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(SAD UPDATE...Dec 19) Something is very wrong... (cross-posted)

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Dec 15 update: ultrasound this morning confirmed that it IS ectopic...waiting to have surgery... : that I won't lose the tube... Dec 19 update: lost the tube...even though the OB didn't think it WAS ectopic...waiting to find out if the baby is really gone

cross-posted with 'fertility'

Mamas: I'm freaking out here! Literally bawling my eyes out! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I've had right-sided (ovary?) pain for awhile that has gotten significantly worse in the last week (since my last dr apt)
I went in today. He did a pelvic exam & said that my uterus felt enlarged, as did my right ovary. "Consider yourself pregnant unless we prove you otherwise" He insisted on a urine preg test before sending me for an ultrasound. It was negative. He's written on the ultrasound requistion "Uterus feels 10 weeks" "right ovary enlarged" "cancellation list please" & something else that I can't read.
My period was due 3 or 4 days ago. (day 1 of last cycle was Oct 31)
The hospital has put me on a cancellation list, but said it'll prob be sometime next week before I'll even be called.

So...if I'm not pregnant...what causes a uterus to enlarge THAT MUCH??? Tumor? Fibroids? Endometriosis?
If I am pregnant, why isn't it showing up on a urine test? Especially if I'm pregnant enough for my uterus to feel like a 10 week pregnant uterus...you would think that I would show up positive on a pregnancy test, right?

(Quick background: We've had trouble conceiving for 2 years, I had an infection in my right ovary 1.5 years ago, I had an ectopic pregnancy on my right side 12 years ago & at that time they also removed a cyst the size of a grapefruit & I've had lots of ovarian cysts since then- all smaller, though)

Please, please, please tell me what you think it could be. (And if you are a praying kinda person- no matter which God you pray to- PLEASE pray for me)
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It could be a uterine fibroid. I'm sure someone else will have more information. I hope you get this resolved quickly.
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I am sorry that I don't have answers for you but I just wanted to know that I will pray for you and I also wanted to throw you a
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I have a candle burning for you, you are in my prayers.
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Oh, wow. No info for you, but just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts. I hope you can get in for an ultrasound soon.
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You are in my prayers.
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Quick update:
Radiology called this morning. They've got me in on a 9:30 cancellation!!!
3 cups of water & 1 & I should be ready.
Wish me luck/pray.
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i'm praying for you, please keep us posted
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You're probably finding out what's up at this very moment, but....

Just wanted to say I'm praying for you, and also that the enlarged uterus sounds like fibroid(s) to me. I had a very similar experience several months ago (before I got PG).

I've had ovarian cysts before, too, and they definitely hurt. So maybe you have both? Poor thing. Hang in there.....
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Just back from the ultrasound.
Of course, the technican isn't supposed to say anything...the official line is "we'll have our doctors here look at it & send the report to your doctor within 2 business days"
but...she did answer a few questions. (even if they weren't answered directly, KWIM?)
She said that my endometrium lining is really thick, that would be consistent with pregnancy, but also with a due-period.
That if I was pregnant it would not show up yet on an ultrasound. That they usually don't see a baby until at least 6 weeks.
She spent a lot of time looking at my right ovary. There were 'black circles' on/around it...when I asked if they (namely a large black circle) were cysts she said they 'could be' and that 'follicles also appear as black circles'.
I said "so...if I had a large cyst that had twisted- you would see that, right?" She said "yes, we would see that"
And she also said that if it was something life-threatening that they wouldn't let me leave the hospital (which they did, so I can assume that it's not life-threatening...at least not immediate)
So...I'm not really any closer to knowing anything...except that I am unlikely to die over the weekend & that I'll have to talk to my doctor on Monday to see if they've received the results.
Off to check the web for ultrasound photos of ovaries to compare them with what I saw.

Tine: I read online that with fibroids one would usually have abnormal bleeding or painful periods, which I don't. Did you have those symptoms?
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I will be : that everything is good....
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Originally Posted by BCmamaof5
I read online that with fibroids one would usually have abnormal bleeding or painful periods, which I don't. Did you have those symptoms?
Yes, with fibroids, periods are prolonged (mine lasted for 2-3 weeks), were exceptionally heavy (double plugging every hour and depends with plugs overnight), and you have cramps that go from your ovaries to your rectum. You'd know if you had a big old fibroid!
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BCmama....I'll be praying for you! It sounds like the dr. may even have made a mistake thinking your uterus felt big? I dont know but remember dr.'s dont always know everything.....I hope they have good solid answers for you soon but it sounds like you might be pg?? Good luck
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Sending a big to you mama. Adenomyosis, which is endometriosis of the uterus itself, can cause an enlarged uterus. Hope that's not what it is though, as it's very hard to treat.
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OMG! Just did a HPT & got a VERY faint !!!
I don't wanna get too excited yet...but all of the others I've done over the last week have been VERY
I'm going to take a pic of it & post it- so you can give me your opinions.
(If I am pregnant- it could still be ectopic- which would probably explain the pain on that side- and considering that I had a previous ectopic on that side...)
So...not ready to do a happy dance yet...
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: :

Keep us posted, please!
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Sending ++++ thoughts!
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Just updating to say that we still haven't ruled out an ectopic...I am going in for another ultrasound on Thursday morning.
I am 6 weeks today.
I want this baby SO badly...
We have been TTC for 2 years!!! I was really beginning to think that this would never happen, KWIM? To lose the baby now would just be SO SO sad.
: that everything will be okay.
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I will continue to pray for you! I sincerely hope everything is completely normal and you will be holding your baby blessing in August!
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