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Carpooling with twins

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We have been car pooling with twins this year to dd's preschool. What I find is that there is always an argument (between the twins) over who gets to sit where and we're always dealing with the trouble of three. What are some things I can do as the mom of the singleton to ease the intensity of the trip?

Here's what I've done so far. I have assigned seats. I have given the "choice" seat to the one who complains the least. I have rotated seating so everyone gets a chance to sit in each carseat.

As far as the three thing. I know that has to be hard. What are some things you have tried to make that work?
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I'd probably assign seats, that eliminates fights. We've never had an issue with the windows though since we have a van an everyone could have a window. If the window thing is an issue then I'd rotate.
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My twins (now 2) are doing this too.

In order to maintain your sanity, I suggest assigning seats and sticking to it. You could make it fun for them by making name tags for their seats with stickers or something that they could see on their seat every morning.

You could also aske their caregiver what he or she suggests.
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