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annybody lse here nerdy enough to play AD&D?

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my dh & i decided we needed a little goofy fun, & so we invited some of his friends from work over for dungeons & dragons. i used to play it before i had kids, & he's never played it. we're such overgrown nerds, we're having so much fun!

looks like we're going to be buying books every paycheck... it's been so long, there's so much new stuff. i remeber when the first monster manual came out! now there's guidebooks for every class, books on planning epic campaigns, world building, rooms & traps, a hard-to-find guide to evil characters ...that's not even counting the packaged campaigns or the miniature painting...

it's been so long! am i a nerd or what? it's so much fun! dd's goddess-mother is DMing, and it's not just monster-killing, she's going to make us use our brains. we play after ds has gone to bed. i was a little worried about taking care of dd while we played but everyone's cool with me nursing while battling orcs or whatever. we're continuing the game friday, and i can't wait. i'm like a big kid, i shouldn't be having this much fun...
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You wouldn't be alone in having so much fun. Everyone at our house plays, and DH writes for Dragon magazine as well as writing/designing for various d20 companies. Wait 'til your little one gets to math age, and start a little fighter-type ... All those die rolls are great for the arithmetic!
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We had Friday night games every Friday just before Sam was born. The fun thing was that I used to play with my brother, my husband (only not then) and his best friend friend in high school. The only person missing this last round was my brother.

No shame in D&D. I am proud of my roots! It has made me the person I am today. (OKay, so my sisters call me dork.)
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i am a happy nerd! when dh got home from work he confirmed that everyone's ok for the game this friday...i've spent all week wondering what will happen next.

the character i'm playing now is a half-elf rogue, but i've always wanted to play a character with a baby in a sling. would that give an attack bonus? the whole mama-wolf-defending-one's young kinda thing?

ok, here's a question: suppose you've got a human mother with a half-elf kid. the player's handbook lists humans as reaching maturity around 15 and half-elves somewhere in their 20's. a half-elf's lifespan is about 180 years, and both elves and half-elves of course mature slower than humans. here's my question: how long would you have to breastfeed a half-elf baby? would human milk be fine for a half-elf, or would the mother have to supplement with an elven wet nurse? utterly silly question: what kind of armor can you nurse in? does half-elf teething last any longer, and is it easier or worse than human teething?

(not that important, but it kind of affects my character's backstory.) yes, i am a nut.

i'll bet if you had a half-elf baby you'd probably want to homeschool. other kids would make fun of the pointy ears, if nothing else. the gym teacher & school nurse would call them developmentally slow, but the teachers might label them as gifted. although they'd probably do quite well with waldorf education...
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how long would you have to breastfeed a half-elf baby?
There's a question I have never heard during my many years of involvment in fantasy games..


too funny...

Honestly think letting the baby self wean would work just fine Just guessing they probably would nurse until 5 years or so. I'm no elf expert, though.

Haha can imagine chainmail armour with nursing slits in them...or perhaps some nifty little hinged panels in your chestplate. Maybe you could even get nursing gear that gives special abilities or ups your stats?
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I play!! I actually DM for my group... A bit hard, because one player wants mind gymnastics, the other one just want to hack and slash, this other one wants to cast spells at every opp. ect, ect. But I'm having fun incorporating it all together! I hope our kids will be able to join in when they are old enough!!

The half elf question is very funny!! Trying to figure that one out right now!
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actually, the real reason i want to know this is because i'm planning on having an illegitimate half-elven love child with legolas! well, yes of course my husband will be jealous! he can't get pregnant with a half-elven love child!

we have a great DM. hack-and-slashers annoy me to no end. and the "watch me cast another powerful spell" wizards make me want to see them find themselves hors d'oevres for a mind-flayer. i like playing rogues & thieves, no magic (i'm pagan & this is supposed to be fantasy) and as few weapons, gadgets and "props" as i can get away with. i love paying thieves because they can be so subtle...although the one i'm playing now has kind of a robin hood complex.

