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We have the same problem with my 3-year-old, and it's causing me much stress. I will be very interested in seeing responses.
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my son also had the same decay area between the front teeth .It started when he was about 4 also ..One dentist wanted to fill the teeth ...the decay went quite high between those teeth .We were going to do what was suggested then my dh got tranfered and we saw a new ped dentist and he said as long as there was no pain ( he did not expect any) that he would leave them alone he told me that the decay usually stops and does not go much high rarely does he have to treat that area unless decay is at the gum line ....we took his advice and 4 years later when he was 8 they fell out and we had no problems.....I have since been to other ped dentists ( insurance changed ) and they agreed on that treatment plan ...Good luck!
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Wow that is great. My daughter's decay is high but not at the gums. Also she is not feeling any pain. Can any of the dentist's on the list comment on the advisability of us just waiting to see if the decay gets worse?
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Also remember some kids loose their teeth early .....My dentist also said if it did get painful and the tooth was even the slightest bit loose he could help "wiggle it out".That would be a lot lees expensive then doing a pulp and losing the toothe just month later.....
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had a root canal

i had a root canal today of a pre-molar; have to say that in general it went better than the molar one four years ago. although it did seem like the dr was having problems. not really anything speicifc (there did seem to be a lot of small sighs) but just a sense of 'intensity'. i'm passing it off to her level of concentration, but i did feel that when i had a need for something little (wet my cheek, towell under my head) i was being a nuisance.

then again, the day after is where i had my problems last time

dr told me to call if the pain was severe and she would call in a prescription

while i'm not in agony so far, i do resent the fact that i'll have to call for. i'd much prefer being given the piece of paper and then have it in MY CONTROL as to whether i need the extra meds or not. i am a grown up in my 30's - let me have control over my pain....

maybe this is what it feels like to be a three year old - no sense of control over yourself
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Terri, I am glad yours went pretty well. I just had my 2nd root canal in about October and it has been a horror story. The root canal itself went fine but about a week later I was still in pain, so I went back into the dentist and he ground that tooth down (after making a mistake and grinding the wrong one) When I got home I felt the need to floss and when I flossed all the OLD filling work popped out and left me with about 1/2 a tooth. I have since been off and on in agony and went to see an endontist. He said there is no reason for the pain. I couldn't bring myself to go back to the dentist who did the work so I went back to a previous dentist. Both the old dentist and the endontist say there is a leak in the filling work and perhaps bacteria inside and also a fracture in the tooth. The only solution is for me to have another root canal done in that tooth. That will cost me $800 more. I am just at my wits end about it. I feel like I may as well just have it pulled. I am into alternative medicine I only wish I could deal with my own dental. The real kicker is that although there was a cavity in the tooth before the root canal there was never any pain. He told me it was close to the root and so he would just root canal it. I can't believe I haven't learned from this. I am sure there are some really great dentists out there but I can't help but think most of them just want my money and perhaps exaggerate the extent of damage or the work that needs to be done. No offense to smilemomma
Sorry to vent here but I just felt the need to tell my horror story.
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Smilemomma, went to dentist. Results are in and they aren't pretty.

I haven't been this depressed in years.

I told them I didn't want x-rays but they insisted it was the only way to see cavities. So I said, "Well how do you know where to drill if you can't see the cavities with your naked eye?" She brushed that one off.

Anyway, I got 5 x-rays.

Results: 7 cavities, 2 that possibly need root canals. They want to put in 2 crowns and one bridge. Insurance covers the mercury fillings at $18 per tooth (no thanks!) or I can get composite for $85 a tooth. Root canal is $235 per tooth and crowns are $535. They also want to do a deep clean for $300.

So my question is: Is all this necessary? I don't mind having cavities filled, but do I need root canals or crowns or bridges or deep cleans or what?
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i am no way belittling your experience

i am however very interested in where you live!!!!!

i just paid $630 for the root canal ONLY of a non-molar!!!!!

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Here in France, I just got two side-by-side root canals, two inlay cores, two high-quality porcelain over metal crowns, and some temporary crowns (while waiting for the others to come in) for a little over $1100 with a fabulous dental surgeon. Half will be reimbursed by the gov't.

I feel for you Erin

If you really aren't sure it's necessary, get a second opinion!

Good luck!
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Does your dentist accept any dental discount plans? If not , maybe you could switch dentists. They are different from insurance. You pay an annual fee, either all at once or in monthly payments--as little as $10 a month. You get great discounts on dental work. Initial exams and xrays are usually free, cleanings at least half price, crowns around $300, etc. I have the Savon plan, and I need a huge amount of dental work too--it's still expensive, but I'm saving at least $5000 by using my plan. Do a search for dental discount plans online. There are quite a few out there, and most sites list participating dentists in your area. I sound like an ad, but I really think plans are great if you can find a good dentists who accepts them. Good luck--sorry to hear about your teeth. I totally relate!
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I DO have insurance. An HMO.

