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potato soup

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Okay, so my husband and son really love the baked potato soup at Panera Bread, and both are really bugging me to try to replicate it. The problem is that I haven't found a good potato soup recipe that doesn't include either milk in some form or pork in some form.

Does anyone have a really good creamy potato soup recipe? Is it possible to make a creamy potato soup without including animal products?

I'd appreciate any suggestions.
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I don't have a recipe, but I have heard liquid smoke is good to replicate the pork flavor. I'm think its vegan but not 100% sure.

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soy milk and almond cheese may be worth trying- fwiw, i don't always use pork products in my potato soup & it's always tasty.

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Thanks, I'd like to try those ideas. However, I'm still looking for an actual recipe, as all of mine seem to have been flops with my family.
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