still, i picked up our copy of the book of vile darkness today. so now i'm ready for legolas AND snape! yeah baby! bring 'em on!

can't wait for friday's game!
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I am a gamer too! I met dh playing Magic, we are having problems getting everyone's schedule to work out for an rpg game at our house right now.. dh is starting to have withdrawel..
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*sigh* I so miss being able to play Ad&D But the Group I play with meets at a time I can never make. I havnt played in 5 years!!
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Magic is awesome for the kids! We have a big ol' free-for-all every other weekend or so, and my son's friends come play, too. It has put an entirely different spin on all the new collectible card games that are out there today for them ... They all recognize Magic as the Big Daddy!
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i went years without playing, and it was really starting to get to me. i never thought i'd play again. so dh & i made a game happen. we eventually found enough people who hadn'y played in awhile & suddenly, there were our friday nights.

i've never played any of the collectible card cames - well, i used to play the X-files game with an ex years ago, but i don't even remember how it was played. i figure, between D&D, art supplies, and the occaisional music or DVD purchase, i'm already overspending!

one of the reasons we wanted to get back to gaming (well, for dh it was an introduction to gaming) was because we're homeschooling ds, and probably dd too, unless a miracle happens & we can afford a private alternative or waldorf school in another 3-5 years! role-playing builds so many skills: reading comprehension, math, socialization, problem-solving, imaginative play...the list could probably go on and on.

gotta go, dd just started bellowing. (she's fighting sleep.) ye gods, my boobs ache. so happy this one's not a half-elf!
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I think I just had a flashback to high school!

Mike used to play RPG and I must say that I have played a little D&D myself back in the day (cannot remember ANY of the rules), I remember not too many chicks playing so I was a rarity at the time. Always cracked me up about kids who played RPG's getting a bad rap, after all if we are in the basement at a friend's house eating pizza and playing a game then we really can't be out causing trouble, can we? A few years back a bunch of us old friends were talking about having an all-costume D&D game for Halloween... it never came about, though. Too bad, it would have been a blast.

It's cool too that Magic seems to be making a comeback... of course, Mike's mom sold all his cards for a pittance to some kid at a garage sale she had several years ago : which is too bad as he had several very good cards... that kid must have been laughing all the way home!

Recently, Mike found out that a friend of his is also a gamer, so I could easily see a return of this activity to our home...

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Well good grief, XM, look where you live! Of course you're gonna find gamers up there in The Homeland!
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Originally posted by Mamaste
Well good grief, XM, look where you live! Of course you're gonna find gamers up there in The Homeland!
Um... is Seattle the homeland for gamers, or the homeland for geeks? Have I been living in Nerd Valhalla all this time unawares? I know a few people who 'used' to game but none who currently do. Everyone here pretty much plays PC games (one of our good friends is a game developer, and kind of like glassblowers, you can't throw a rock in this town without hitting one).

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Mike's mom sold all his cards for a pittance to some kid at a garage sale
ouch! I remember when Dh and i sold our collection years ago to a comic shop..I forget why we sold it, but we got about $1500 for them I forget what all was in there. Had some beta I remember. I also remember people drooling all over the 4 icy manipulators we had, though. Don't even know if that card is legal any longer. I sort of quit playing when they intorduced all those counters into the game..gawd I hate counters....

Dh plays every saturday now, again, but I'm never invited I don't think I really wanna hang out with his friends anyhow. That was a fun game, though.
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I currently work at a comic/gaming store. Icy manipulators are still legal but only in a couple of formats. Type II is the newer editions and they are not legal there ..I have some icies too.. I am actuallly quite pathetic about how many card games dh and I own excessive quantities of..we have ssooo many!! And dont get me started about action figs and comics!! ARG!!

We had a Magic Tournament at the shop tonight but it was mostly just for fun..we sold them little packets we had made from all the different sets and had a tournament with those..some of the younger players had no idea what some of the old stuff was..wow...

