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Yes, I have an almost 5 month old who's been teething for 3 months. Lots of long, sleepless nights! Sounds like a lovely fantasy.

I'm usually much less easily confused than this.
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It WILL get easier - so much so that when your wonderful husband suggests another baby, you'll impulsively suggest castration for him over the mere memory of your exhausted, hazy existence with an infant. Nah! it's like labor - we do somehow detach from the pain (or we'd never reproduce again).
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[QUOTE=Devaskyla]I think she won't believe it, and I have difficulty believing it myself for the same reason, because from every report I've read, Eliza Jane was completely healthy until just a few weeks before she died. It's my understanding that aids causes a long downward health spiral until there's finally one infecton too many to cope with. I've never heard of someone with aids being completely healthy and suddenly being dead a few weeks later. Also, if it was pneumona, why did 3 doctors and a chest x-ray show her lungs were clear? Something doesn't add up and I completely understand why Maggiore would be questioning things.

this is my thought exactly. tho like everyone else- i believe we should let the family be and let them grieve. they lost a child, no matter to what.
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Death from HIV is not always slow.

Death from the results of HIV infection is certainly not always a long slow noticable decline, especially not in children. Had Eliza Jane been treated for her Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (P. carinii a fungus, a eukaryote, it is not affected by the amoxicillin EJ was given. Amoxicillin only stops bacteria from reproducing, it does nothing to eukaryotes.) she most likely would have lived at least another year even without any antiretroviral therapy. With proper antiretroviral therapy she would have had a chance of living a normal life.

Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia is not typical pneumonia. The signs and symptoms are different, and the course of the disease is different. Only people with severe immune deficiency, such as that caused by HIV or by immune suppressive drugs given to prevent organ transplant rejecton, get PCP.

According to Dr. Gordon (or someone impersonating him) here:
Eliza Jane has symptoms of pneumonia 3 weeks before her death, and Dr. Gordon knew that Christine was HIV-seropositive, untreated, and had breastfed EJ.
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Originally Posted by Devaskyla
Footling breech+imcompetant care=high chance of dead or damaged, though.
Yeah, tell me about it. That's how my fifth child died.

We recently had to take my (completely unvaccinated) DS to the ER at the local children's hospital for a cast on his spiral fractured leg. When they asked if his vaccines were "current" or "up to date" I just said yes. To me "current" or "Up to date" means basically "as it should be" and from my perspective and the perspective of my pediatrician, everything IS "as it should be."

This thread is really interesting.

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oh kittykat...that is so sad. I am sorry momma! (((HUGS)))
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