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How long does it take to get child support?

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I filed for child support about a month ago, STBX received his letter asking about his income almost 20 days ago. They gave him 20 days to fill it out and return it. I'm pretty sure he hasn't done either. When I filed for support I gave them copies of his past two month's pay stubs (I worked for his construction company and had access to all this). How long does it typically take to receive to establish an amount and receive payment, etc? He owns his own company so I understand it may be more complicated. He is also going to fight me to the death before he gives me a cent.

Not sure if it matters, but we're still not yet divorced and have nothing in writing reguarding assetts or custody.
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When you find out, let me know... My ex is dodging getting served. They already established the amounts. Catching him is the tricky part...
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Once our case went to court and everything I saw my first check about two months later.
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Its supposed to be once its ordered by the court the HR gets sent a garnishment of the amount and its to be taken out immediately. But with him having his own company it may be a bit harder, and yeah, my county jsut plain sucks so it took a long time, like months.
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To get child support order started takes at least two-three months, depending on the area where you live (downtown major city or urban area), motivation of child support staff (call them EVERY WEEK. Learn their names. Leave messages. Drop by for a visit. Remember - squeeky wheel gets the check.) If they have problems serving him, insist that they serve him by publication. Takes three weeks, and then you are done. Go to the laws of your state and read every single one of them, you'll learn a lot of useful information that way. But remember, even if you do all the work, there is no guarantee that you actually get paid. Good luck.

(My ex has $40 grand in arrears and suspended criminal non-support sentence. I am *STILL* not getting paid.)
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From the time we went to court and got the court order for support til the time I got my first check it was 4 months. He dodged it until then by playing stupid games, not filling out the paperwork, getting his lawyer to crap around and try and change the court order, getting his employer to take as much time as she could filling out the paperwork, etc. Now that it has started I get it every month, take directly out of his paycheck so he never sees it.
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It took the DOR 6 months to get all the paperwork filled out, the court date settled, and the first check to arrive to me after I petitioned for child support....
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with DS, it took years, Im talking several. With DD who is 16 months and her dad has never bothered to try to see her, its been established and ordered but he's working "under the table" and NOT paying.

Did i say here "dad has never bothered to see her" I meant to say her "sperm donor" has never bothered to see her. LOL Had to clear that up.
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It was between 2 and 3 months for me
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The squeaky wheel does get the oil. I stay on the FOC. Getting through their processing hasn't been the problem. I filed in July or so. My appointment was in August or September.

They talked to him via phone and came to the amount that he has to pay. He even went as far as to say that he has no problem paying the CS. Then the problems came...

The ex has avoided being served by certified mail, so now they have to send someone out to serve him. The waiting game is what sucks...
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Our child support "hotline" here is RIDICULOUS! I've tried calling around 20 times now and EVERY time I call I either get an immediate busy signal or I make it past the automated menu then get a busy signal!

I'm thinking of going down to the office for an update, but the office is 45 mins away. I guess I'll just keep trying to get through and hope for the best.
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