You must have had good stuff if you got $1500!!

But we have Yu-gi-oh tomorrow (vomiting noises) I hate it!! Please dont let your kids get into this game..it is not very good and the cards are too much $$$$!! But it is "the thing" right now..*hurl*

Um, XM, the most the big name game companies are in your area.. you should be able to find people..why not try posting a thing at a game shop about looking for players or see if any shops have any open games going??

I am running a Chil game right now.. It is a really super old horror game it was a lot of fun..
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XM, I am in your general area. I love Magic, haven't played seriously for years. I don't have the attention spa to play all night but DH played RPG's for years. Frodo, he says your DM has the final say on the half elf but halflings are always good for drama.
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well, i asked dar (our DM) about nursing a half elf, and she laughed and said she'd have to research a little. it didn't make the "wall of infamy" though, which is when someone says something really outrageous it gets put up on the wall. friday's entry: DM: "are you two identical twins?" player: "no, we're falalfel". we were going to do a pun fund to pay for pizza but everyone's afraid of becoming further impoverished by it.

the DM is also my daughter's goddess-mother, and my son is really fond of her too. he's so impatient to read so e can play, dar pulled him onto her lap and flipped through the player's handbook with him, so he'd stop burning up with curiosity about how the game is played and exactly what we do. so cute!

XM, my dad had a copy of the first printing of the original first edition D&D monster manual. he _gave_ it away, the idiot. i can imagine your anguish at having mike's cards go for a song.

warrior princess, i noticed in the player's handbook and monster manual that halflings don't appear to have hairy feet any more. when i started playing way back in the dark ages of the 80's, halflings were more or less hobbits, with hairy hobbit feet. what's up with that? where'd the hairy feet go? i'm playing the half-elf now, but i love playing halflings too, and if i'm going to be a proper halfling, i want hairy feet! i don't care what the book shows. in my head, they have hairy feet!
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Nerdy AP moms? Wish I knew more in real life!

How long would they nurse? Life span 180 years? What is the current human life span...say 80 years? So an elf would nurse
longer than a human. In real life human Medical associations recommend at LEAST 2 years of nursing. THe human immune system is said to mature at age 5 to 7 years. So an elf would nurse AT LEAST 4.4 years or up to 15.4 years. Puberty matters too, when do elves sexually mature? I never heard of a self-weaned child who didn't stop at least a year or two before puberty, even the longest-nursing ones.

It could be fun making up recommendations based on the human ones (AAP, WHO, UNICEF, AAFP etc.)
"Ideally elves should nurse until at least four years of age, or thereafter as long as mutually desired by elf mother and child," says the Association of Elven Lactation...

Elven nursing battle attire...you slay me!
I'm picturing a tunic with big holes where the breasts are, and then an overtunic of some type....do you suppose the hinges are loud and attract the attention of enemies when you are trying to hide? Maybe the elf mom could stop to oil her hinges, cursing all the while, then the child poops or starts to cry and she says "some days I just can't get ANYTHING done!!!"
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ok, how about some type of leather armor for nursing elf-warrior mamas? plate, scale or chain mail would probably chafe baby's tender skin, not to mention posing a choking hazard should some of the scales or chain mail rings come loose. leather armor is usually toughened with oils, s it's hard, like shoe leather. maybe a couple of tie-on panels or shells over the breasts, that could be unlaced, untied, or otherwise loosened and swung or pushed aside? would the leather creak? that would cause a problem for my rogue. we'd want enough coverage to keep the breasts protected in a melee, but with easy access so that an older babe could push it aside themselves (as long as it wasn't in the middle of a battle or situation requiring stealth. can't you imagine trying to sneak past a sleeping orc guard, and suddenly the kid in the sling yells "want booby NOW!" and starts digging at your chest.

of course, the sling would have to have some sort of magical sheild, to protect the youngster during melee and still allow safe freedom of movement. how did willow manage it? would carrying a baby in a sling give a bonus to your attack?
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