerves lately. He doesn't want to do anything but play computer games all day long. Any time I bring up the subject of names, he just goofs around and suggests ones that I know he's not serious about (like Octavius, Brutus, Caesar, Maximus, Nero -- anyone see a trend here?), while nixing all the potential names I bring up. He drags his heels about reading any baby or birth-related books, and still hasn't looked at the links I sent him regarding circumcision. Grrrr, it's so frustrating! I'm just a few weeks away from being in my third trimester, and I HATE leaving things until the last minute, which is where he's headed!
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Apparently I'm still losing weight. I don't know how it's possible, since I'm eating now, but my pants keep getting bigger and bigger... It's to the point where it's embarassing for me to go out in public, my belly is too big for me to wear a belt under it but my hips and butt are not enough to keep my pants up at all. I found a pair of light-weight, size XL maternity pants from my second pregnancy, but they're also falling off of me... I guess I'm really in a 14 M. : It would be okay, but most of my jeans are 18/20 and I just look silly in them now. It's quite humiliating. I never thought that I'd be embarassed to lose weight...

So Adina-- with your excellent, wonderful ultrasound today ( : ) perhaps you'll be ready to join the sticky list?
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Okay Okay - put me on the sticky list! I am clearly here to stay!

Ultrasound went GREAT!! Everything looks awesome.

And, I was totally wrong.....

It's a girl!
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Congratulations, Adina!

Girls are so much fun, if I do say so myself.
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Yay, Adina. Glad to hear everything is going ok and congrats on having a girl! Oh and I have a dirty mind, too. I think of something particularly... um... when people say "balled".

Congrats to Elionwy on losing weight. I want to lose a little bit on my rear end. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe you just need to get some wrap-around dresses? I'm wearing one today (patterned wrap-around from Old Navy), and I'm glad to know that it will always fit... At least I hope.

Wencit, I can understand your frustration. Maybe your husband is just letting things incubate (?) for a while before he springs to action. I don't know if this is necessarily good advice, since it might create hostility. But maybe you could let him know that if he doesn't help you make decisions, you will make them. I'd probably wait a bit longer before going to an extreme like that, but it's a thought. Also my husband likes roman, latin names a lot. Could it be he's playing Rome:Total War like my hubby? We're going to name our little mung bean, Lucian, which is latin, so he did win... kind of.

Love_homebirthing, your description of your belly doing fireworks made me laugh. It makes me think of Jiffy Pop popcorn.

Burk-a-bee, Congrats on having a girl I see the girls are finally rolling in. I'd also like to know when the baby needs to not be breech, since mine is head up too. I'm not worrying about it though now.

April, hope this isn't too forward. But what are SROM, FTP, and cp? I guess pit is for pitocin? Sorry, but I'm just not that familiar yet. Sorry things aren't going so well. I feel very badly for zion too.

No real news for me at the moment. I have a midwife appointment to head to in a few minutes. So hope that goes well. I really want to find one that I like there.
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Originally Posted by hairpin
April, hope this isn't too forward. But what are SROM, FTP, and cp? I guess pit is for pitocin? Sorry, but I'm just not that familiar yet. Sorry things aren't going so well. I feel very badly for zion too.

Spontaneous rupture of membranes (ie, before onsought of labor, but not during prematurity, which is PROM, sometimes though the two are interchangably used). Failure to progress (ie, not dialating to 10cm within an allotted period of time-- usually period of OBs choice). ANd yes, pit for pitocin.
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Hooray on the girl baby Adina! I've got 2 so far and they're just awesome. I've suddenly began thinking that maybe this little one is a girl too. Everyone has told me that it's a boy, but what do they know anyway? People said the same thing when my first was a girl.

Eilonwy - That's pretty awesome about the weight loss, except for the annoying no clothes fitting part of it. Otherwise it's pretty cool, right? Especially since you're eating!

