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Rachel Amelia is here

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dear gals i am typing one handed with my daughter on my chest the mastercard version of her birth

prelabor tuesday through thursday: frustrating
labor friday afternoon and all friday night: tougher than imagined
3 hours to get complete from 9 cms saturday am: exhausting
2 hours of pushing at home followed by transport to hospital: incredibly sucky
seeing daughter in nicu: heartrending

being back home with perfect little girl the monday after: priceless
gotta go feed queen rachel
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Awww, wonderful news that you are back at home all OK!!! Hey you have to change your username now!
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Congratulations!! : Welcome to the world little Rachel! Enjoy your delicious babymoon.
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Congrats Rachel..glad that you are back at home!! ; )
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(How weird- we have the same mastercard adverts over here...)
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so glad you're all ok and home! what an experience you had. hope you are all doing well now and enjoying each other!
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Glad you are both doing well. Congratulations!

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Welcome baby Rachel! Congrats on the hard work and job well done- rest up and enjoy your babymoon
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Glad everyting was OK in the end. Congrats!
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