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a question about teachers and out of pocket?

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For those of you still or in PS do the teachers have to pay for their supplies out of their pocket?
My childrens teachers did and it made me furious. The district had passed 150MILLION bond package yet they never had money for the things the teachers needed..
We use to when we could give the teachers some $$ or ask what we could buy to help them out

I have a relative who teaches PS and I would love to see this change
If you dealt with this how did you fix it?

oh and the fundraiser money that was to pay for supplies and field trips never did and those of that asked about it where 'redirected " or ignored by the governing body
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In my public school, we get a yearly allocation of about $700 for classroom supplies. But I am in a very privileged district. From what I understand about our state budget, there will be no such privileges in the coming school year. But then again, I'm moving back home to Connecticut...
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It depends on the local school district. DH is a teacher. He gets some allocation at the beginning of the year for supplies, but it's woefully inadequate. He's a science teacher, and to do a decent job, he needs to have supplies to do demonstrations, labs, etc. He ends up paying out of pocket for a whole lot of things.
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I get $175 a year for supplies. The elem. teachers in my district get $225.
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The teachers in our school get a small amount each year, but not nearly enough. Most of our teachers have a small sign on the wall outside their classrooms where they place small sticky notes. Each note has an item that they need for the classroom such as glue sticks, paper towels, soap, flash cards, ingredients for cooking projects, etc. When parents drop by they can choose an item, remove the sticky, and send the item in with their child. Some teachers choose to ask each family for a $5 donation in the middle of the year to help with these expenses. I hate to see the already underpaid teachers spending out-of-pocket.
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I find it revolting that in order to do their job, a teacher must dip into their pockets or beg for things from parents. Isn't this why we have school taxes?

My dh is a substitute in our school district, so he doesn't have this issue right now, but as soon as he is done with completing is certification, it will be interesting to see what happens. He teaches/will be teaching Math and Science with emphasis on the Science.

I think each teacher should be able to have no less than $1500-2000 for school supplies for their room. That might not even be enough. We can't expect our teachers to provide educational opportunities outside the textbook unless we give them the ability to acquire things for their students.

Thinking back, I do recall my elementary teachers doing a lot of things from home and spending some of their own money to do things for the class. I thought they were just really into what they did. They were, but probably a little more than they hoped they would have to be in a financial way.

Teachers don't get paid enough to start, then to almost expect them to contribute out of pocket is ridiculous.
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I couldn't agree with you more ..
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I am in a private school, and I could use simple requisitions from the office for papers and decorations, and bulletin boards.

I have had to get o.k.'s for certain other uses of my bulletin boards as "mountian math" and "mountain language", a special working bulletin board that is colorful but educational. I bought it on my own b/c I liked working w/ it in public school.

The copy machine is used only by one person, and I need to order everything two weeks ahead of time.

Organization is the key here.
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While I agree that organization is the key, I was amazed to learn that here in the Province of Ontario, there is rarely a way for teachers to be repaid their out-of-pocket expenses. That means that if a teacher decides on the weekend to go to a copy shop to do something up for Monday morning, she is going to pay for it herself. Also, if she decides to buy something at a store rather than throught the Board of Education, she can't get recompensed. That is no way to run the finances!
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My kids old teachers and my aunt are NOT

repaid for anything they spend. My kids old teachers had to buy their own curricula plus the additional things
so where were the taxes going??

to things like I read this weekend where they were spending 18,000 on talking trash cans...*Rolling my eyes**
how about that 18,000 going into supplies ???
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yup, I pay for things out of my pocket too, but I'm a school psychologist, not a teacher. For example, right now, I've put together a packet for each school in the district on how to interact with students positively and adapt yourself to them rather than being punitive, but we don't have binders, and with the current crisis in our state, our district has a budget freeze. So I'll buy them myself. I buy almost all my supplies yearly in terms of pens, pencils, rewards for kids, etc. and it's nowhere near what the average teacher spends each year.
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