I decided to weigh myself this morning even though I'm totally fine with gaining as much weight as I need to. However.... I was up to an 18 lb weight gain (20 if you count the 2 lbs I lost early on) which is a whopping 7 lbs since my last appt. only 3 weeks ago. I wonder if the mw will have any concerns with it. So this relatively fast and big weight gain combined with how ridiculously huge my belly already is is actually getting to me a bit. Must be the hormones cuz I'm all about being okay with nature dictating what needs to happen with me, but I guess deep down it's freaking me out a little. I'm already maybe a 7 on the uncomfortable-ness scale (mainly with trying to find a reasonable position to sleep in and getting in & out of bed, rolling over/adjusting, etc.). I finally went to the chiro for the first time this pregnancy and he basically said I was some kind of freak (I'm not in love with this man but he takes my insurance). Anyway, he said I have pelvic instability or something to that affect and that it's pretty unheard of for someone at my stage of pregnancy (and before since these problems pop up before I even get my first + result back) to have such extreme pain. Oh, and I'm big. And my posture sucks and I shouldn't carry my toddler anymore - he literally said that I needed to "cut the cord already" and that nature makes them walk for a reason. Ugh. Anyway, that's my update. Trying to focus on eating healthier so I can feel okay that my weight gain isn't based on crap.

Kate - let us know how your appt. went! I live pretty near you btw.
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Adina- Congrats!! I guess we were both wrong on that Like I told you, I've been wrong the last 3 times now I've guessed on other people's babies I was right on mine though! I did look at your belly pic the other day and think 'hmm...maybe she is having a girl'. Have you bought anything pink yet? Girls are SO much fun!

Rynna- I don't have much luck on the TP or ebay usually either, but I really want some paypal for Christmas and to buy stuff for the Holiday helpers mamas I have. I am interested in your newborn wool diaper cover...PM me about it!

April- sorry to hear you've had bad news lately, the second story brought me to tears I hope your next u/s goes much better!

hairpin- good luck at your appt!

love_homebirthing- you are outgrowing your maternity clothes already?! I'd be really surprised if you weren't having twins. Are you feeling more movement than with your other kids? I definitely will be outgrowing my maternity clothes by the third trimester, because I already look huge (like what I looked like at 7 months with my dd : ). How far ahead are you measuring? Are you sure are on your dates? Sorry for the 20 questions

I am carrying SO much differently than I was with my dd. With her since I already have some extra 'padding' you couldn't even tell I was pg until the very end because I carried kinda wide and low. This time my belly is high and out, and I definitely look pregnant! Its kinda exciting to actually look preggo, even though I think I look much further along than I am. My midwife said that I'm measuring exactly at 22 weeks and that she thinks I look a little further along than I am but pretty normal for #2. I am attempting to finish knitting a hat for my dd today but I keep getting distracted by the TV or computer. Ugh, I am such a slug! No energy at all today! I normally don't leave the computer on all day or even turn the TV on for more than a little bit.

I am having the strangest food craving...bologna sandwiches on white bread. Normally the thought of that when I'm not pregnant would turn my stomach. I haven't eaten white bread in years, and I HATE bologna. I had one sandwich at my mom's house and then made my DH go get me some at the store. Maybe I can switch to that veggie bologna stuff instead...at least its not so icky and use soft wheat bread. I've been gulping down Silk soynog like crazy too. Too bad its not fortified, I'm not getting any calcium from it. I haven't gained any weight yet (which is fine with me since I'm overweight to start with) so I guess a few bad choices aren't that big of a deal since I eat really healthy most the time.
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Originally Posted by celestialdrmrmama
love_homebirthing- you are outgrowing your maternity clothes already?! I'd be really surprised if you weren't having twins. Are you feeling more movement than with your other kids? I definitely will be outgrowing my maternity clothes by the third trimester, because I already look huge (like what I looked like at 7 months with my dd : ). How far ahead are you measuring? Are you sure are on your dates? Sorry for the 20 questions
Although I'm really hoping it's twins (and my initial instinct in the first trimester was that it was) I'm just not feeling movement like I'd suspect if there were. I do feel lots of movement but not in opposing spots at the same time. So my hope has kind of faded on that. I'm positive about my dates b/c I charted, used ovulation predictor tests, Clomid (which has to be taken on specific days of your cycle) AND I began testing 4 days before finally getting an extremely faint positive. So I couldn't be off. I was measuring about 6 weeks ahead at my last appt. which was 3 weeks ago. I probably look bigger than I should b/c I started the pregnancy about 20 lbs over my medically "ideal" weight and carried most of that in the tummy which I always thought made me look a good 4 months or so pregnant. But I'm pretty sure they don't include fat in those measurements, right? Just the height of the fundus itself. So I don't know what's up. If I knew it was twins then I'd feel better about my weight gain & size, but I guess I'll eventually find out. I think I buy too skimpy of maternity clothes too since I've vowed never to look like I'm wearing a tent again (like I did in my first pregnancy). I'm not buying the wrong size or anything but I think the cut/styles might be too skimpy, if that makes any sense.

