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Originally Posted by Saramomofmany
I am totally against the government having any more tabs on us then they already do.
Me too. The government scares the poop outta me. Along with everyone else who support their liberty stealing programs. I would like to see someone make me microchip my horse. He wasn't born on my property and I take him to shows. I've already had the government kill one of my dogs and they threatened to kill another if we didn't use her as a guinnea pig for microchips (this was 10 years ago). (long story for both of those) I'm a law abiding citizen and I take care of my animals making sure they are all healthy, so why do I have to deal with the government every time I turn around?
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Originally Posted by bailey228
I've already had the government kill one of my dogs and they threatened to kill another if we didn't use her as a guinnea pig for microchips (this was 10 years ago). (long story for both of those)

Geez, I can't even respond through my sputtering...WTF????
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I hope this is ok to put here:

Here is a good article from Countryside Magazine about the NAIS.

Countryside Mag-NAIS article
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Definitely ok to post links! Here is one that I just received:
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I was just coming here to post the info on the countyside article too! I thought it was very thorough. I am following this story with interest. Although I am in Canada, it seems that what happens south of the border seems to affect us regularly here. I really hope that Americans will be able to effectively oppose this. It is hard to believe that it has come to this. Will the government not be happy until everyone is part of a giant corporate machine? Sorry if I'm sounding too much like a doomsday conspiracy theorist, but is this not a little too 1984-ish?
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I'll believe it when I see it

Oh I believe they think they ae going to do it, they write laws that we are going to do it.
I'm here in Michigan, we are just getting over the big Tb scare. They(the DNR) found Tb in wild deer and elk and random other individual wild animals. So we had to have every goat and cow tested for tb. The USDA and State Veterinarians and Extension offices are responsible for gather this information and enforcing it. They are underfunded and understaffed. They can't find your information even after you have sent it in twice. They change their mind as to what the rules are every other week and then forget to tell half the people involved. The people writting the rules have never stepped foot in a real barnyard. They care much more about having the right paperwork than about what is realy going on in your barn. Last year we got a new state vet in Michigan, this one does not care to much about tb testing, this one wants us all to toe the line on scapies identification. I raise and show goats on a national level and continually have to deal with the government on this stuff. (and don't even ask a horse person about dealing with cogins)

Here is some practical advise if you realy have to deal with it.

1.Develope a realtionship with a good, practical country vet. there are vets who will help you deal with regulations and help you with the health of your animals. They will not nail you for having an unidentified chicken.
2. Don't waste your breath arguing with the government, If they want you to put these tags in your goats ears take the tags and agree with what they say, whether or not the tags really find there way to the goats ears is up to you.
3. Buy registered animals with papers from a national organization whenever possible. My goats are registered, and have tattoos that match the papers, so far the papers and matching id have saved me from having to use government id forms (ear tags) my show animals have a microchip and that number is also on the papers because microchips are easier to use than tattoos. Only if I sell a goat without papers do I have to provide a governmant ear tag.
4. Don't report problems unless you realy have a problem. A friend found one dead bat on her property and it was found to have rabies. She ended up having to have all her animals vaccinated and go through a year of quarrentine with her animals (ya try to make a proffit on them critters then!)
If you find 20 dead bats you might have a problem, other wise shovel and shut up. - This is where having a resonable vet is helpful.
5. Remeber you are dealing with individual people who might have big egos. Be polite, nod and smile. They are understaffed and underfunded if you don't give them reason to remmeber you, they will probably forget you. They might even help you. If you want to be militant about your rights then get a lawyer and take it to court. You are banging your head on the wall trying to argue with a cog in the machine.
6. Find a reasonable country vet.
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I just read on the NoNais website that people are being enrolled "voluntarily" without their knowledge or consent. It is happening in WA state and other states as well. Here is the link to that story http://nonais.org/index.php/2006/02/01/the-usda-called/
Be sure to read the comments posted below it as well.
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This is getting way too scary. I had contemplated moving but then figured out that its only a matter of time before it spreads elsewhere.

Word is starting to spread, it's on the Organic Consumers Association website now: http://www.organicconsumers.org/ofgu/ID060202.cfm
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If you look at the sponsors of these "ideas", you'll see some interesting names - a few being Digital Angel (chips) and Tyson (chicken n' eggs) and ConAgra (beef).