They told me without insurance the bill would be closer to $3,000.
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Okay, I'm okay with price. After asking around I guess this is a good deal.

As for trusting the dentist, today is the first day I met her. So we haven't had time to build anything. First thing she hits me with is the bill, so to speak.

I appreciate you posting though.
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they want to pull ds's tooth

Ds (7 in April) has decay problems. He's already had two caps on his molars and now he has another cavity that's gone down to the bone. The dentist thinks it's too far gone for a cap (it would require a root canal first and then the cap may have to come off anyway). She wants to pull it and put in a spacer.

Anyone had experience with this situation? Should I seek a second opinion or go along with this?
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Hmmm....if he's seven, is this a permanent tooth? If so, I'd definately get a second and third opinion!

My 2 yr old boy just had two teeth pulled last week, it was very hard! They were decayed too badly to save. Sounds like yours. But, since they are (were )his baby teeth, at least they will come in .....in oh say 5 years! Our pediodontist said that she could put spacers in after his 2 yr molars come in, and I really think we'll do it.
He looks so sad without his teeth! But I think he's adorable anyway!!!

If you get this opinion confirmed by other dentists, then you really have no choice. Without treatment a bad cavity could become infected or worse!

So sorry......
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Thanks for the reply. Yes, it's his baby tooth. The dentist says it's too far gone in her opinion.

Did your 2yo have anesthesia? I figure that's the only way mine is going to make it through this.
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yeah, he had G/A, it was awful. But, he did get all of his work done at once, and now, Thank God, it is over.

If you're interested you can read our story, it's under....."Our HAPPY ending". I'm just too tired to rehash it.

Good thing it's his Baby tooth!!!!! But, I've heard that molars take a little longer to come in. My son lost both his eye teeth on top. It's kind of goofy looking, but I'm so grateful that he's okay that I don't care!

G/A seems to be the best way to go with an uncooperative child. I'm sure there's more info on that somewhere around here. You could try a search.

Good luck!
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Thanks Mechelle!

Yes, karengayle, try a search under "pulpotomy/pulpectomy" or "extraction"; we've really discussed that a lot around here lately. And sandbox has an awesome story on here, too.

Blessings to you and your little guy, it's so hard, I know. But soon you'll have a clean slate, and with all the info around here, he should never have to go there again! Strength to you!

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update: ds's tooth was saved

6yo ds had a pulpectomy yesterday - they were able to save the tooth with 70% certainty that it won't have to be pulled later.

Thanks for the replies, info and well wishes!
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YAHOO! Congratulations to you both! Yippee! I love it when that happens! Thanks for coming back with the update!

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possible speech development and extraction of four front teeth in 19 mo old

Hello all--

Judging from all the posts on this forum, I am not alone. Which is such a great feeling. Much better than how I felt before I chanced by here to see if anyone else had a kid with a mouth full of rotten teeth. Long story short, noticed a small brown spot on right eye tooth, showed pediatrician at 12 month check up. She blew it off, said to start brushing around 18 months. By the 15 month check up, that tooth was 75% brown, and the other three front teeth were showing signs of decay. Should have been more proactive about getting him to a dentist, but the one she recommended that accepted our insurance had a 3 month delay for an appointment. By the the time he was seen by the dentist at 18 months, the original tooth was completely brown, and the others were looking pretty bad. One of his two front teeth has a bad chip. They said he'd need surgery to fix. Got a second opinion, same thing. I'm terrified of putting him under GA, but see no alternative. With the rate of decay, i can't believe he isn't in severe pain already. The original eye tooth is almost gone. It doesn't really show up when he smiles unless you look for it. Totally dropped the ball on the dental hygiene-- didn't brush til it was too late. A heavy night nurser. Bad combination. Also has cavities on back molars. They will either fill or cap, depending on extent of damage once they do x-rays.

I don't know anything about GA and children this young, and the only thing I've read is a post somewhere here that said their child was never the same after going under, lack of concentration, and no longer quick as a whip. I obviously do not want to damage my child, but I feel I must choose between the lesser of two evils. Does anyone know of anywhere I can find information on studies about GA and it's safety/side effects? The hospital wouldn't give us anything until the morning of.

Not that you'd know it thus far, but the real thrust of my post is that I'm wondering how, with four front teeth gone (surgeon called last week said he was probably going to lose all four), will he have trouble forming certain sounds properly? He speaks a bit and doesn't say his "f"s or his "l"s or his "th"s, and these and probably more seem dependent on these teeth. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance...
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