Oh - about the question of when the baby turns to a head down position - I don't know for sure but I looked in 2 different books I have and they both show illustrations of the baby at 24 weeks breech and then at 28 weeks head down. So my guess is that it's typical for most babies to turn head down sometime around 28 weeks, although I know this can happen much later.
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Hey everyone :

I had a 4D ultrasound and we're having a healthy little girl It was completely awesome to watch her moving around. She looked right at us! She's getting so much stronger now. DH loves to feel her kickboxing in my belly.

I've been self concious & emotional re: weight gain lately. Conciously I know I have to get bigger to birth a healthy beautiful baby, but the more I read about people actually losing weight the more I feel insecure regarding my tiny frame transforming into super preggo. It is especially unhelpful when people ranging from strangers to close family say things like "oh! are you SURE you aren't having twins?!" Ummm.. yes, I'm sure! It seems like insane ettiquette to me. I'm a petite girl & 20 weeks PREGNANT.. of course I look pregnant! I am not measuring bigger than normal. Do people just forget what it's like?? Why so insensitive?? NOBODY likes to hear "OMGZ! UR HUGE!"

Speaking of insensitive, my ever negative mother replied to the news of her new grandaughter with "Oh. Are you SURE?.." "uh, yeah mom... a perfect little girl!" "HA! Well GOOD LUCK with that one!" : (From the time I was pregnant she told me, in all seriousness, that I was having "a very hairy very ugly little boy with large ankles." ????????????)

It's a backwards world when I call my MIL for support, but man! Is her radiant positivity a FABULOUS contrast to my own mothers obvious insecurities.

In other sad news, last week my best friend confided in me that she was 6 weeks pregnant. She had her ultrasound yesterday & they didn't find a heartbeat She is devatstated. I feel horrible for her... she really deserves a baby and we were so excited to be pregnant together. I ache for the pain she is experiencing and her long road to recovery.

love_homebirthing ~ your chiro sounds like a jerkface! I would probably break down in tears if someone were so insensitive! He deserves a quick kick to the nuts!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous humpday
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Congrats on the healthy u/s Adina and Carly!!!!! The girls are finally popping up

I had my dr.s appointment today and I have officially gained a lb.! Its funny to me
that thats all I have gained because I feel huge. Then again I now weigh just about what I weighed when Sean was born so I went in with alot of extra fluff. With my placenta being so low and with all the bh contractions I have been having I have started spotting again. I am now not supposed to lift anything over 10 lbs, vacuum, mop, etc. to try and keep the contractions under control. Its going to go over great with Sean. Scott thinks we should have my sil's sil who cleans houses come in once every other week to do the major stuff, I just dont see how we can aford it. They also gave me this maternity support belt to see if that helps with the pelvic pain and to give me a little more support so hopefully the bh contractions calm down. I really hate to see how uncomfy I will be in another 10 weeks @@
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Carley - I'm so sorry to hear about your friend! Is it possible though that it's just a little too early for the hb to be seen? I know that I was told at 8 weeks & 1 day that my first pregnancy was most likely non-viable as they couldn't even see the baby on the u/s (just the gestational sac). I had the u/s repeated 2 weeks later and there she was! And I was NOT off on my dates.
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The weight loss would be cool if I had smaller pants around, but because all my pants are literally falling off of my a$$, I look like a bag lady and that's depressing. When your clothing is too small you look silly, but when it's too big you look.. well, poor. And that's just plain depressing! It also seems very strange to me, because it's a different pattern from the one I followed with the other two pregnancies-- once I started eating, I started to gain weight. This time, it's not happening although my belly is getting bigger. I think that if my clothing fit me, I'd really be enjoying my current figure. Well, except for my fat flap. It seems more pronounced since the rest of me is so much smaller.