Gee, ya think those companies might stand to profit from making it prit-near impossible for people to raise their own chooks/eggs/pigs/goats/cattle/etcetera? Then we'd all have to buy Tyson chicken n' eggs, ConAgra hamburger, and, of course, chip our animals with Digital Angel microchips!!!

Naaaaaaahhhhhhh....the fed.gov and state.govs are never influenced by big business...especially agribusiness...

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Some new developments from the April 6 press release from the USDA:
mandatory deadline for compliance has been pushed back to January 2009 instead of 2008. So we have gained some much-needed time, however, they are still pushing for it to go through.

Read the developments here (scroll down): http://www.farmandranchfreedom.org/wot_nais.html
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Dr. Mercola now has an article on his site about this.

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Action Alert!

Just got this action alert to stop NAIS funding:

Immediate Action Required!

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) has introduced an amendment to block funding for the National Animal Identification System (NAIS). His amendment will probably be voted on late Wednesday afternoon or evening as part of the House Agriculture Appropriations bill (HR 5384).

This is a great opportunity to stop NAIS. If the funding is cut off, then the USDA cannot continue to give grants to state agencies and private companies to promote and implement the program!

Please call your Congressman today! We do not have much time to rally support for Rep. Paul's amendment, so it is critical that everyone take action without delay.

The Capitol Switchboard number (202) 225-3121. If you don't know who to call, go to http://en.groundspring.org/EmailNow/...61861&u=709458 and enter your zip code in the box on the left-hand side of the screen. Your Congreesional Rerpresentative's contact information will be provided.

Ask her/him to vote for Ron Paul's Amendment to HR 5384 to block funding for NAIS because (choose a couple of reasons you think most appropriate, or use your own):

1. NAIS will be too costly and burdensome for farmers and ranchers.

2. NAIS invades the privacy of every American who owns even one livestock animal, whether a horse, pet pot-bellied pig, chicken, cow, goat, sheep, etc.

3. NAIS will not protect us against disease or bioterrorism because
(a) it does not address the causes of disease;
(b) it does not address how diseases are transmitted;
(c) we already have sufficient means of tracking diseases and controlling outbreaks; and
(d) the recommended technology (ISO radiotags) can be easily reprogrammed, so that it is ineffective against intentional introductions of disease.

4. NAIS will greatly expand the government bureaucracy, at the cost of individuals' rights and the free market.

5. NAIS will raise the cost of food, while not providing any additional food safety.

6. NAIS has been developed by the USDA without Congressional hearings or debate, and without any real involvement of the tens of thousands of individuals who will be affected.

If you have questions about this action alert, please contact Judith McGeary at judith@farmandranchfreedom.org

Please call now. And forward this alert to all of your contacts, so that we can create the support we need for Congressman Paul's amendment!

Judith McGeary (Austin, TX Chapter Leader)
Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance

If you wish to join Judith's mailing list on NAIS, please go to http://en.groundspring.org/EmailNow/...61861&u=709460
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Originally Posted by RAF
I just read on the NoNais website that people are being enrolled "voluntarily" without their knowledge or consent.
I totally believe this. My kids were "voluntarily" enrolled in Indiana's vaccine registry simply because I took them to a doctor who was a member of the program (and they didn't tell us this, of course).

Isn't the government so 'helpful'?
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Originally Posted by Saramomofmany
Here is a good article from Countryside Magazine about the NAIS.

Countryside Mag-NAIS article
I just got my first issue of Countryside in the mail today and there was a letter from one of the government agencies encouraging Countryside readers to not only keep an open mind about NAIS but to embrace it.

I would have laughed, except that I couldn't. I knew this person was serious.
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This steams me so badly. I currently have 20-something silkie bantams, but I hatch for other people, hatch for myself, etc. I have 26 runner duck eggs in the incubator and more silkie eggs coming, I give some away, sell some, etc...this is RIDICULOUS.

I seriously think the Bird Flu hype is a huge scare tactic to get the government in to ours lives even more. Makes me SO mad!!!
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