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My baby came on my birthday!

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And he came on my birthday! My water broke at 11pm on the 25th. Contractions started soon afterward about 4 minutes apart. The hospital was an hour away, so we left at midnight and arrived at 1am with my contractions 2-3 minutes apart. They continued like that, and continued to get stronger as time progressed. I was 2cm when I got to the hospital, but quickly progressed to a 5 and then 8. That is when things got really crazy! My contractions were practically constant and there was insane intense pressure...I kept saying I was going to crap myself.The birthing ball had helped until then, but at that point nothing seemed to help, so I hugged my DH and swayed. The hospital staff were great and let me do what I wanted. They were also very concerned about my birth plan and discussed it with me when I got there, everyone who came in let me know they had read it. Anyway. I started to really feel like I had to push, so they checked me and I was 10, it had only been about 15-20 minutes! So I started pushing. Wow that was hard and intense. I really felt a lot like I couldn't do it, especially toward the end I was pretty exhausted. It burned SO bad when he crowned, but felt incredible once he was out. He had to go to NICU due to asperating and swallowing a bunch of fluid. There was meconium in my water, which luckily was not in his lungs, but they had to watch him for a few hours. I got to hold him briefly before he left, and DH went with him, while my mom who was at the birth too (and also a great help) stayed with me. He was born at 8:38 am, a little less than 10 hours after my water broke. Drug free (except for one dose of antibiotics for the GBS).
He is beautiful. Lots of thick black hair, big eyes. 7 pounds 11 ounces, 21 inches long. (Obviously they were quite wrong about the 9 pounds they estimated from the ultrasound last week!) He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

Silas Rafael 11/26/05 (was due 11/17) Born drug free
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that is so cool! i was born right before my mom's bday and always thought that would be neat! what a great present

sounds like a good birth experience- glad he is ok!
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Congratulations! What a nice birthday present. My sister was born the day after my 2nd birthday and I always thought she was one of my gifts (that somehow Mama had done that on purpose )

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What a wonderful gift! Happy birthday to you both, and congratulations!
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Happy birthday to both!! Congrats!
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Ooh!!! Happy birthday to both of you!!
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Congratulations on a great birth on a great birthday!
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Congrats to you! Yay for drug free babes. I've got one of those, too!
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What a super cool name! I love his name. Congratulations to you, mama! : :
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