The way that I'm carrying, btw, is entirely consistant with my overwhelming feeling that this is a boy. It's just exactly the way that I carried BeanBean-- All belly, and straight out. BooBah carried much closer to me, and grew in a perfect little basketball belly.

PROM can also stand for prolonged rupture of membranes, which means (at least in the medical world) anything longer than 24 hours. I know this because it was written all over BeanBean's NICU chart. He wasn't premature (though he was slightly preterm at 37w 3d) but my waters had been broken for nearly 5 days before he was born. I'm told that for many women, labor is much, much more intense after the sac has broken, which would explain why my labor was absolutely *EXCRUCIATING*.

Adina-- congrats on the little girl!! Very cool. I will add you to the sticky list; are you planning to birth at home, in a birth center, or in a hospital?

Carley-- sorry your mother is being so strange. That totally sucks.

So I've reached that part of pregnancy where I can't bend over (I've started doing the squat ) and where it's really difficult to get up again if I've been sitting on the floor or in one of those people-eating chairs. I've taken to holding my belly in order to get a seat! Feels like a bit of a lie to me, since most of what I'm calling "belly" is still fat at this point, but since my uterus is above my belly button standing up, I feel like I'm entitled.
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Home birth.
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Okay. It's official. I hurt!
My belly is hurting a ton! I am going to call my MW tomorrow to see what she thinks. It started hurting just all over along the bottom, now it's mostly on the right side. It's not excruciating or anything... but it is sharp and has lasted for a couple of days now. I just want to make sure all is well. I've been getting a ton of BHs too. It's very uncomfortable.
I too have reached the point where I can't bend over, and if something falls to the floor it very likely will stay there until either DH or DD picks it up.
I bought a few maternity clothes yesterday at the Motherhood outlet. I'm happy. I really need more cute clothes.

Baby is kicking up a storm. I can definitely see my belly move while he pounds away... maybe that's why the belly is hurting... :
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*grins* Well, I had every intention of responding in kind to each post a little note but by the time I clicked reply I'd forgotten half of what I was going to say! (I only recently started taking the flax seed oil -- here's hoping it kicks in with my mush brain soon).

So forgive me for not including everyone in text but you're all in my thoughts Hooray for the weight lost, the weight gained, and the happy ultrasounds. And comfort hugs to all having a hard time right now.

(This part I remembered) Carley -- I understand totally about being sensitive about the weight gain thing. I'm 5'2" and have always been one of those petite people. I had just gotten my weight up to 109 when I finally got pg (being underweight [~100lbs] for years was contributing to our infertility issues, I think). I went in for my monthly appt today and weigh 123.

(I'd weigh even more only I lost some weight when I had food poisoning a few weeks ago. Up to 14lbs now but would have been closer to 20 I know.)

And it's ALL in my tummy -- and because of my size, I look huge -- plus I am very shortwaisted so it sticks out a lot and when people ask how far along I am (I start week 22 tomorrow), I get that look and they say something about twins or due earlier, etc. My boss keeps pointing out how I waddle now when I walk. Anyday now I'm going to snap back, "Well at least when I give birth that'll change. You'll be a tacky bitch forever."

Anyway you're not alone. But sorry about your mom being a pooper. Yay for the nice MIL though Hopefully your mom's attitude will change once her granddaughter arrives. It's amazing how a baby's smile can melt the coolest moods, I hear.

Speaking of moodiness -- the BPD has been horrid lately but today's m/w visit gave me great news of a medicine I can take that's safe and I only need take it on occasion instead of daily -- I'm so relieved!!!

I think that'll help with insomnia too -- since I sleep much better when my brain stops clamouring nonstop.

And for the immune-boosters out there, she also told me that the anti-bac gels and lotions won't hurt the baby but they're bad to use in general, as they remove the good bacteria that actually protect us from other people's germs. So I'm ditching it all and sticking with handwashing. She said Zicam and Vit C are great to take pre-travel, and at this stage it's pretty difficult to go overboard on the Vit C. So we're good. And I'm feeling much better about our plane trip and stay at the IL's house over Christmas.

