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Do nursing necklaces work?

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There was a spin-off from a thread in TAO and Mat4Mel and I want to know...

Has anyone successfullly used a nursing necklace? What kind? How long?

My belly and breasts are full of scratches from tiny nails...


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Ds is 13 mo now and we made a necklace a few months ago our of yarn and pasta noodles. He pulled on it and it sorta felt like I was being choked! I think it just depends on the baby. I bite his nails while he is nursing so that takes care of the sharp nails. He sometimes likes ot pull on my chin but I just don't make a big deal out of it and he stops. Best of luck!
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Curious....what's a nursing necklace???
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A nursing necklace is something you wear to keep little hands occupied and from doing things that may annoy you...pulling on your chin, hair, other nipple, etc.
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Oooohhh...I may need one of those soon. Dd's almost five months and just LOVES grabbing my hair. I was planning to get it cut, but maybe a necklace would interest her more than my hair.

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Here's some: http://babysenchantedgarden.com/home/be1/smartlist/10/0


they kinda look the same, but different vendors.

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Cool links!!! I want the "Buggy" one!!! I wish I had the money. Myabe dh will get it for me for valentine's day.
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I know some women who use these nursing necklaces( I'll post the link last) and they say they do really work for them. I'm in the process of ordering one for my son, he has started to twiddle too hard, ouch. These are made to order and Lori (the woman who makes them) will put your childs name on them. I like these ones best out of the ones I have seen. They look like they would hold a babes or toddlers attention really well.
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I have one that I custom ordered. It seems like the woman I bought it from doesn't make them anymore.

Anyway, DS really does like to play with it. I find it very useful for when I'm carrying him in the sling as well, because otherwise he likes to grab my hair.
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My step sister made one for me. It's pretty simple, big beads in bright colors, a few smaller beads with shiney stuff in the middle.
He loves it, sometimes he does try to put the beads in his mouth while he's nursing, but if I hold them out of reach of his mouth he really likes touching them.
I think the key is not to give them to the child unless you are nursing, because they aren't really safe toys for babies to play with, KWIM?
I've never had a problem with DS pulling on it and choking me. Maybe when he's older he'll try that, but so far it's been great!

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I bought a couple of plastic teether bracelets made from plastic beads, took them apart and made nursing necklaces by stringing them on silk cords for a couple of friends of mine. Plastic isn't very pretty and some people try to avoid using it, but it worked really well for one of the moms, she wore it everywhere for a long time and got lots of amused smiles (I made it in a rainbow pattern).
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