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Very Commerce

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I really hope this is ok to post here, but I just have to let the rest of you WAHMs know how happy I am with Heather at Very Commerce.

I spent 2 years as a Yahoo store and was doing ok, but I was frustrated with how inflexible the cart is and extremely unhappy with the support. When I was looking to open a second store, I started asking questions about Very Cart and Very Commerce and had all my questions answered right away. I decided to open the new store on the new host and also move my Yahoo store over as well.

Heather has been incredible to work with. I have run into some glitches along the way, but absolutely every single question I have had has been answered in exquisite detail. I've even had emails that say, "I just want to let you know that I haven't forgotten about this and I hope to have an answer today." Wow! I also think that Very Cart, which is free with Very Commerce hosting, is really easy to learn and use.

Woohoo for Very Commerce!
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yep, Heather is great to work with!
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