And in the holiday spirit, we're planning on putting up the Christmas decorations this weekend. The people across the street just moved in (haven't met them yet though they have a lot of cars always there, so there's lots to meet I think) and lo and behold! The other night I come home and they have every surface of their porch covered in mismatched, brightly colored bulbs that all flash at different rates.

Some are multi-color, some blue, some red, and even an orange set. It's quite...enthusiastic to say the least!

(Did I mention they all flash at different rates too?)

When I pulled up to the house the first night, I had to shield my eyes. And there was this moment of insanity where I thought about just ringing their doorbell and asking them to please please please just pick a color and I'd go BUY them all matching bulbs (and "accidentally" toss the flashers) but I realize that's crazy. And they're new and I'm being pregnant and obsessive, but oh dear Lord, it's awful to see. I feel like I'm living in a National Lampoon movie and someone's septic tank is gonna suffer.

Anyway my DH laughs and says there's nothing we can do about it and really it's okay. Maybe they're college kids living in their uncle's house for the semester or something -- I think I'll care less once I get that medication in me haha.

*laughs* But enough rambling. The baby's poking me like mad (she's lying sideways I think since I get pokes on both my right and left at the same time). The m/w said my uterus was wider than longer but didn't seem concerned and I don't mind it a bit. Baby still has room to dance so I'm good. We're due for the 4-D u/s at 28 weeks. Hopefully seeing her face will help us with a name (we're still at a loss).

Really enough rambling now.

Hugs to all And thanks for putting up with me.

PS. Pheob, my mom told me something about if your placenta becomes a teensy bit dislodged in one spot it can cause you to have severe abdominal pains -- it happened to her, and she even had bleeding at one point but the baby (my brother) was 100% FINE and everything was fine but she was in serious pain at times -- and coudn't stand even leaning against the counter. There's not always bleeding though as blood from it can pool or be reabsorbed -- and it is often not harmful at all, just painful. I could be remembering it wrong but that's what she told me anyway. Ask your ob/mw about it? Mom made it sound like it was no big deal -- but the pain part sucked.
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Coming out of lurkdom to say yay Adina! Congrats on the good ultrasound and the baby girl. Need any baby clothes? Hope things continue to go smoothly for you and baby.
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Congrats on the great u/s s and girls Adina & Carley

My U/s update
We also had an u/s yesterday, baby looks great (still a suprise ) but my placenta is low From what I am reading and having asked on the B&B board its pretty common for a 20week scan (another reason I wont be using u/s next pregnancy! if it was true placenta previa by 3rd trimester there would be other sypmtoms) but if it doesn't move up I will have to have a c-sec I have another scan scheduled for 34weeks. I am sad to have to have another scan but now that I have had one and this has been seen I will need to have the 34week for the midwifes to attend my homebirth I'm feeling a little sad and frustrated, a little annoyed with myself but I know none of this is productive. When ds sleeps I'm going to do some hypnobirthing CDs and probably meditate and do visulisations of my placenta moving up.

Thanks for listening
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Congrats to Elionwy on losing weight. I want to lose a little bit on my rear end. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe you just need to get some wrap-around dresses? I'm wearing one today (patterned wrap-around from Old Navy), and I'm glad to know that it will always fit... At least I hope. [/QUOTE]

Allright. I'm going to stop replying to this when I see it, soon, because it is making me crazy. WHY on EARTH would anyone congratulate ANYONE for losing weight during this stage of pregancy?! It is BAD! She should see her doc/midwife and find out the reason! It is not healthy to lose weight in pregnancy, and I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that people on here would actually congratulate her on that. It's like.. oh, you have gestational diabetes! CONGRATS! I hope I get it too!

Are people so warped from our weight-crazy society that they can't understand what healthy weight gain is in pregancy?! Do you know you're making people who gain *normal* amounts of weight feel bad? We have threads on here titled "oh no too much weight" from people who are gaining exactly the average, normal amount of weight.

I'd expect this in, like, COSMO, but not here. I ferverently wish that the people on here losing weight are healthy, that their babies are healthy, and that they find out the reasons for what is happening and fix them (i.e. bad diabetes- you lose weight!!). Let's treat it like the serious issue it is.

Alright, I'll try to get off my soapbox now. I'm just still so shocked to see this here.
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